CRAZY WOMEN FOOTBALL SKILLS | advice and skills from pro players

It’s a combination. First you do the Ronaldinho trick,
flick it over your head and speed up It’s just for fun, you couldn’t do that in a game.
Especially me as I rarely do tricks. But it’s fun on the pitch with your friends. Tricks are important in the game, especially
for me since I’m not the fastest player That’s why it helps to use a skill to confuse the defender
so you can pass them more easily. For me it’s really effective. You need a good technique to play
the fast pace style of football but you don’t really need special skills as a defender It’s important that you are fast so you can
win the ball from the opponent. You don’t need much else. The simple things where you change your pace. Many times a body feint or a stepover is enough…
And change of pace and dribbling. I think at a young age you shouldn’t focus
on a specific skill. You should just enjoy the game and the rest will follow. If you’re a good player,
you will get good coaches, you will join a pro team and then these things
will come by themselves. It’s totally different. It’s such a fast game now.
It was different five years ago, women’s football wasn’t so professional back then,
but now it’s at a top level. The girls that are as young now as I was back then, they’ll have a great time as the game develops. I definitely keep special boots, for example from the Olympics or European Championships, but there are so many new boots and I have many of them at home – but I always wear the newest ones. No, I like to give my old boots to fans or kids
because it takes a lot of space at home Since we always get many new boots,
I just like to give them away. I’ve kept some from back in the days. I have
the boots I won great things with in my closet. Hopefully I can add few more pairs there in the future. White and blue! I think it would be a combination of black and white. I like loud colors, like volt or bright red,
I really dig that. I’m not a big fan of blackout or whiteout boots.
They definitely need some colour.

100 thoughts on “CRAZY WOMEN FOOTBALL SKILLS | advice and skills from pro players

  1. Women playing football/soccer is so underrated and I really want more videos of women playing football because as a girl myself, I want girls and boys wanted to watch girls instead of just boys

  2. Unisport is the best channel on entire youtube. You guys are amazing and I appreciate your hard work from the core of ma heart..

  3. I think they are better then about 89 percent of all the males so I say they should play women vs men if the woman win they get to play at the biggest stadiums in the world if the men win I would be angry equals rights for everybody

  4. Not to hate simply to hate, but womens' football is not entertaining. The difference in how the two genders play the game is too big, just look at Barcelona or international sides. It is painful to watch the womens' matches most times sadly, speed of play, sometimes technique is lacking…

  5. "… Don't focus on learning a particular skill… Just enjoy the game and the rest will follow… "

    It was for this reason that I gave the video a ?

  6. Thank you so much unisport. You guys added girls. And the great thing is that you always say at starting of every video "guys and girls "

  7. Its the fact that girls football lack some techniques and are slower than guys. And i also agree that i like to watch guys matches than girls. But here's the thing. If u r the one who is playing in the field then that's the most enjoyable game. I mean i play soccer. I know im not that fast or skillful like guys but when im in the field im the boss of the game. I give my all while playing and so it becomes fun. I don't need to compare muself with others. I will go on my own pace and enjoy every game.

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