Cricket in Europe – Central Europe Cup 2015

We have been there in the last year and we
knew that this tournament is growing up very good, so that is why we decided to come for
the second time and defend our title. It’s really hard to defend the title for the second
time. It’s easy to come as an outsider and win the title, but it’s really tough to defend
it. But, somehow we managed to defend this title. We have four very good teams. Going in to the tournament I think the Czechs were the
underdogs, let’s say. Sweden, Poland and Malta have all got much stronger leagues than ours,
I think. It was shown how close the teams were that I think three or four games came down to the last ball, or at least the last over, which in such a short tournament is
an amazing feat. For Czech Cricket it’s a good tournament
because Czech Cricket is just developing now and getting recognised in Central Europe. It is
a fantastic tournament to bring teams from Sweden, Malta and Poland and play against
the best teams and perform at the best level, with the Czech National Team. It’s fantastic.
We had bad luck yesterday with the rain, but our team played a fantastic game today and
one of the best teams in Central Europe, which is the Swedish team. They had better bowlers,
better batsmen, but our boys stuck to the task and it was a fantastic game. Highlight of the Tournament… I would say it is this last game against the Swedish.
They’re ranked a lot, lot higher than we and for us to take it down to the last ball, – unfortunately
it ended up as a tie, after a runout – but I’d definitely say that that’s the highlight
for me. I would say the team spirit, the Czech team
played a good spirit of game and fantastic commitment and also respecting each other and the game and understanding each other and playing as a team, that I think was the best
moment of this tournament for Czech Cricket. I would like to thank you all for coming.
The majority of you have travelled a very long way to join us here for the Central Europe
Cup 2015, so first of all thanks a lot for travelling. On the subject of Spirit of Cricket,
the first award is for that. I am really pleased and proud to say that that’s been awarded
by the officials to the Czech Republic so Sudhir, if you can come up please. Batting award, which has been decided will go to a member of the Swedish Team, Usman
Arif. I would like to thank the Czech Republic Cricket for organising this wonderful tournament and I think this was a great experience for us and
we would like to become part of this tournament again, if possible. So thank you very much. The best overall bowling figures for the tournament went to Sudesh. One final trophy, the big one. It was a close one this year, it was a pity we got impacted
by the rain yesterday, but I think it’s been a great tournament anyway and congratulations
to Poland!

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  1. cricket 2 most famouse game in the world.. And i know its is more enoyable thn football… On every ball exiting ? woow wellcome to play cricket.. I hopr you grow soon as expert level.. And shout out for ur own team.. Not immigrants

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