Cricket in Canada | Why is it AMAZING to play Cricket in Canada

[Music] although friends this is savvy BG and once again you’re watching another episode of savvy BG your Indiana Broadstreet show where we travel the world and talk to people about something Indian or something Indians love and today we’re gonna talk about cricket mutt cricket in Canada Canada is known to be the melting point of people from all over the world and you see that in the cricket teams in Canada as well so we’re going to talk to people of a cricket team in Canada today and see how they love the experience of playing with people of different ethnicities in the same team if you like this video make sure to subscribe smash that like button so let’s go and enjoy what part of the world are you originally from and how long you’ve been in Canada for I from Guyana South America I’ve been in Canada for 45 years came in 1988 I’m from Pakistan Lahore I am from a village in Trinidad called princess town migrated here in Canada in 1988 I’m from Barbados and I came to Clarendon in the early seventies I’m from Ceylon Kashmir India I’m actually from Jap not the northern part of Sri Lanka and I moved to Canada in 2000 I’m from Tibet actually and I was grew up in India I came here 2013 and I guess you used to play cricket back home and when you move to Canada you figured there’s a lot of cricket and Canada and maybe that’s how you started playing so this is for all my viewers who are either moving to Canada or planning to move to Canada once they move here and they want to play cricket what should they do first how do they find teams how where do they practice what should they do there’s a whole lot of cricket grounds in Canada especially Toronto just search up cricket teams in in Canada so I would say wherever you are ask around within your circle even if it is a company you might have people playing in different leagues until somebody would be think I’d be playing somebody would be playing sleeve there Indian sri lankan Pakistan in your bank when I started in 1988 or leaders through the front knows every website and everywhere there is like 250 team in GTA what is GTA greater toronto area there’s over 250 cricket teams just in the toronto a leak register teams and now is every high school has a cricket team cricket is the most growing sports in ontario right now it was really hard to find out like play cricket so this last tools all of my friends living in here up close to this ground so he see see that some people playing cricket so that’s how we know that oh there is playing okay so we come to us and we talk to the dancer so you saw some people playing playing cricket and you came and you talked to them so if any one of you guys who come to Canada you see people playing cricket in the ground go and approach them as well I was invited here to play cricket for st. Catharines Ontario and so when I came up I had an opportunity to represent st. Catherine’s in the Hamilton and District League the duo Sir John Q G can you spell the name of that website for the viewers it’s called ki ji ji ki ji ji so guys make sure you go to q GG calm and that’s where I actually found this guy and I am playing cricket with him today and I’m the top scorer and this guy has been performing really poor how different it is playing cricket in Canada versus playing cricket bat the biggest thing is like we have only four or five months of cricket and otherwise if you’re in India I think you play like more than eight nine months it’s pretty much the same except playing here the facilities are usually not up to par but I think we had to work on it we had to get into cities and municipalities and talk to them and get the facilities up to the par and make sure that we have good locations to play cricket or back home the seasons too long because of weather if people love cricket here there lots of a passion about cricket but the season is too short it’s quite different I think actually our for me like when I’m playing in India cricket so we enjoy a lot so we play always with friends so here when I come here so almost four years I didn’t play cricket so it’s different I think what’s the difference in that kind of people at any cities you know mixed communities like we have those from West Indies we have Bangladeshi peers we have Indian players Pakistani now Afghani use so it’s all mixed I’m also you know when I was in India you know I play like village stream I’m a captain you know so I Outlander when I came to contra my friend told me there you go that’s where you know you a lot of Indian people to play and kill guard and I was I went there in ordinay and then I made and I played last two week before I play here I play a spin ball it has been also going very well because peace and everything is a defend in India it’s a sport where you only basically have the weekend in cricket season whereas back in the Caribbean for example we may be out of cricket season but the weather condition is awesome so we get to play not only just on the weekend but we get to play during the week on and off cricket season so you know when you play cricket here you find people from different parts of the world right playing together in one team what are your thoughts about that experience playing with different