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They’re warming up. Most weekends in
Georgia from March to November you can find quite a number of people of all
ages playing ball, not baseball but it’s older cousin- cricket. Don’t worry about me My Lord, I’ll show them a thing or two. That’s the spirit! Invented by the Brits as far back as the 16th or 17th century. It’s featured in a number of British dramas, like ‘Downton Abbey’. It’s similar to baseball there is
a pitcher known as a bowler, fielders and the batter or batsman hits and scores
runs. Instead of 3 outs per inning a batter only gets 1 per game. So if you
hit a fly ball and a fielder catches it you’re out. If you’re at bat and the
pitcher, I mean bowler can hit one of those three stumps or wickets behind you
that’s an out t0o and yes you’re done for the entire match. Not sure if cricket
will catch fire here but it’s popular everywhere else the British colonized
from Australia to the Caribbean and it’s a huge popular in India and uh-
people play every single day and you know. And we are like crazy about it, cricket! We love cricket! In Georgia, the Atlanta Cricket League is pulling in players from across the state
especially in areas where the tech industry has brought in talent from
those cricket loving countries. And we both kind of became friends- while playing cricket. Now we both are coaching together. Pak Roy from India and Camilus Alexander from Grenada played cricket as kids and are coaching 6 to 19 year olds here
in Cumming, Georgia for the Atlanta Youth Cricket Academy. We try to introduce- you know cricket you know to the kids at a young age. You know so basically we’re
trying to help cricket grow here in the U.S. you know from a grassroot level. The game teaches teamwork and quick thinking. When a bowler is bowling
at a batter, a batsman had- they’ll have a split second to make a decision how to
hit the ball, where to hit the ball, how do i score runs. Since it’s not a contact
sport with very few injuries it’s a great way to stay in shape. I am 43 years old and I am still an active cricket player. Their goal is for the U.S. to
eventually play at the world-class level. There’s a potential opportunity that
they pick up the sport, they- you know they take it to the next level
maybe you know they’ll get us a World Cup for a U.S. national team. That’s what
a lot of these young players dream about too. I want to play for the U.S. team. The feeling of playing cricket makes me feel good and satisfying when you do
something memorable. I hope to play test cricket for England.
Well my father’s English and so it’s a test playing nation. Glad he brought that up because another unique thing about cricket- matches have different playing
times. Some can last a few hours and those test matches he mentioned, last
five days with time out for lunch and of course a tea break. Maybe if the tea is
sweet you might get more of us southerners to at least give cricket a try.

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