intro I broke out these star wars camoflauge shoes 4 one reason today its about to go down dude what is up with your shirt u said we had to wear camoflauge man THAT is genius dude your right got u one This is what your suppose to wear if you don’t want people to see you right allright cool lets go do this So Gilli suit golf course airhorn part… what part? 7 um 12 A lot You guys requested itso were doing it again!! What was that lady doing in the backround ? like srsly wtf shes getting me TRIGGERED!!!!/OMG IM TRIGGERED BITCH again again and again let’s do it did your late so you’re the dick your dick bro we were penis costumes together this is friendship you got more
camouflage now hey guys dont les the values I saw America fondling an alligator the
lead a great idea on the camouflage dude nobody’s going to notice as yet all right ten-minute walk me to the golf course in
one piece yeah yeah ok real ok all right i’m asking you so know you
sent her shaking i’m a punch you know hello I’m a passion your book grab it yeah let people yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah hello he’s coming over yeah yeah yeah ha ha ha hey the cops are coming though you guys
my why did all right good go ok yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah hug it hug it out yeah yeah yeah yeah see it you’re working on let’s go oh I’m just a little horny today you’re more than a little over here on what yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah who you running we don’t have anything it’s gonna be a standoff a better dayz target market yeah whoa hmm what are you afraid of jokes because
your idiot some trying to trying to be the dick and ask your wife don’t take it well you guys suggested we do ghillie
suit golf course airhorn a golfer trying to find us so thanks for that thank you thank you so how did that
happen you guys going to like this video comment down below tell us how you liked
it subscribe if you haven’t done that you can follow the whole juice want
their instagrams are in the comment section below and of course we’ll see
you tomorrow for a new video according to whatever you guys suggest
camoflage oh yeah should we make camouflage t-shirts who
would buy one camouflage t-shirt anyone anyone girl’s Trouble Man ok that it made particularly to you
special place

63 thoughts on “CRAZY GOLFER ATTACKS US! Ghillie Suit Golf Course Air Horn | JOOGSQUAD PPJT

  1. These guys live in Florida…they should bring a gun with them. When one of those psycho golfers goes after them, they should stand their ground and shoot them in the face. Murica!!

  2. Dig the shirts, but take it from a golfer, you need to honk earlier just as they begin the down swing if you really want to fry their noodle.

  3. Imagine you are playing golf in your 60s, and then some narcissistic millenials blow a horn towards you,,

    Youngsters dont know how to respect elderly,,

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