Cool Kiz on the Block | 우리동네 예체능 – Foot Volleyball Training ! (2015.03.03)

=Let’s play foot volleyball=The members are in different places=Today, they’ll play foot volleyball
with their friends=My friend, let’s play foot volleyball=This is Seoul’s hot place, Itaewon=Which member is in this place
full of foreign culture? Welcome. Where is this place? It’s where I live. Itaewon, Yongsan-gu. I have to go to play foot volleyball. I’m going to invite a neighborhood friend. He was discharged from the army recently. He played foot volleyball a lot in the army. I trust him. I’ll train with him.=At that time, a brunch place=The man who was just discharged
begins his day with a cup of morning coffee=The man gulping hot coffee has
an exotic silhouette Hello. Hi.=Sam’s foot volleyball friend
A senior broadcaster and neighborhood
friend, Sam Hammington Why are you so late? Well… Was there traffic? No. I walked here. I walked here. Do you watch “Cool Kiz on the Block”? I saw you on the show. You didn’t get much air time. Air time? You should work harder. I watched it, too. I should work harder. Here’s a clue. If you can’t do it with words, use your body. – Indeed. / – If you can’t talk, use your body. Today’s training is with a friend. You’re going to train? You were discharged recently. You played foot volleyball a lot in the army. I think it would be nice if I went with you. I think it would be nice if I went with you. That’s why I came. That’s what you thought? Yes. Are you alright? I never wanted to play foot volleyball again.=He doesn’t seem confident Kyungmin said he was the king of foot volleyball in the army. I watched that show. He said that, but he sure didn’t seem so. He was terrible. I was surprised.=A residential area=The king of foot volleyball is wandering I came as the king of foot volleyball and became a hole. I came out too strong. You practiced with this friend? He’s way better than I thought. I need to bring a hole to improve my image. That’s why I invited him… But he’s better than I thought. This is serious. We’re practicing a lot when we don’t have a recording. I have a bruise in my ankle. It’s me, the king of foot volleyball. There are high expectations for you. There shouldn’t be high expectations for me. It’s serious. What will you do? This is serious.=Kyungmin’s foot volleyball friend
A member of the ’76 dragon club,
Cha Taehyun You appeared on “Running Man”, too. Aren’t you using your friends too much? I went because they told me to come. Jongkook called you. He got me.=Yes, but it’s the same He made me wear this jacket as soon as I came. It says ‘wild’ on the back. You’re using your friends too much. The response to foot volleyball is good. There’s something I do in the morning as a habit. Around 8:30, I look at the viewer ratings. Where can you see that? Just search for viewer ratings. You can see the Nielsen ratings. Yeah? Just type viewer ratings. You look at that in the morning? Yes, I do. – Every day? / – Yes. I searched “Cool Kiz” this morning. I was a hole when the viewer ratings were high. Nobody criticized you for 10 years, but everyone is criticizing you now. Huh? They are? I saw a shocking comment. ‘I could be better than him and I’m a woman.’ There was another one. The real hole of the Cool Kiz isn’t Jeong Hyeongdon, but Hong Kyungmin. That’s the first article. I’m practicing a lot these days. Hodong, Junghwan… Sam, Baro, Gyuhan… There are eight of us. Who is the last one? – It’s me. Hey! / – Oh, right. What’s wrong with you? Oh, it’s you. What’s wrong with you? I’m sorry. We’re not going to have fun. Oh, right. You called me. I forgot. I feel uncomfortable.=Who is at a meat place? He’s late. Call him. Isn’t he too late? No. I’ll just yell when he gets here. It’s no use yelling already.=A little while later Why are you so late? I had work to finish. What work? I went to the US for work. No, you didn’t.=Junghwan’s foot volleyball friend
Their sons know each other, too
