CREATE A CONSISTENT GOLF SWING – Then learn How to Take it from the Driving Range to the golf Course

hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for
joining us this way I’ve got one of my favorite golf drills to improve your overall
consistency in your golf swing whether it’s your irons
or your driving what’s more I’m gonna show you exactly how to practice that golf
drill and then how to transfer it to the Golf course you know what it’s like you’ve
probably watched a golf video like this once or twice before you’ve got on a golf
course and you now I’ve got so many things going on in your head it’s like
ah how do I play golf well if you’ve got too many things going in your head it’s
because you’re not practicing correctly not in a sense kind of learning to
practice it and then put a system in place so you can transfer it seamlessly
to the golf course in this golf lessonI’m going to show you exactly how to improve
your consistency with a golf drill and then how to take that golf drill easily out on to the
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video now consistency what is it well
consistency is clear look we want to consistently strike the ball it better
we want to consistently hit it longer you want to consistently hit it straight
question is how well look this videos not going to be long enough to introduce
you to all the reasons why people are inconsistent in the game of golf but let me pick out a
couple of the most common the most common reasons I find that people are
inconsistent in their golf games is they don’t turn their bodies simply they tend to
move their bodies around rather than spiral their bodies and the second thing
they do they tend to in a sense try to put the golf club into all these various
different positions as a post allow their body to kind of guide the club and
put the club naturally into a position all the positions it should be in so
that is what we’re going to cover in this week’s training so how do you get
started with that well let’s have a look at this let’s start with a establish in
a really good posture first the first thing we to do establish the good
posture is to move your feet up and down here this gets your legs in a nice balanced
position and then I want you to imagine someone’s coming at you and you’re going to
dodge them right so you might be you coming up me you’re going to dodge me that
gets you the right kind of balance right to kind of tilt over here and you’re
ready to go once you’ve done that what I want to do now is this
I want your arms to kind of pushed down to the ground here so the biceps are
connected to your chest and from here what we’re gonna do we’re gonna move the
palms up here now what that will do is it’ll cross a little tension in your
forearms here now at this stage here we’re ready were balanced still feel
like you can move with us feet now we’re gonna learn now if you’d be stronger we
take away moves things like taking it around here too much lifting up using
your shoulders this is gonna really really help so your palms are up biceps
are connected know what we’re gonna do now is this we’re simply just gonna move
those arms backwards and forwards backwards and forward just to that just
to a past just pass the right leg okay nothing’s happened now traditionally
what would you see with people without a club you’d see shoulders moving you’d
see swaying going on right but we’re not doing any of those things we’re learning
the feel of a take away without a golf club okay the second thing from here
what do we do from here from here we’re going to move into the back swing from
here using from the big toe of the left foot we’re going to now spiral up to the
top by throwing the hands to the our palms to the ceiling just like that now
some of you out there I’m not going to be a get completely of a fight you’ll
feel you’re if you try this right now you’re gonna feel a bit of tension you
feel like oh my god I can only get my hands to here no problem that is just
because you’re a little bit tight around the back that’s fine absolutely fine you
go to wherever you can do but the feeling is that you’re gonna try and get
the palms to the ceiling here and what it creates is a wonderful spiral of the
body upwards as opposed to a sideways motion or just a random shoulder motion
okay those are two things that again I think lead to a lot of inconsistencies
so Pam’s the to the floor moving backwards so palms here and then watch
palms to the ceiling here so my right arms pass the ceiling here there we go
my Mon to my big toe here I’ve spiraled up like a corkscrew out of the bottle I
never them here what I’m gonna do is throw the arms back underneath my body
to this position here look at that imposition my hips have cleared my
weights on my left foot here and I’m ready and I’m really balanced that is
going to lead to a lot of ink a lot of consistency let’s do that again so I’m
one here palm to the ceiling here and then I spiral back down into impact here
one of my personal faults I’d get here and I get here I drop the ball sometimes
that’s me sliding we don’t want that for the Soviet that’s ten of your Hooker’s
problem early extension no we’re gonna rotate back down so my hands look a
completely back underneath my body slices do the opposite get to this
position here they might get the palms here but then they throw the palms this
way watch this he pounds the sky here and they throw them outside all things
that are creating slices and hooks underneath all right now once you’ve
done that a few times what you want to then do is you want to take the feelings
and then immediately start to hit some golf balls now there’s quite a lot in
that one drill and you might want to not want to do the entire drill or they
won’t go you might want to think do you know what let’s stop the backswing on
the downswing for a second let’s just improve my technique while I know my
takeaway spot so let’s just improve that so what you
do is you take your take your way and you go yes you get the feel of that
start okay right then go to a golf ball make the motion like a dancers just I’m
just getting to feel backwards and forwards notice I’m not allowing any of
this stuff on just literally moving the arms then I go to the golf ball small
swings just getting that sensation then watch this I don’t rush back and hit
another golf ball and try and copy that because again I don’t want to give
myself any verbal instructions I want the drill to tell my body what to do
remember your body and your muscles will speak a different language they don’t
listen to words they listen to images feelings and sounds so the drill
provides you or your body with the knowledge the
less than nothing let’s say so I’m being quite now for a second I’m feeling this
motion backwards and forwards and then you know I go then we go backwards here fantastic all right now we’ll go on to
how you transfer that onto the golf course in a second but let if we were
going to do that now with the backswing position let’s see you doubt yeah this
is pretty good you want to work on the backswing the same principles apply
