39 thoughts on “Costa Rican Beach Volleyball in 100° Heat & 100% Humidity

  1. Finally i prefer videos about beachvolley than snowvolley. Summer and sun 🏜🏖⛱🏝🌝🌞

  2. Hello guys, love watching your videos. Are you by any chance preparing shipping of your merch to europe ? 😀 Greetings from Czech republic 🙂

  3. Awesome trip! I lived in Costa Rica for three years and played vball in Tamarindo. Sal was one of the regulars on our court. You either play before 8 a.m. or after 4 p.m. or else you die from the heat!!

  4. What a cool guy inviting you all to his own court! And I totaly agree about beachvolley beeing more then just a sport where you play to win. You come for the game but you stay because of the people! Great vid!

  5. That looks like it was such a cool experience! I’ve always wanted to visit Costa Rica! I’m half Nicaraguan 🇳🇮

  6. When beach volleyball community gets together in COsta RICA!! BOOM! That's one hella cool experience guyz. Diggin how Madison showed a tour around the beach volleyball facility…this is the food truck, shower etc. Future Deportes (ESPN) Analyst. 😅😃

  7. Gawd I love you guys…. this is the kind of LOVE that you intoxify our world with. You have folks from all over reaching out to you. They know what kind of 'good people' you are, because they are the same.

  8. Sounds like an awesome trip! Is the beach scene any big in general in central america, or is it just in these spots where someone with passion has made things happen? 🙂

    Btw for playing in heat.. Dip your cap in an ice-water-bucket! And dip it every now and then! Helps tons, just make sure to not get water on the glasses too! My aim is to someday make this common practice/knowledge in the beach volleyball world, but so far it's not, get a lot of "wtf are you doing?" when I cool off my hat! 😅 There's something about the head transporting a lot of heat out of the body, it almost makes you be able to play games "unaffected" by the heat like the locals in these super hot countries!

  9. Someone call the fun police before I have to do it 😂 Loving your volleyball adventure videos! See you guys in the Big Apple

  10. I wanted to go but I had exams 😓😓😓…. I’m happy that you both liked my country, hope that both of you guys will come eventually, cuz you’re great beach volleyball players and I want to play against both of you, doesn’t matter if I win, it’ll be an awesome experience.

  11. Hey guys. My name is Rafael and I play university volleyball here in Brazil. I've been watching your videos and they are helping me a lot. Your stories are inspiring and show the beauty of the sport. I'm using a lot of the emotional/psychological tips and sharing them with my team. You guys made me fall in love with snow volleyball and now one of my dreams is to play one match of it. Thanks a lot for the amazing job and, in spite being a hardcore brazil supporter when the subject is volleyball, I will always cheer for you in your matches. Bye

  12. How do you guys pay for this amazing trips?! sponsors only? woww! very good video and experience! Love from Mexico!

  13. Another awesome video fellas! Hopefully tournament directors from around the world keep inviting you out! Love seeing volleyball around the world, keep up the great content!

  14. Great video as usual. Fellow 808 natives, Just a warning with NO APOLOGIES for the barrage of annoying questions and comments and compliments I will be bombarding you with this weekend in Tennessee Titans country. This Howli boy is excited lol

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