Cricket Batting Drills To Play Spin Bowling For Right Handed Batsmen

Hi Guys Jemile of The Cricket School here what we are doing in this video is a spin batting tutorial picture the scenario – a spin bowler is bowling to you and he’s bowled a flighted ball or what you thought was a flighted ball and it’s actually come in shorter than what you originally thought it as going to be you’ve already planted onto your front foot your commitied to the shot and still want to execute the shot so you bounce off your front foot quickly rocking back whilst keeping your eyes on the ball and hit the ball through the off side now of course at this point, I understand that some people will say to me that you woudln’t be like this in a game but a spinner – a good spinner will deceive you in the flight and you will have these situation’s when you face a good spinner quite alot So this drill will get you moving your feet quickly whilst keeping your eyes on the ball so you can defeat that good flight and rock back and hit the ball Subscribe Like and Comment …Thank You Jemile The Cricket School

23 thoughts on “Cricket Batting Drills To Play Spin Bowling For Right Handed Batsmen

  1. Thanks Coach, it helped me alot!!! i was having problems with spin bowlers, but this drill helped me very much.

  2. Subcontinent players are very good in playing spin because we can watch from their hands, what are they bowling.

  3. Hey! I just wanted to ask if the ball has a lot of flight and lands on your leg side and then spins to the off how can i deal with that sort of a ball. I loved the tutorial helped me and i liked too.

  4. How to find a gap between two fielders while playing off drive or cover drive. I always land the ball in fielder's hands. Why so?

  5. One of my student watched your video and asked me how exact opposite he saw a video in Youtube. I have watched it and felt the same, i am really sorry to say this is something thats not going to work and strictly should not  be advise to anybody as a standard practise. The reason technically being,you should transfer your weight as late as possible especially when playing spin. If you can stand still when the bowler deliver and then moves thats perfect, simply because of the fact that you do not know the length the bowler is going to bowl. Weight on the front foot, for a ball bowled short flat and quick the first thing u need is the depth of the crease. An advanced front foot or weight on the front foot still might give u time to switch to back foot, but it completely removes your option of going back. When your balance is on the front foot for a shorter ball, the max u can go back is up to your back foot, which is planted in the crease because of your weight on the front foot. In  A good bowler might beat you in swing, spin and flight but thats thats not an excuse for us  not to teach our students the right technique.

  6. sorry I dont really agree to this tactic or method. it will look good fa others n it will feel good for the batsman to use this method only as long as the balls are short.. a good length or an ones bowled fast at your legs I dont think it will be a good position to be in…

    Not a great way if u r going to do that always to a spinner….

  7. hy sir i m your biggest fan i m a cricket player my age in 16 year i m not waist the cricket plz your coching very need im cricket

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