you’ve nailed this position here this is working good so now you want to learn
the feeling of the top of the backswing position here yeah then you follow
exactly same system you kind of go through this then hit some golf balls
now let’s look on the way down a lot of people really want to work on the
downswing so let’s have a look at this this is one of my things so this is
pretty good here so I get myself to the top here now what I want to do is I want
to feel this I go I feel they rotating back underneath feel my palms get right
underneath my body personally I get here and slices get out here so once I’ve
done that a few times I go okay right so back back in my go back bang okay put it
down I know I go again ice trying to feel the motion one two why to really
trying to give my body the information without me speaking to it I allow the
drill to speak to my golf swing I don’t do the work my verbal doesn’t do the
work then I go back and I try and feel that Martian again now just by
rehearsing the drill over and over again you’re starting to get those sensations
this shots might be inconsistent start with not a problem you just build the
feeling in first then once you start getting the idea so let’s go back to the
take remind you working on at a Crim Russian how do you then transfer that
till the golf course you can’t think of all these things too complicated isn’t
it so then what you do you need to start to work on ace
so well stats have a look at how we can introduce the takeaway move into the
golf swing so you get yourself set you can’t do all this on a golf course
there’s not enough time but what you can do is you can reverse the second bit so
what I only to imagine is there are two boxes here
this is your innocence your play box and this here is your innocence your
technical box your thing box the things that you’ve been working on in your
range session and what you do you’re standing this technical box here and
what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna feel this takeaway Martian maybe it’s a
vaccine for you all the downs it doesn’t matter which one you work on but you’re
feeling this Martian here and then you swing the final swing you do is you’re
looking at where you want the ball to go you’re seeing the target one last
rehearsal go and then it’s time to play now it’s time to play we’re not messing
about we’re seeing where we’re going we’re open all the practices paid off
and away we go and that becomes your system now is it
going to be perfect of course it’s not it’s not really perfect it’s not gonna
be as perfect as the range you don’t have the luxury of hitting lots of golf
balls but the idea is is that you’re building a system that isn’t
overthinking you’re trusting that over time your body’s gonna pick up on these
motions but what is true if your of this golf ball and you’re thinking of a
thousand things or I’ve got a to the boxing here I’ve got to do the batting
they’re gonna transfer my way and your body can’t do think of all those things
in 1.5 seconds it’s just not gonna happen
so let’s do that again I mean my technical box here I’m getting the
sensation there’s the motion that’s what I’m after
swinging it back I’m seeing visualizing where the balls going now picking my
target out I get a feel for this one last rehearsal and now I just cross into
this box here I’m not thinking at all I’m just visualizing the ball going
towards the target I might want to feel this motion but I’m not thinking about
it and away we go and you do that for anything that you’re
actually working on now if you get a 100 golf balls I recommend if you work if
it’s a brand new thing technical things 75 of them maybe work on your technique
25 on your routines if you’re starting to have a lot of competitions coming up
with you’re playing regularly then increase the amount of routines you do
versus the amount of technical work you do always have a target in mind when
you’re playing so let’s summarize what are we done well we want to improve your
overall consistency how do you go about doing that I said look there’s two major
things you don’t want the hands waving around and you don’t want your body
waving around a great drill for this is this one now I’ve got this exact same
drill and more detailed drill of this or more detail analysis in this top
right-hand corner I’ll put it up there for you to go into but I want to show
you the full width of how you can practice it so your palms are here palms
the sky get that sensation here push it straight back here and then palms the
sky and then from here watch this we’re gonna from here we’re gonna rotate back
underneath here so look at that position there I’m right underneath I’m not head
of the golf ball right over the ball here my pounds are in front for those of
you slice you’ll come this way for those of you look like me sometimes you come
underneath it just helps you maintain the balance of the body and get you that
sensation the other thing here was with what some of the finger tips you’re not
rolling your hands you’re not rolling the shoulders everything look here and
then watch this from the big toe of my left foot I’m spiraling up to the top as
my palms go here and that’s it then from there you thenns work on alternating the
practice so what you’re doing is you hit a ball maybe they can go to a drill
allow the drill to speak the body’s language let it teach you what it needs
to do as opposed to just bang bang bang hit golf ball to go up off the golf ball
and then finally you’ve got to transfer that to a golf course you can’t work at
you’ve got time to work on these things so then follow a system put those boxes
in play here stand behind felt the feeling walk to the shot and then away
you go and then just at two enjoy just playing golf hope you enjoy
this training if you did give it a thumbs up and maybe share it with a
friend who could do with a little bit of help on how to practice and how to
improve their consistency and of course if you’re new to the channel and you
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that bail bond but until next week have a great golfing week

10 thoughts on “CREATE A CONSISTENT GOLF SWING – Then learn How to Take it from the Driving Range to the golf Course

  1. One of the best on line teachers. I have learnt new techniques giving me greater consistency by watching Danny, taking his advice and implementing the simple drills he employs to greater effect than any golf lessons I have had in my 46 years of playing golf

  2. This drill brings exactly what we need, a compact rotation and a powerfull pressure on the ball. Go on teaching us Danny!

  3. Yes, overthinking is my problem, concentrating on takeaway and forgetting follow through. Or vice versa. This is a great, easy drill that I can do at home each day and it makes a lot of sense. Thanks again Danny, always look forward to your posts and always benefit from them.

  4. Great video and I'm definitely going to control the sway more thanks to you. An area I'm also concerned about is the follow-through. Do you have a clip on this one?

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