Cricket Loom: Yarn & Wrap Wrapping: Lesson 4

And welcome back to The Crochet Crowd. I’m your host Mikey. Today I’m gonna show you how to use the Cricket 15″ Loom by Schacht. There’s also a 10″ tabletop loom as well. And this is actually really fun and simple and you’ll be very surprised at how quick it takes in order to make up a scarf. So let’s go over some of the basics first. So now let’s apply the breaks and the brakes are actually right here. Okay, so it’s just coming down and so basically you’re just gonna put it on top and so now you’ll hear a clicking. So now this, uh, apparatus will not be able to go in one direction. You can hear clicking here, and we wanna actually start doing that and we want this apron string to be about, about 2″ away from the back here just like that and so we wanna activate this brake over here. Okay, we’re not gonna need that right away, and we just wanna do it so it’s about maybe 4″, 4 to 5″ out from this direction, and so now let’s grab our yarn. I just wanna use this wool yarn that I’m using and I just wanna drop it right in front and you notice I dropped it and it was coming from the middle of the yarn ball so it’s not from the outside. Doesn’t really matter too much. I always like to work closest to me first you can take this out for a second for your first one. You just wanna grab the apron bar right here, and just tie a knot and we’re gonna cut this off after the end of this product. So if you’re working with the full length you’re gonna wanna start from the end of the bar working all the way across. But if you’re just doing a little scarf like I am I’m just gonna put, partially in the middle. I kinda try to wanna balance my scarf so it’s in the middle so that everything stays equal. I’m now gonna grab my heddle and I’m just gonna place it in. Did you notice it didn’t matter on how I did it just put it in and this is the tool that you’re gonna get and this here goes in between the heddle just like so and it also goes in between a little slot that is in the middle if I actually was looking at the right angle. So it could it’s actually very versatile. This tool is your best friend. It’s a little bit of a taking getting used to but once you get the hang of it you’re gonna be good to go. So now what I wanna do is that I wanna reach in okay, through just the actual upper slot only. I don’t wanna worry about any of the middle slots those little holes, okay? I just wanna start off with just the slot first and so what I just do is that I kind of just rotate it around like this. Okay, so just around and I pull through and then I just kind of use this tool here okay, and pull. I forgot to mention this when I started this particular tutorial but if you have any knots that are in this whole thing you cannot use it so it make sure that the strings have no knots all the way from one side or to the other because what happens is it gets stuck in this thing and then you eventually break your strings and you’ll hate your project because it’s not possible to do. So make sure it’s all one solid strings going in this direction. So I’m continuing to pull and now I can take it off the tool and just use my fingers and I can pull just like that, and I wanna wrap it around the actual warping peg. So this is the secret over here. You wanna come back and you just kinda wanna tug out of there a little bit and you wanna look at this apron bar. So in order to get it around the apron bar I’m gonna have to make sure that I go over it this time, okay? So I wanna go over so when I go to the next slot that’s right beside it I wanna grab it from the other side so it goes over the bar and then back through the slot just like so and now, now that I’ve grabbed it I can just use my hand and pull. So now this time it’s underneath the bar so all I’m just gonna do is reach it with the tool and grab it from the upper side just like so and pull it through. So I found that when you’re doing this kind of idea if you can get at least four of these slots in a row you can actually get a really good striping effect just like you see on all of the projects. So I’m gonna go one more and then we’re going to do a color change just because we can. So the next one is gonna be as on top. So I wanna grab it from underneath just like so and then grab with my hands. Let’s release this tool down and pull. Okay, and so now I wanna finish off this color. So I’m just gonna use my fancy dancy scissors, snip it and then I wanna tie this around the apron bar by itself. So now I’m gonna use Super Saver and this is a variegated. You’ll be very surprised on how pleased you will be when you’re going in this direction this whole length when you’re using variegated. So I’m gonna pull it from the center again, gonna let it drop and I’m gonna tie the first part to the apron bar again. Loading up your loom depending on the how many that you wanna go across will take you on average from 20 minutes to 45 depending on your project. Once you tied it you’re just gonna grab your fancy dancy tool. It doesn’t matter for how you’re grabbing it because the knot is gonna be from the same angle. So I’m just gonna go to the next one here and I’m just gonna grab it pull down and I’m just gonna pull that, it’s kind of stiff coming out because it’s brand new yarn. But you can see that the transitions across here it’s changing colors as it goes so you actually end up with the really amazing effects when you look at the whole thing. So now you’re on top of the bar and so now basically wanna come up underneath and pull it from underneath the bar so that it wraps around. The heddle just fell off no big deal, just put it back on top and again, we wanna pull. And I’m gonna do four those at the same time. So I just finished my Red Heart Variegated. I’m gonna use some Red Heart Shimmer and this is gonna give it a little bit of a shine toward the center of the scarf. And again, we just wanna tie it on and I’m gonna do, you know it’s actually a guessing game on what you want. That’s one thing I love about this project is that you can do the same colors and just different amounts of slots and I will totally make your project look really kind of different. So again just back and forth and you will get into the rhythm of this pretty quickly and I know myself like the first time I ever did this it was about an hour to do this. But once you understand that this tool is your best friend, [chuckles]. You’ll be laughing all the way as you go throughout this project. So now when I’m looking here. I’m getting near to this so what I wanna do now is that the next one I wanna do is that I wanna make sure that I kinda come up on the other side of that instead. You wanna make sure that these apron strings are pretty well balanced throughout your project here as well. So I’m just gonna come up when I go to do the next one so I’m coming up and around the other side of it coming in here just like so and so that’s how you’ll be able to get the beyond those apron strings as you’re going around so now you can just kinda continue to work on to your project. Now for the remainder of the loading I’m just gonna repeat exactly what I did. So I have four slots of the variegated and then four slots of the burgundy here and I’m gonna do that and the next time we meet up I’m gonna show you what we’re gonna do next in order to continue to work on this project. So this is it. This will finish off your lesson for today. You can move on to the next lesson. The choices will be on the screen and you know what you can just propel yourself. It doesn’t take much time to do one of these projects so you might be able to do this whole video series today as you’re following along on my tutorial. Until next time I’m Mikey from The Crochet Crowd. 👋

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  1. Oh my gosh Mikey! The main problem now is that my cricket won't be here for a couple more days!! I am soooooo excited! Thanks with big huggss sent your way!


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