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Hi viewers ! welcome to NBC.. In this video am gonna talk about power hitting and six hitting methods this was the most requested topic in comments this video will cover some simple techniques to enhance the power hitting skills before getting into the video please do SUBSCRIBE and also press the BELL icon to get notified whenever I post a video.. let’s go into the video I’ll break down the techniques one by one when you combine all the points which I am about to say, you can improve yourself in powerhiiting first point is about steady head position head should be stable and watching bowler’s release and after playing the shot , eyes should be on the ball second point is about having a wide base in stance It will provide a foundation for power hitting and there is no need of big foot movements It’ll help you to move briskly and lets you to strike the ball flawless Third point is about timing to hit the ball.. desperation should not be there should not over hit the ball.. just hit it along the line of the ball like yuvraj and chris lynn which is more than enough so that’s the third point fourth point is about double minded selection of shots which is not advisable If you are going for a big hit , go for it with out any second thoughts and strike them cleanly If you have second thoughts surely you will not complete the shot and you will end up in loosing your wicket so if you are going for a big hit go for it without any second thoughts fifth point is about use of bottom hand in power hitting firm grip and efficient use of bottom hand is required for power hitting coz shots like cut, pull, sweep, pick-up shots require more bottom hand so while playing such shots grip the bottom hand firmly like MSD, yuvi it gives you power to go for bottom hand shots the most important point is… clearing the front leg when your going to strike the ball casually you’ll take the leg to the line of the ball and play the shot.. but if you are going to go for power hitting , you should clear the front leg from body line this will create a lot of room to free your arms and helps to swing the bat freely so clear the front leg from the line and go for clean big hits you can see international players using this method in the last 5 overs of t20 matches thanks for watching the .. hope you people got some basic idea about power hitting through this video I’ve took the points from some of the big hitters like Chris Lynn and Yuvraj.. so surely it won’t go wrong you guys try it out and post your feedback in the comments and you can ask for what ever videos you want through comments and before leaving please do subscribe and also press the bell icon for instant updates from my channel post your requests in comments so that i can make videos accordingly Thanks for watching and keep supporting !!

93 thoughts on “Cricket Batting Tips – Power hitting and Six hitting techniques | Nothing But Cricket

  1. Bro while hitting hard …my hands not coming well …while rotating the bat ….plz can u clarify it …plzzzz

  2. It will be very useful for our matches.I hit 71 runs from your bating tips.I want some face the spin and googly balls

  3. Bro I'm vishwak from ap from vizag city I'm score 37 but in the three six's are hit by your technique tq so much and I want how to bowl and techniques of holding plz bro

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