people in one team oh I enjoy different culture different experience and if your backyard is very interesting that’s why everybody says Canada as a free country and we enjoy the moment together that’s great it’s much more fun than when I used to play back home because you have these diapers and the city is like people from India Pakistan still England so I enjoy playing with them and they they enjoy playing with me if you’re comparing something back home you know all the guys might be like a Indian so then it’s really know how everybody behaves but over here we had a kind of a balance between all these players from different nations in back home we just heard about them right like a Guyanese and they’re playing here like from Guyana and India and Pakistan so Lee when I play with them is it was really nice and nice people there in my opinion the the the different diversity of cricket teams to me really makes no difference you’ve come cricket games a cricket game it doesn’t matter who you’re playing it’s like music right it doesn’t matter what music it is a good music is good music just like that cricket is this is a connecting after all cricket is a gentleman’s game and we see that gentleman mentality go forward in different culture and ethnicity let’s have some fun okay we’ll do a little trivia quiz about cricket in Canada we’re gonna ask you five questions about cricket in a country you now call home so what is the name of the governing body of cricket in Canada I’ll give you three options cricket Canada Canada cricket or Canadian Cricket Association I Canada cricket cricket Council of Canada is cricket Canada Oh Canada cricket Canada okay Canada didn’t associate Canada the cricket match in between Canada and us in 1844 was the first officially recognized cricket game ever is that true or no maybe that’s true false Lester it’s true that’s true yes they did in which year did Canada become the associate member of ICC 1968 1998 or 2000 and a 98 88 2008 68 1968 I think I projected I crazy okay but I didn’t remember you know how many appearances have Canada made in the World Cup so far two four or six points two six four or how about four four I remembered for four is it true that starting January 1st 2019 all the t20 cricket games that Canada will play with any other ICC recognized cricket team the results will be counted as official statistics for you know every team as well forty twenty is that true or false how is it you I believe it’s true yes is that right yes yes I’m gonna guess correct yes any thoughts that you’d like to share with people who want to come here but they don’t know if you know Canada plays cricket or not and they may be a little scared that they may not be able to play the sport that they love that’s how you know this but it’s in Canada they want to move here welcome always and Canada is really small country and lots of opportunity you have so you can play cute Katie can play soccer and basket everything whoever want to play cricket here they always there’s many leaks there’s many tournaments and the loss of facility you can’t finish it and everybody’s welcome you can join any team even you don’t have money that’s fine but you know if you student they always sponsor you no problem I would say you know when you come try and get organized with some team I know you’re gonna have fun we play cricket in a really large scale here it’s just like I said before we do we are working on it and getting facilities and connections set up I think we have a really really bright future here after all cricket is the most friendliest game there is and everyone that plays have a sort of a a cricket spirit and we always willing to extend that to people who wants to play people who wants to learn and people who wants to know about the game so we share that with them [Applause] [Applause] [Music] yeah go go back back to what I remember regarding Nick but all T 20 matches I [Applause] forgot to watch these other videos right here also follow me on Facebook Twitter and Instagram links will be in the description box below click on my face somewhere right here to subscribe to my channel let me know what you’d like to see next or next time see you and good bye [Music]

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  2. Amazing to see people from different cultures and backgrounds coming in to play Cricket, a game that we, Indians, follow religiously! That too, as a team. Kudos to Cricket and cricket teams in Canada!

  3. I love to go for canada. I never seen that country. By watching sabby bhai's video i know to come that foriengners also love indians and their culuture.

  4. I love to go for canada. I never seen that country. By watching sabby bhai's video i know to come that foriengners also love indians and their culuture. Luv u sabby bhai.

  5. lmao i live in canada and no one knows about cricket in my school except for my fellow indians..

    acutually 90 percent of my school is indian so yeah???

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  7. Sir I want to ask that. I have played cricket at district level and state level.i need to know that if I want to take admission in college in Canada through sports quota what's the procedure for 2020

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