COUPLES MINI-GOLF ft. Pokimane, LilyPichu, Scarra, Based Yoona and more

[Music] Lily: Hi guys, we’re Offline TV and we’re gonna try mini golf today. Scarra: Wait, we’re not having an instructor? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I dunno if the Lily’s gonna like that Lily: Huh? Mark: Anyone on your radar? Mark: Like, who are we looking out for? Lily: They’re CHILDREN. i eat children. still asking Yoona: Imma f*ck this up Yoona: On my first shot was Yoona: probably the weirdest one. Because that’s when you really get the sense of like Yoona: how strong you are. Mark: We need— Mark: We need a counter? Scarra: Oh, wait that’s not— Mark: Wait, that’s not… Mark: He’s going on to hole two! Yoona: So f***ed up Mark: I still think that I have good control, better than a lot of em Mark: ‘Cause I saw Scarra and people go first Mark: And they, like, clocked it, sent it like flying, it was bouncing. Lily: What? Scarra: Uuh, I wasn’t comfortable swinging at all I have no idea exactly how to swing a golf club. Lily: Wooo! Scarra: Ooh! Tweedle Dee: oof Mark: Oh shit, Oh shit I get– Scarra: So good Mark: That feels good! Yoona: It’s just really hard to actually control the shrink Yoona: I thought it was gonna be a lot easier. Mark: You can do whatever you want, but let’s keep moving. Mark: Holy sh*t dude you– Mark: You’re cranking ’em! Scarra: Oh- What? Poki: What? Yoona: HOLEY SHIIIT (pun intended) WHAT
Scarra: HOOO my Yoona: Right on the rail! Mark: We found something Lily’s bad at. Mark: We’re gonna win guys! Lily: My first shot, I think I was under a lot of pressure Lily: because everyone expected me to win? Poki: Can you get a wide angle shot on that? Yoona: Can we get a crotch shot? Lily: Boo! Lily: Give me a toe! Xell: [Victory Grunt] Scarra: How many was that? Yoona: Three? Scarra: That’s bullsh** Lily: Oh, sorry Mark: You have four Xell: Your on five now Poki: I didn’t really know how hard to swing Poki: Or what to do Poki: But it’s been working out pretty well Lily: Yaay! Xell: Two? Xell: Daayum Pokiii Yoona: Wait, Poki has two? Poki: So uuuh, I think I got it in like, two hits Poki: That’s pretty good for me Mark: We got 18 holes to get through, here we go Lily: Wait seriously? Mark: I dunno, maybe nine, maybe 18? Xell: She did it! Scarra: That’s a- that’s a five? Scarra: You know what? Scarra: This will be easy Scarra: She’s too good! Xell: MY GOOODD Scarra: Ooooo! Xell: She played us! She played us so hard! Lily: Holy shit, how’d I do that? Lily: My second shot I actually got a hole in one. Lily: I don’t know how I did it, I really don’t. Lily: I think it was just 100% luck. Mark: Oh, that’s bad. Eugh Mark: I’m going for the reach around Yoona: You’re in a bad spot Mark: Yeah, I didn’t come back around Mark: I got stuck on the far side of the reach-around Mark: Never where you want to be Lily: Nice! Mark: But he’s good at mini golf. Lily: Two Scarra: That’s two Xell: I- I don’t know who’s winning yet, but it might be me. Yoona: Mark f***** sucks! Scarra: It’s a special rule where you spin it Scarra: And each person does this before their first shot Scarra: And follows the instructions. Lily: This is so old. Lily: Can we just like, mak it un-rust a little bit? Scarra: Yeah OK, you want a great spin? Lily: Aaaack Lily: “Use the wrong end of your club to hit the ball for every shot on this hole.” Lily: I already can’t hit it. Lily: The proper way, so it was really hard [Upbeat Music] Poki: It’s got a curve. Poki: It’s driftin’ Yoona: So are we all spinning this? Scarra: Alright, here we go Scarra: “If you get a hole-in-one on this hole, add two strokes to an opponent’s score” Mark: Hit the ball Xell: Scarra’s so wholesome. He’s so excited for his shot Poki: He started running Mark: “Choose an opponent to make his or whore shot with their eyes closed” Poki: His or whore? Mark: I’mma gang up on Lily. You have to use the wrong end with your eyes closed. Mark: No one’s getting number one around here! Lily: That’s f***** up! Scarra: It’s only one shot! Lily: And then Mark decided to screw me over even more Lily: By having me take the next shot blind Lily: So, like what? Yoona: Let’s spin this s*** Yoona: “After everyone has taken their first shot, move an opponent’s ball by the length of your club” Lily: Oooo! Poki: There is no spin Mark: You got a shitty wall bounce Poki: Hole-in-one Yoona: So there is a wheel that we have to spin Yoona: And it had different effects on it and I got kinda of like an assistant aura. Yoona: It could hurt or help someone Yoona: I, the gentleman, the knight that I am Yoona: Chose to help out Lily Scarra: You’ll be very precise with this Lily: Wow, Orlando! Poki: Aww Xell: What is wrong with you, Orlando? Lily: That is so nice of him! Poki: What a white knight Lily: I think Orlando helped me out because he felt bad for me Lily: And he’s a good friend and that’s what a good friends do Yoona: She said I did something nice for her, so that’s cool. I love being a good friends to all the girls and stuff Yoona: Always just “the friend” [Sad Piano Music] Mark: Why is it upside down? Scarra: You’ve got to close your eyes! Lily: