Cricket Ball Tampering – Behind the News

COMMENTATOR: The Australians
are really working on the ball. It’s a very sad day
for Australian cricket. MATT: The news rocked,
not just the cricketing world, but what felt like all of Australia. From you guys… I feel like we can’t really
trust the Australian team as much as we did before. It’s ruined
the integrity of the sport. former players… It’s blatant cheating,
it’s disgraceful. ..even the Prime Minister. This is a shocking disappointment. And it’s all over this –
a cricket ball. In Australia’s third test match
against South Africa, Cameron Bancroft
was caught tampering with the ball. He got yellow sandpaper,
and used it to scuff one side. He was doing it
for a very deliberate reason – to create swing. See, by keeping one side of the ball
shiny and smooth, and letting the other side rough up, the ball,
when bowled in the right way, can move through the air
towards the rough side. That’s because air flows differently
over each side of the ball, making it really difficult
for batsmen to play. But on this particular occasion, the sandpaper was used
to try to create reverse swing which can be even harder to play. It occurs after the ball
gets really rough and, strangely,
it starts moving through the air the opposite way you’d expect –
towards the shiny side. That’s why reverse swing
can be a game changer. (CHEERING) COMMENTATOR 2: Caught!
That’s a very good catch. It’s not against the rules
to try to make the ball swing. You’ve probably seen players rub
one side of the ball on their pants, or rub saliva on the shiny side. All of that stuff is entirely legal
under the rules of the game. But that extra step
of damaging the ball isn’t allowed, that’s called tampering. Players have done it before
in different ways but it’s always controversial
and they’ve been punished for it. But many people are upset because it was something
they’d planned ahead of time. This issue goes beyond the technical nature of offences. It’s about the integrity
and reputation of Australian cricket
and Australian sport. Because of this,
Steve Smith and David Warner will both be banned
from the game for 12 months. Cameron Bancroft will be out
for 9 months. And Coach Darren Lehmann has decided
to step down from the job. Back in Australia, Steve Smith
made an emotional apology. I made a serious error of judgement and I now understand
the consequences. It was a failure of leadership… ..of my leadership. I’ll do everything I can
to make up for my mistake… ..and the damage it’s caused. The repercussions are huge
for the players and for Australian cricket
as a whole. But what do you think about it? I think that the Australian
cricket team made the wrong decision and that maybe we should have
given them a longer ban. And they should be fined
a lot of money. It’s kind of embarrassing,
like, if we go overseas they’ll, kind of, like,
they’ll know we’re Australians they’ll know…
They’ll, like, look down at us. Yeah, I agree too, like, ’cause I think
everyone around the world thinks that we’re cheaters
because the Australian team cheated. Our team’s really good, we don’t need to do that. And if I felt that someone did that on my team, I couldn’t trust them on the field.

100 thoughts on “Cricket Ball Tampering – Behind the News

  1. Well an South African player did it 2 times and got a 1 match band that's it and we get a 12 month band

  2. In past many teams did when there were no defined rules & no cameras tracking what players r doing.. Bt to do it in this age is like taking steroid & hoping u r not caught.. Second interesting point is aussies or NZ players always show amazement if they r caught in such incidences telling its not in their culture (as if its there in other countries culture), b it is mark waugh giving info on pitch condition, warne doping in 2003 WC & telling its moms fault or aussie infamous syndney test match cheating against india…
    Good that this time after getting caught red handed Smith & warner confessed.. This is sad incidence for everyone in cricket & not b politicised, bt at least from now Aussies will not pretend to b saints..

  3. its just a silly matter and only one complete test series ban was enough for both these legend batsman Smith and Warner while foolish Australian cricket board punished both legend batsman for nothing act. While Sachin and Dravid did supperbly done this tampering before and instead of punishment our board BCCI hided the incident and only punished by 1 test match ban only. Duplessis did this mistake 3 times . Dinesh Chandimal did in the recent past

  4. It’s a stupid sport anyways. Proof is that a piece of sand paper in a ball game gets a whole country shocked. Is Australia this squeeky clean? Never got caught for doping in the olympics or anything?

  5. Solution re invent the new ball material which does not get damage that easily and eventually stop swing for good

  6. They should all be banned for life.. no excuses.. no apology accepted.. heck why not stuff an angle grinder down your pants next time to shape the ball … or bowl the ball with a bazooka…=p

  7. Being a true lover of this game it hurts to see them doing such things, no matter which country they were playing for

  8. Every team has been ball tampering. I've seen India, Pakistan, England, South Africa etc all been involved in ball tampering and recently too. There are smart ways of doing it too. You can just tape the sandpaper to the underside of your pants and rub the ball on that area. You won't get the same effect as how Bancroft did it here but at least you won't get caught. Trust me all teams do it.

  9. Hardwork can't match talent, how would it when it's that of cheating? Truth wins always & everytime. Lies & cheating may bring short term sucess. Actually, players are pressurized to win not just enjoy the game. Games are all about enjoyment not just win or loss.

  10. Nothing tops Shahid Afridi taking a bite out of the ball ? That is and forever will be the epitome of ball tampering lmao

  11. If it was any other team beside Australia England New Zealand or south Africa those players would have been banned for life from the game let that set in

  12. Lol, people in baseball do this all the time and if they get caught then they can’t play for like a week and get fined, but no one is ever really caught and if they do they are really bad at hiding it.

  13. Very cool everyone will look down at Australians esp. seeing as this is the 1st time i'm hearing of this

  14. Is it really surprising that they got caught tampering with the ball? Aussies have been known to be complete scumbags in pretty much every sport they play. Breaking and bending rules where they can. Absolute disgraces to any sport they play.

  15. Every team does it it's like taking a dive for a penalty in football. Those teams whose ballers that can swing the ball do it. The thing is the Aussies got caught. Sand paper, sand in pockets using sweets to create spit to shine ball.

  16. Cricket overexgerates everything
    In Football and other sports Athlets literally bite and RIP people's ears off and everyone gets over it very quickly. In Cricket someone roughshod a ball up and all hell breaks loose.. no wonder Cricket is dying. Absolutely Pathetic.

  17. Huge respect to how the Australia public reacted to this incident. They made it clear they wont stand for cheating in sport.

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