Yunhu’s dad, Yun Minsu Brother, it’s been a while. How have you been? Fine. I’m busy. Why did you tell me to come? Thanks for coming. I’ll buy you a meal. Really? You’ll pay for this? I’ll pay for it. Do you want to eat meat? No, it’s too early for meat. I have to eat meat. We have to play sports later. I have to eat meat to play sports. Fool. Rib eye and thin skirt. One portion of each. What part is thin skirt? What kind of stew should we eat? Whatever you want. Kimchi and soybean paste. A salty flavor and spicy flavor. That’s good. – There’s no need to worry. / – Right. – You don’t have to think about picking. / – Right. We’ll be playing foot volleyball. We’ll have a nice brunch before that. An elegant brunch to supplement nutrition. Steamed anglerfish for brunch? Right. Steamed anglerfish is a clue as to who my friend is. I received a gift from this friend. It’s… Tada!=Who owns these golden gloves? We’re friends. We met too late. Byungji. Hodong. Hi, friend. Let’s eat steamed anglerfish. Let’s do that in Masan. It’s alright. These must be better. These seem better.=He meets Byungji again How about calling and asking where he is. He’s a friend, but…=He’s definitely a friend, but…=He’s so embarrassed that he blushes He’s a friend, but…=He can’t call easily=He holds the phone tight I feel the most awkward with this friend.=He calls Hello? My friend.=It’s awkward, what will I do? Did you arrive? I’m almost there. I ordered steamed anglerfish. Hurry up, so we can have brunch. Okay. My lovely friend, hurry. Okay. I miss you. I miss you, too. I’m going to hang up first. Okay. Take your time. Thank you.=Are they going to be alright today?=Hi Hello.=Hodong’s foot volleyball friend
The friend from Masan
Soccer player, Kim Byungji We made a promise to eat steamed anglerfish the next time we meet. Let’s eat and play foot volleyball well. Okay.=You’re supposed to be friends=Hodong eats steamed anglerfish
with his Masan friend, Byungji We decided to be friends. We should have met more often. We said we’d be friends. We agreed not to use a respectful tone. Okay. Hi, Byungji. It’s better this way. Right. Say it’s nice to see me. It’s nice to see you, Hodong. This seems familiar. You probably didn’t see us play foot volleyball. I did. While you were training in the US? There are recordings. I saw Junghwan, too. He’s funny. I can usually tell how to approach someone. I know how to control a person. But I couldn’t tell with him. He’s a funny person. I’m glad his style is different from mine. We yell yeah, but he doesn’t. I watched that scene about ten times.=A prisoner of cheering You knew Junghwan for a long time. How could I get him to call me hyeong? Is there a way to control him? He has to have a drink after work. We ate Korean sausage soup and had a drink. He’ll get friendlier. He liked that. His eyes seemed warmer. He liked me. I felt he wanted to be close with me. Junghwan, I miss you. Are you talking about me, too? Hodong picked on you a lot. No, he didn’t. I just ignored him. I didn’t want to deal with him. I felt sorry for you. He kept making you yell yeah. He’s a senior in sports. What a pain. If he wasn’t a senior… I’d like to give him a head-butt when the camera isn’t around. He’ll be shocked. He made you yell yeah so many times. Yeah! Did you see that? I monitored the show. Listen to this.=Two bowls of stew I didn’t dip a lot of salt for your health.=You should eat, too We won’t be doing this until early morning, will we? It’s like “Two Days and One Night”. Are you feeding me to make me work until early morning? It’s like “Two Days and One Night”. “Two Days and One Night”? No way. You never know. We can’t play foot volleyball for two days. People think soccer players would be good at foot volleyball. Defense players are pretty good. But with offense players, the shooting is different from soccer. This is a real story. The members of the 2002 World Cup team played foot volleyball the day after a game as recovery training. There were a lot of articles about that. The goalkeepers’ team won the most. Even among soccer players? My role was receiving and defending. I attacked with headings. You played offense, too. You’re a level higher than Junghwan. Offense players are the worst at foot volleyball. Offense players are the worst at foot volleyball. I have a lot of friends. Actors who are athletic and charming. Ha Seokjin, Choung Kyungho… They have a lot of time on their hands. But I couldn’t bring a friend who stood out more than me. I’m just starting to stand out. I couldn’t take it if my friend stood out more. Of the trainees at the agency, someone who I could beat. I invited him. He’s going to be here soon. You should know something. I’m not very close with him. Hi, Gibang. He’s the best actor at Mystic. I’m promoting you a lot.=Gyuhan’s foot volleyball friend
