Cricket Practice Tips – How to Practice Cricket

Hi friend in this video what we are going to cover is how you can adapt your practices in order for you to improve by not
practicing what is easy by practicing with is hard and what you
need to do hi guys jemile of the cricket school here this
video is for players and coaches who regularly
practice what is easy for them, every cricket needs to build confidence and sometimes as
players we want to do and need to do what is easy for us in order to feel
good about our game in order to enjoy our game – that’s okay and that’s fair enough because in the end of the day we all need to enjoy it But one of the major things I see with players a fault when they go to practice is they practice regularly what’s easy
for them and i’ll give you an example a bowling machine is always set up on drives and this is as much the coaches fault as the players fault, the players are doing what they want to do all the time, rather than doing what they need to do, now you need to have a balance because sometime as I said because people fall out of confidence and playing nice drives and it’s an easy shot you can gain confidence, but you’d be better off if you really want
to improve and doing things that are tough, and getting
that bowling machine set on back of length maybe nipping back in or going away you get more benefit from that, and all that kind of thing or setting it up with a bit of swing, you got to practice If your going to succeed and get better, you need to practice the things that are tough as well as a bit of the easy stuff and that’s my view on it and that’s
something i’ve seen A lot from people and from you know, guys that are good coaches I see them go into the nets and i see them just doing the same thing all the time and I do not agree with
that, you need to practice what’s hard. If you practice was hard you
improve, if you practice the easy things your just appeasing yourself and your not really going to turn into a good player. Thanks for watching please feel free to
give this a little like and also feel free to suggest in the comments section videos and areas you would like me to cover. thank you

9 thoughts on “Cricket Practice Tips – How to Practice Cricket

  1. very good ……yes i totally agree …so many people at our club do exactly this kind of thing……makes sense well done coach

  2. My clubs nets start this week, we are just a little village friendly club (no league). Most of the guys just try to hit everything as hard as they can, they practice all their bad habits. I try to imagine I'm in a game situation & play properly which has helped me develop my batting.

  3. can you show to concentrate on releasing area and decide the shot while batting,and also mental framing while batting

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