Craziest Ping Pong Shot BATTLE

Hello everybody! I’m Britt Eerland from the Netherlands! I welcome you to another episode of Challenge
Pongfinity. In this series YOU can challenge US with your
craziest ideas. Please make sure you leave your comments below! Kabeer Bhinde wants us to play while looking
in a mirror. This is the Pongfinity around the net shot
battle. You get to vote who’s around the net shot
is the best. So leave a comment! D3STROY3R kawaii wants us to play table tennis
with a ping pong ball. Dua Arshad wants us to play with 2 balls And 4 rackets. David Pettersson suggests we should play with
scissors. CUT! Thanks for watching guys! If you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs
up! And if you are new to the channel, subscribe
here. And watch our other videos here. Until next time!

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