Friend of a top star
Actor, Kim Gibang Gibang is close with Zo Insung.=He’s here as Gyuhan’s friend today,
not Zo Insung’s friend You shouldn’t have invited me. We’re going to be holes today. What will we do? No. I think we’ll be on opposite sides. Yeah? Aren’t we on the same team? Are we on the same team? Team? Team? I invited the wrong person. The ball won’t go far. It will hit my body and drop. Is there a ball somewhere? I should test him before I take him. Trust me and take me. No. Call your best friend. I’m much better than him. No way. Give me the profiles of everyone. I’m the only one.=Will inviting Gibang be a smart move? I’m going to bring a friend. He’s an idol. He’s talented at foot volleyball. He said he liked foot volleyball. That’s why I invited him. I’ll bring him.=He lives by himself in a rooftop place=Baro’s foot volleyball friend
A middle-aged idol
Singer, Yuk Jungwan Are you done washing? I always wash. People say my place is a mess. Seven people came from the agency. Really? Did you clean your place? To make me look good. We can go then. Right now? Yes. – Right now? / – Yes. Everyone is waiting. You’re not doing the opening here?=The Cool Kiz foot volleyball team members
meet their friends=My friend, let’s play foot volleyball
Where? The whole team is here. We were told to bring a friend. Everyone brought a close friend. Where are we?=The KBS Training Center? I received training here 13 years ago. There is a 4-day training for new comedians. What will we do here with our friends? – What? / – What? How cheap. What a cheap show. I’m sorry. I’ll read it out loud. The Cool Kiz foot volleyball training.=Welcome to foot volleyball training I never heard of a foot volleyball training. – The Cool Kiz. Two days. / – One night. Taehyun. I heard of many trainings, but not of foot volleyball training. I just found out there are foot volleyball clubs. – Really? / – Yes. Are you good at foot volleyball? – Me? / – Yes. I thought I was terrible. My only experience is from “Two Days and One Night”. I practiced with him last week. You’re close friends. We’re training with our friends today. What if they’re better than us? A complicated situation will develop. I saw you play against ‘S’ electronics. You’re an easy match. You must be good. Do you mean us or ‘S’ electronics? You, of course. That’s absurd. Are you good at foot volleyball? You were the worst. It’s funny to see a Korean and a foreigner fight. Why did you teach him Korean? You gained success quickly. Are you twenty-six? Yes. You gained success too quickly. Nobody achieves success in the 20’s. What an absurd conversation. People like him cause trouble. People who become successful in the 20’s. Excuse me. Who is that Santa Claus? Santa Claus. Merry Christmas.=He passionately acts as Santa=Give me a gift Hello, I’m Santa. No. I’m Sam Hammington. I’m here as Okyere’s friend. I played foot volleyball often in the army. I don’t have a lot of broadcasts these days because of Okyere. He’s broadcasting a lot. You’re here. I came because of you. You brought me here.=Sam and Sam suddenly fight We met on a show before. He had a good sense of entertainment. I asked the president to nurture him. He’s more successful now. I raised a lion cub.=He has tears in his eyes It’s driving me crazy. Stop it. You really gained success quickly. You’re in no position to say that. How old are you? You gained success the earliest.=In a daze It’s beyond one sign cycle. I was born in 1977. Does a foreigner understand sign cycles? What sign are you? Dog. I’m a horse. I’m a snake.