My eyes are closed! Mark: I have a camera right in front of your face Poki: For this hole, we’re gonna play horse Poki: Which means everybody has to hit the ball in some kind of unique, cool, and creative way Poki: What are you going to do, Yoona? Yoona: I’m gonna hit this and the opposite end of the golf club, off the ramp, 360 all around, into the hole. Yoona: I’mma try the pool thing, actually Scarra: Everyone has to copy you? Yoona: So we did the trick shot, and I came up with the pool shot and— yeah. Xell: That’s how Horse works, dude Xell: That’s pretty good Scarra: Everyone has to copy you? Scarra: This guy is serious! Lily: What the f***, Josh? Xell: Yoona chose his trick shot to be like you had to hit the ball like you would with a queue stick Xell: I was like, alright I got this [Intense Anime Music] [Laughter Interlude] [Intense Anime Music] Yoona: You’re looking real f****** lame now Xell: I needed a little more chalk, or something Xell: I biffed pretty hard Everybody: OH MY GOD Xell: Yeah! Lily: Noo, I’ve never played minigolf! Xell: Conspiracy theory: Xell: Yoona has been working with Lily, to win this. Xell: Lily has payed off Yoona Poki: On the Horse shot, I think I told everyone to dab. Poki: Because, I don’t know what it is about dabs Poki: As much as I don’t want them to be in my brain, it’s in my brain. Poki: When I can think of something, just dab. Poki: That’s what I thought of. Poki: Dab shot Mark: This is such a snowball mechanic! Scarra: I have to do it like this, with one hand? Scarra: I thought the dab was gonna be harder and I ended up getting a pretty good dab. Yoona: Look at my dab Scarra: Nice! Xell: Dab on! Oh— Oh, you’re back where you started (Lily) Fed, what the f***? Poki: Out of everyone, I did not think Yoona would struggle with the dab Poki: Because I know he has LOTS of experience Everyone: Ooh Yoona: I feel like everyone expected me to do well, but I am just couldn’t do it Yoona: It’s just not in me Yoona: I’m 14 Yoona: 5th! That’s not too bad Mark: That’s 2nd to last Yoona: It’s not Poki Yoona: You actually swung it that hard? Lily: Ahah! Mark: Scarra just doesn’t understand his own strength Xell: Scarra is just like, oh this is a driving range, right? Scarra: You were a little bit worried Lily: I was a little bit worried [Yakety Sax] [Yakety Sax] Mark: This is so sad Mark: He’s got back and forth over the hole three times and comes up short the fifth Mark: Just real, real sad Poki: The couple shot I overheard, I think Scarra and Yoona, talking about it. Poki: And I was like, everyone should do it Poki: That was definitely my favorite shot Poki: I got to hold Lily [Salsa Music] Poki: We got a three, and we’re actually doing it properly Poki: We were really holding each other, like we loved each other, Poki: Unlike maybe some of the other couples Poki: So I think we did it the best. Scarra: A lot of the other pairings were really hands-on Scarra: And honestly, I respect Yoona’s personal space Scarra: We’re very teamwork focused and very comfortable with each other. [Careless Whisper – Sax Solo] [Back to the Salsa] Xell: So, with the couple shot, we got the advantage of going last Xell: So we soy how everyone else did it, and I was like no, we going to break the rules Xell: Instead we tried to just turn around and chip shot into the other area and uh… Scarra: Hi, I’m Johnny Knoxville, and this is… Scarra: …Putt-Putt Minigolf Fed: Where did it go? Poki: This isn’t even scripted! Scarra: Take two Xell: We give up! Mark: He cannot win the challenge Scarra: It’s fine! It’s fine! Xell: Two? That’s pretty good Scarra: I think Mark’s not even doing any of these Xell: Mark’s going to hit DQ Scarra: No! You’re right! Scarra: The end! That doesn’t even count! Scarra: I guess he can’t win either! Mark: Nah, we’re DQ’d. Both of us are DQ’d! Poki: I mean, I didn’t expect to win at all Poki: Pretty proud of me self, though Poki: But I definitely thought it was Lily that was gonna win, as per usual Poki: Honestly, mini putting was really really cute and fun Poki: I would definitely go again, it’s a good, like, date spot Poki: Maybe I’ll bring Lily Poki: I dunno Poki: I got a kiss! Poki: That was my first kiss on camera Poki: Thanks for watching, guys! Poki: Glad, and very surprised that I won Poki: We hope you enjoyed the video Poki: Let us know in the comments below what you want to see us do next Poki: Make sure to like and subscribe Poki: And we will see you next time! All: Bye! Poki: Lata, b*****s! Scarra: Oooo…

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  1. Speaking of luk 1 time my teacher tested us with kahoit to see if we did our reading he and I legit random guesses all the questions and i have no idea how and I'm so proud of my self for having good hunches when it comes to guessing kahoots

  2. Lol they didn’t buy the license of the song used in the golf scenes. You can here the „watermark“ saying „premiumbeat dot com“

  3. Yoona is kind of boring I'm not trying to be salty or something but he doesn't talk much and doesn't do much he is like a cheap fed

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