Cricket Loom: Lesson 1

And welcome back to The Crochet Crowd. I’m your host Mikey. Today I’m gonna show you how to use the Cricket 15″ loom by Schacht. There’s also a 10″ tabletop loom as well. And this is actually really fun and simple, and you’ll be very surprised at how quick it takes in order to make up a scarf. So let’s go over some of the basics first. So a closer look at the scarves that you can apply you can also you do placemats, you can also do panel work, you can do lots of things with this particular product. You’ll be very surprised on how soft these scarves are. A lot of people comment that it looks like it’s really stiff like it would be almost upholstery of a couch but when you actually feel these things they’re really quite amazing and just kinda really drape off you very nicely. What surprises many people is that most of the yarns that you’re seeing here are, that is actually scrap yarn or, or at least partially scrap yarn. So let’s review some of the materials that you can use on this loom. High-end, scrap yarn, medium. Whatever you wanna use you can do it. You just gotta be very conscientious and I’m gonna show you about that later on what yarns you should choose to go in which direction because some of these yarns, there’s actually a hummingbird looking at me in the window. There’s actually some of these yarns that you cannot use in one direction or the other I’ll explain that further a bit. So what you can just do is that you can mix up your yarns together when they actually contrast to each other amazing effects. And when they blend together again amazing. So what I’ve done is that I’ve used scrap yarns pretty much for most of my projects for doing it in the lengthwise and then basically I’m using a nice higher-end yarn or a medium end, um, this scarf is probably about seven dollars. It’s so cheap. It’s not even funny and basically I use transitioning yarn just like you see here, and it’s transitioning as it’s going up and it changes the contrasting of the actual stripes as it moves up and then you can see how it blends more depending on where the colour is coming off out of the ball and we’ll explain up more to a bit. So it’s a great idea, a great way to use up your stash and a lot of at the same time. Right here another scrap scarf here and what I’ve done, what I’ve done, what I did is that I used scrap yarns just going back and forth just the whole thing up and down and what I then did is that I used to Lion Brand Amazing yarn and I weaved that all the way through. I leaved the entire ball for this one. And you see, you’ll see that there’s little flecks of line colors that actually exist within the Lion Brand ball. So the yarn has not been cut at all and what you see, and how it’s transitioning is exactly how it came off the ball of Lion Brand, it’s amazing. When you look at this one here this is a Red Heart and I use two Red Heart projects for this, products for this and what I did is I did the Eclipse going in this and the Eclipse actually has a transition as well so you’ll notice it’s almost pinstriping because the yarn transitioned as I did it this way. And then for back and forth I used um the Treasure by Boutique, Red Heart Boutique, and then you’ll see that the color is transitioning to the Deep Oceanic so it’s called Mosaic and it was transitioning throughout. So people ask me how long does it actually take to do a scarf. You’re looking at about three to four hours depending if you’re talking to me. It’s about three if you’re talking to me it’s about four. Depending how bad you’re distracting me. So uh, depends on what’s going on TV. If you’ve got your eyes always up on it, and you slow yourself down, but it’s amazing how quick this goes. People are just so stunned when they, when I’ve been demonstrating at live shows and they go out and then they come back about you know half hour later and they realize how far I’ve gone. I’ve actually time myself. I can actually do but 14 min or 14″ of scarf in about 17 minutes. I think that’s pretty cool too and that the actual product that you use changes the speed as well. So for example I used a thicker yarn going in the cross direction therefore there’ll be less times that I actually have to weave back and forth because it’s gonna grow quicker and then when you thinner yarns it’s obviously gonna take more, more. So it’s up to your yarn, basically but you’re looking around three to four hours which I think shocks a lot of people. So now let’s get uh, looking at this machine more in-depth and showing you how it works. So this is it. This will finish off your lesson for today. You can move on to the next lesson. The choices will be on the screen and you know what you can just propel yourself. It doesn’t take much time to do one of these projects. So you might be able to do this whole video series today as you’re following along on my tutorial. Until next time I Mikey from The Crochet Crowd. 🧶

17 thoughts on “Cricket Loom: Lesson 1

  1. I would LOVE to own a loom this size. I have done weaving on a large floor loom and it was fun! Thanks for sharing this with us Mikey. <3

  2. Dutch, as in Holland?

    I never have scrap tulips! But often have leftover yarn from whatever projects I have made.

    Having a loom like this would be wonderful – saw it in the local yarn shop (LYS) but didn't buy it for fear of having another item purchased but unused.

    Thank you for a great bunch of videos!

  3. hello….if you look online there are some places to buy the cricket 15" loom by schacht… has it as well as other sites…..

  4. Thanks. I plan to follow your loom series. I like your relaxed teaching style. Thanks again.

  5. i wish you'd do a loom series with the 28 inch with extenders from the knitting board! where can you find patterns for weaving like for the scarves you made?

  6. I just ordered the 15- inch cricket. It should be here next week. I am so excited to find you and your videos. I have learned so much just watching videos. I can barely wait for it to get here. Oh, and an old dog can learn new tricks. I just turned 65 and am learning to weave.

  7. You are a great teacher Mickey! I am an absolute beginner weaver and thank goodness I found you because the other videos I found went way too fast! Thank you!

  8. Like your video. You were clear and understandable. I’m glad you also talked about scrap yarn since I have a lot of it plus I like to buy yarn at secondhand stores. I have found some really nice yarn for great price! Thank you!

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