Cricket Off Spin Bowling Tips to Get More Spin

Hi Guys jemile of the cricket school here it’s very simple this – it’s very good for young spinners to get you guys doing the same thing over and over again – in order to get more spin on the ball that’s all you have to do here really – is do it over and over again get a good flick on the ball then try and check the next bit – that your seam is not scrambled. Now we’ll assume that your the batsman and your looking at the ball as it’s coming down that is a scrambled seam, what you should be seeing if your a right handed batsman if your a right handed batsman – is kind of angle here you see this is an unscrambled seam – where ball moving round in a straight line like that if you have that the ball will bounce more and you will take more wickets thanks for watching please subscribe and like …Thank You Jemile The Cricket School

6 thoughts on “Cricket Off Spin Bowling Tips to Get More Spin

  1. Thank you for uploading this Coach, i am an off spinner though but i wasn't getting that much spin, but this helped me 🙂

  2. Hello. I used to be able to turn the ball a lot, however, over the years I have lost this to some degree. After a discussion with our overseas player, he observed that I am not getting my finger over the ball, instead pulling down on the seam so it rotates to mid-wicket. This is really bothering me, as you can tell! I have tried turning my wrist so the back of my hand faces the mid-wicket/mid-on region, but it still comes out the same way. I have a high arm and release, with the "standing tall" ethic, and I also pivot, and rotate my hips fully so that I finish with my right hip pointing down at the batsman after delivery. I think that I am just using my fingers to roll the ball out, rather than using my wrist as well. Any advice greatly accepted.

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