Cricket Star Ali Tariq

My name is Ali Tariq, I study Sport and
Exercise Science and I’m graduating in 2017. I’ve been selected to represent England’s under
22 indoor cricket team and I’ll be competing at the indoor cricket World
Cup which is being held in Dubai in September. I felt proud firstly and
secondly it was it was like a dream come true. I think after training for all
those years it’s almost indescribable how it feels but it’s
definitely, definitely proud. I’m looking forward to showcasing my skills against
the world’s best. I feel I’ve worked long and hard for this opportunity and I just
can’t wait to get out there and just just compete. The University has
supported me through a sports scholarship and they’ve supported me
financially and that money’s going to help me get out to Dubai and and compete
and play at the World Cup. I found my course interesting and I enjoyed every module
that I did. I think biomechanics and physiology were my favourite just
because I enjoyed working in the specialist sports labs. My favourite
memory from my time at University has got to be when I received my half
colours award at the Sports Gala. I think that was just a perfect end to the
year. I think playing elite sports and studying at the same time
has benefitted me highly. I was definitely putting theory into practice.
I feel psychologically I was understanding theories a lot better and
I definitely benefitted from this.

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