Crazy! Baseball stuck in pitchers glove at LLWS regional 2017.

You see fans hanging out
over the wall on left and right When Louisiana was here, boy they brought a
party brought the crawfish in the jambalaya the food was awesome.
Buchannon up the middle into the glove of Smith. He’s got to pull it out it’s stuck in the glove. Buchannon hit it so hard it got caught
in the webbing. You saw Smith fishing around for it and the ball just wouldn’t
pop out Seen it happen and a lot of times you
just got it right there you got to pitch the glove and all
you got to take your glove off and pitch it. I believe it was El Duque Orlando
Hernandez for the Yankees yes ball got caught in the glove; this was
years ago when he pitched for New York and he tossed his glove to first base You got to be quick thinking you did got
to take it off and throw it. A tip for coaches: keep a glove repair kit in your
bag; but, how do you fix a glove when you don’t have time to do it right?
Zip ties! They make it possible to fix a glove in seconds. Using just zip ties and a scissors it took me just 40 seconds to repair a busted leather lace on this
youth glove. During games I have done this on the field. It’s best to keep the
square end of the zip tie on the inside of the glove. The way I did it on this
demo it’s possible on a swipe tag that the zip tie gets caught up. After the game you can repair the glove
correctly or as I have found most kids just keep the zip tie in place.

4 thoughts on “Crazy! Baseball stuck in pitchers glove at LLWS regional 2017.

  1. Lack of proper glove care… before I went on the field I made sure my strings were tightened! Especially if it was an all-star game.

  2. Most coaches don't tell kids the importance of proper maintenance of their equipment, especially gloves. It could be that they really don't know themselves. On a related note, I tell the kids and parents at our first team meeting that I want all the kids to have the following items in their equipment bags: sun tan lotion, bug spray, an old baseball, an old baseball cap. The lotion and spray are obvious. The old baseball is so that if the coaches are delayed getting to the field there is no excuse for the kids to not be warming up their arms. The old cap is so that they are properly equipped for practice if they forget to bring their regular cap, the ones who do that do it more than once and are usually the ones who lose their cap during the season (even though I stress the importance of writing their names on the inside).

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