this cricket cap is really a cool cap. you
just require half a sheet of newspaper. first fold this into half then fold into a quarter.
open this and on the top fold, fold a roof. then take the tip of the roof and fold it
to the mid point of the base. open the whole newspaper and take the long edges and fold
them 4cm inside, first one long edge and then the other one. then rotate the paper and fold
it into half so that the folds are exposed. now fold the roof on the top, this is just
for the creases. open the roof and take the slants and tuck them up, tuck them inside
to make a real half roof. do the same thing on other side. now you have two houses, a
house at the front and a house at the back. take the two short edges and bring them to
the middle line to shut both the doors. take the bottom edge, fold it once and then double
it up and then take this flap and tuck this flap in the triangular pockets. this will
make the backside of the cap. now upturn the paper, bring both the corners to the middle
to get a diamond. then fold the middle point to the center, the left and the right to the
center, take a bit of tape and secure all these in place. now the cap is almost ready.
you can slowly open it and give it shape
and then wear this very cool cricket cap. it just takes half a newspaper to make this
amazing cap.

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