Cricket Camper vs Airstream Nest – 2019 RV show

[Music] [Music] today we’re going to show you two of the newest innovations for small trailers coming in the RV industry one is from Airstream nest and the other is taksa cricket camp their boasts about the same size right but which one do you like better that’s a good question for me I think I like the cricket camp better because it’s easier to tow it’s lighter it’s 1,500 pounds and it has a cargo capacity of a thousand pounds which is quite a bit more than Airstream nest this is partly due to the fact that it has aluminum superstructure with galvanized steel frame and it’s got a foam core in between the panels of the aluminum making it really light and strong it’s built for off-road adventure camping with the aggressive tires and higher clearance suspension so for me I can get a little bit farther back in the woods we have a problem already you can still toy with SUV and I just love the contemporary design of the nest the interior is a so sleek and elegant totally irbaz die yeah my style I thought you would like that about it the color just oh I cannot resist the color and also they have a full size of kitchen and the bat I can take a shower inside the camper without worrying that the tents are gonna blow off in cricket you don’t have a shower indoor you have to shower outside definitely roughing it Archana yeah I’m not your kind of sissy RC so let’s check it out see which one has the best feature set for what you’re looking for okay [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] price is twenty-six thousand nine hundred ninety nine almost 27 K for this one sing right here and then a true burners and it’s a new design we have never seen it is like a lot better for kids dangerous so you see the hole and steel frame up there if you get up and then you move around and then you stretch your legs you’re gonna hit that thing Hansel how do you fall where you wonder lights tried so this one go forward and this one the light comes down and this is for night light you have to know how to read it [Music] and how I said Ted now what you can do is attend that’s just changing take a shower here and then you can put point here so you can have your privacy [Music] [Music] [Music] yeah they have a system or access to you it’s a little small yeah it’s a real affordable farmer last version might see over anymore right 47 to 87 sales price 40 to 70 7 rear access key no pretty clear on a weekend trouble pretty nice you see their lives not right right they see yeah there’s a white countertop you have a storage down here this is so smooth workshop oh yeah yes around this one so much this one’s not draw is open up desert or yeah okay so here what do we have here sink and stove here’s to the right you have a little space noise like this spice spice space on your team so yeah you should be a door yeah trash here anymore [Applause] reading lives here so you sleep this way because the reading rise up here really night well there’s a refrigerator some practice a small paper should go and then the toilets right here you like her – actually yes was it here huh oh yeah closet before we can yeah you can change it to any color you like even create custom colors yeah that’s why I say the first day or next step you know I like that light before the ride by its blue you come to everything on the cell phone yeah very handy if you’re out camping so it will harder than you thought pull off before you get in trouble ice come back later it’s nice so beautiful unit get your electronic 16-footer give it some hot water on this so you don’t have to wait 15 minutes for the furnace to get up we’ve got bigger tanks bigger wheels so that’s the benefit of this over the no it’s really just personal preference because they’re all handmade they’re all snowflakes all the cabinetry it’s on the inside cuz we make them in the outside and up in the inside out like traditional squarebob rice so every piece of cabinetry that you see in there although it’s going to be similar with for every nest literally made to the unit everything’s made just for this coach now you have seen the features that each camper offer that’s compare their specifications yeah so the tax is its new to the RV manufacturer probably not very well known yet but their campers certainly are great for off-road adventures they’re lighter they’re half the weight or less of the Airstream nest it has almost twice the gross capacity of cargo weight with a thousand pounds and it’s about half the price of an S so for me that’s a that’s a clear winner yeah but on the other hand Airstream has high reputation and to their trailers hosted their value that’s no doubt no doubt I think men are more into cricket lady it will be more into the nest and of course it just depends on what you’re going to be doing which one you like better we are interesting to see how many like a cricket how many lies in the nest that’s right please comment down below okay sis for watching this video we see you next time don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and include a little bit or get a notification for our next episode give us a like if you enjoyed this video comment below if you have any question you can also find us on Instagram Pinterest Facebook and the patron [Music]

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  1. If I was going far into the wilderness I'd have the Cricket but for normal use I'd have the Nest. I think they are both beautiful. I'm in Europe and it is good to see imaginative contemporary smaller designs in the USA.

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