Coutinho & Firmino Vs Klopp & Liu | Year of the Rooster Table Tennis Challenge

IN MANDARIN: Oh, Jürgen, hi, I got your email. It sounds so urgent, how can I help? Listen, I have a very, very important
ping-pong game tomorrow and I really need the best
doubles partner in the world. So, are you free? I would love to help you,
but I’m in Beijing right now. And I don’t have the time to apply for the visa.
I’m sorry. Let me send my student Haoyu,
she’s also a champion player. OK. See you. It’s a wonderful game, so I played it a lot,
but not that much in the last 30 years! They have the pen holder style. It was so surprising for me
that they can play penhold. We play some table tennis together,
Roberto is very good, so I bet on him. LIU HAOYU: We must win. Yeah, of course. I keep the ball
in the game and you finish. OK, thank you. THEY LAUGH No, we win. No, no, we win! STEVE HUNTER: ‘This is the Year of the
Rooster LFC Table Tennis Challenge, ‘Jürgen Klopp and
Chinese protege Liu Haoyu ‘against Roberto Firmino
and Philippe Coutinho.’ KLOPP: Woo! ‘What a start from Jürgen Klopp, what a shot!’ FIRMINO: Ooh. COUTINHO: Yes!
LIU HAOYU: Don’t worry. ‘Normal double rules applying of course
in this three-set match.’ I love it, I love it. ‘The first to 11 in a set. ‘Coutinho and Firmino say they’re not
gonna let Jürgen beat them – we’ll see. Tentative start so far here at Melwood. ‘Coutinho and Firmino using
the sophisticated penhold style, ‘which has impressed Liu Haoyu.’ I know I am a little bit wild. ‘Again, Klopp looks for that big smash.’ I love it. ‘So some fantastic skill going on here. ‘Coutinho, who says he’s
the best player in the Liverpool squad, ‘trying to show his skill. ‘This is a great rally, but Liu Haoyu
proves too powerful with that shot. ‘WILD shot from Jürgen.’ “Cut”, eh? LAUGHTER ‘Liu Haoyu of course is
the 2016 UK University champion, ‘an absolute privilege and a pleasure
to have her playing here at Melwood.’ Ba-ba-ba. KLOPP: Agh! ‘Coutinho and Firmino
very much in charge here, ‘they need two points for the first set. ‘That’s a miscue from Coutinho.’ HE SPEAKS PORTUGUESE Look at his face, I can’t believe this! ‘Just one point needed for the first set. ‘Oh, but Liu Haoyu saves it
with a great backhand!’ KLOPP: I love your counting. ‘So Bobby and Phil
are close to the first set here.’ – Very good.
– Yeah. ‘Jürgen serves. ‘It’s Coutinho, Jürgen again –
oh, it’s into the net. ‘And it’s the first set to ‘Bobby Firmino and Philippe Coutinho.’ That’s it, now she is warm. Warming up finished, boys. ”econd set, Liu and Jürgen have to win this. KLOPP: What a big table and I don’t hit it. ‘Great shot by Liu Haoyu, whose aim
is to become Olympic champion. ‘Another great ace.’ LIU HAOYU: Good. Just a soft hit. ‘Big chance now for Jürgen,
but he’s hit it straight into the net. ‘Nerves of steel and precision
required here. ‘Oh! ‘ LAUGHTER ‘I think Jürgen’s lost his paddle there. ‘Watch this again. Oh, wow. ‘Nice shots by Liu Haoyu here,
showing her skill. ‘6-4.’ FIRMINO: Yes! ‘6-5 now. ‘Now Jürgen…
Oh, that’s a great strike again! ‘From the Liverpool manager. ‘Coutinho and Firmino
pushing them all of the way here. ‘Jürgen again to serve. ‘Oh, wild from Bobby Firmino,
big chance now for Jürgen.’ Good moment for this. ‘Two points needed now
to take the set and level things up. ‘And now just the one. ‘There it is! All to play for in the final set.’ Oh, decisive… ‘It’s one set apiece.’ I’m a little bit in-between, because I want to
win but I still wanna keep them confident. ‘Now, who is gonna win in this decisive set? ‘Jürgen Klopp tells us he’s not played
table tennis for 30-odd years. ‘Well, who knows,
maybe Jürgen and Peter Krawietz have been ‘having a little practise
game in the Melwood canteen. ‘Oh, maybe not with shots like that! ‘Great strike! ‘That’s out by Coutinho.’ Love it. ‘Great shot by Liu Haoyu. ‘Jürgen with one of his own – 6-3 they lead.’ – Sorry, boys.
– You just finished your warm-up. ‘Don’t apologise, Jürgen, we love it! ‘Back again. ‘Oh, he’s missed it, Coutinho. ‘Three points away from victory.’ How is the score, by the way? LIU HAOYU: 9-3.
KLOPP: Who has nine(?) ‘A little gamesmanship from the boss! ‘Jürgen and Liu Haoyu close to victory here. ‘But not with shots like that.’ Oh, match point… Maybe. ‘So match point for Jürgen. ‘Good strike by Coutinho. ‘Is it too late? ‘Oh, that’s the winner from Jürgen!’ KLOPP: Nice one. Nice match, huh? ‘So there you have it,
coming from behind ‘to win the
Year of the Rooster Table Tennis Challenge – ‘Jürgen Klopp and Liu Haoyu.’ He’s better than I thought before, yeah. I gave her money to say this. Thank you. KLOPP: Thank you. BOTH: Yeah! Fantastic, thank you very much. LIU HAOYU: Thank you for being my partner. You saved my life, eh? ALL SPEAK MANDARIN

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  1. Then: Coutinho- Self proclaimed No.1
    Firmino Coutinho’s mate

    Now: Salah The egypitan king
    Firmino The new best Best brazillen

    Sorry about the spelling

  2. Countinho should have stayed at Liverpool, loved that table tennis challenge. Not sure if coutinho is getting such environment and respect in Barça where money and Messi speaks, rest have to watch.

  3. I hate that girl, she only does smashes only because of their are bad, f*ck her, why don’t she play football with them

  4. i wish coutinho would still play fro liverpool i wish we bought him again but some liverpool fans womt like that

  5. after watching them play i miss my school days playing table tennis in the lunch break everyday with my friends classmates. ooh those were the days??

  6. The Brazilians will let the boss win. The English or Dutch will nail him. Perhaps its privilige. Or maybe its confidence.

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