Holy smokes, it’s been a while since I’ve been in front of the camera, but we are back today And I got a good video for you guys today. We’re gonna be corking this Louisville, Slugger ash wood bat and we’re gonna be corking it with not cork but with Bouncy balls as you can see right here that are falling all over the place be cork me with those now the way we’re gonna do it is we’re gonna drill a hole just big enough for This bouncy ball to fit in so we have that trampoline effect When the ball hits the bat, so right now we’re gonna get out The drills and all that fun stuff and we’re gonna get at it cork in this bat My job Go he’s alright, so we got about five bouncy balls in here as you can see what we’re gonna do to keep them in there is we’re Gonna put a hot glue right here glue them in there. We should be good to go You know stick I Do one more flare Alright so let the field now We got the bat got the pine tar on it take some hacks and let you know how it goes Okay Pull me over Cracked Cracked oh, it’s it’s fun. It’s good Crafty right. Here’s who is not good art Now ball hit that pole Whoo, there was that was okay that underneath the ball That’s okay I got my swing going Fine shot. Mm-hmm. All right, so I figure one after two rounds That is in not it’s not in good condition. It’s already starting to crack you got cracks along right here And a crack along here, so let’s see how much longer the last before it’ll energy Wait Oh Chin Music star dude, I got it You can one more Do one for Davey Boy Oh Oh Fudge dang it All right six more Artists often front hip It’s one swing oh I Know let me do that and get the head out good. I got my pitch I barely even swung on that one. So All right So it’s the last swing Me personally, I can’t hit for crap. Anyways, so I can’t put him out put my boy over there He could swing it a little bit he hit one out after going live But the thing with this bats is it’s starting to crack. It’s getting pretty good right here. You could tell big time Right here. It’s cracking a lot so My personal thoughts are the bouncy balls if you hit it in the right spot before it started to crack You feel a difference like it felt a lot better if I’m like that ball was really coming off the bat good But now that it’s cracked the bouncy balls aren’t doing as good as job anymore. So we’re gonna get a new one Try it again. And I think what we’re gonna do this time is we’re going to melt the bouncy balls put them in there Glue it up again. See what happens. See you guys in the next video

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