=They know about the signs Hello, I’m Yun Minsu of Vibe. I met Junghwan through our kids. He’s a very shy person. You scold him so much. Who does? Who do you think? When did I scold him? He’s passive and shy in the beginning. He couldn’t yell yeah, but you kept making him yell. Minsu, come out! Come here. Cheer. On your knees. Cool Kiz. Yeah!=The TA gives a demonstration=A perfect finish Don’t you feel energy? This is entertainment. Sports begin and end with cheering. Minsu, step forward. I’m sorry. I’ll apologize. Come out! Do something. Junghwan, will Minsu cheer or not? Personally, I wish he would. What? Minsu, step forward. He’s amazing. He sings ballads. Ready, action! Yeah, Cool Kiz! – Minsu. / – What was that? It’s not yeah! You have to cut it off. Junghwan should show him. Junghwan should show him. You… You’re good. If you don’t get it right, Junghwan will have to do it again. Get ready. It must have been hard for you. – It’s hard. / – Okay, I’ll do it. Cool Kiz! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!=You’ve never been in ‘yeah’ hell, huh? Here’s what you should watch for. Junghwan and Byungji are both here. A sword and a shield. Junghwan is younger, but Byungji still plays professionally.=My friend is the best! What do you expect? If you played foot volleyball 1:1. I played foot volleyball for about a year in a club at work. At work? He had a job before he became a professional soccer player. His life is like a movie and a drama. A drama without a script. It’s like an international market. And? I think I might be a bit better. You must have scored a lot. Junghwan, what do you think? I don’t want to predict anything. It’s an honor just to be on the same court with a senior of mine. Do you really think so? You’re a real celebrity now. You know how to maintain your image. Are you going to go into politics? Come here where there isn’t a camera. Come here. – Come here. / – What kind of a comment was that? What kind of a comment was that? Byungji played in 679 games. What is Byungji’s existence to you? He’s the standard of managing his body. Being able to play up to his age means he fought against himself well. Why did you fail at managing your body? I played for a long time. Hands out of your pockets. Hands.=He doesn’t know what to do with his hands Your senior is interviewing you. He’s really a celebrity now. He’s a star! That’s amazing. Entertainment doesn’t suit me. What is he to you? I told you! He’s a senior I respect a lot. Why do you respect him? He managed his body well. I told you. Don’t talk to me. Why did you fail at that?=Drinking What kind of a junior is Junghwan to you? He made a heading goal that changed the history of Korean soccer. Against Italy in 2002. He missed the penalty kick.=You weren’t talking about the golden goal? Oh, right. He missed. They had to go to overtime.=Taehyun, gee… That’s right. – Excuse me. / – Don’t talk! There are famous people here. Talk to them. Junghwan won the thigh wrestling competition. He has a strong lower body. – On your team? / – Yes. Byungji still plays soccer. He isn’t just a good goalkeeper. It’s a shoot with great speed. He’s a goalkeeper who scores goals. Taehyun, come and feel his lower body. Predict if he’ll win. Feel the front part. – You didn’t tighten your legs, right? / – No. Tighten them. If you do… The back. They’re not thick, but they’re firm. His thighs. Feel his legs, too. – In 2002… / – I’m sorry. The king of the ring. Junghwan’s legs are much thicker. Face the viewers. Attention! It’s the match of the century. Attention! Bow to the viewers. Okay. Face each other. Have a great contest. Bow. Shake hands. Let’s hear Junghwan cheer first. Let’s hear Junghwan cheer first.=The cheering isn’t over yet Hyeongdon, will Junghwan cheer or not? He’ll cheer twice. Look at the camera. Hands out. Show your resolution to do your best. He’ll do a cheer. Cheer. One, two, three! Yeah. Do it louder. You will do it louder. You will. Yeah! No, no. Yeah! No, no. Do it louder. It’s not fun. If you do it right, you don’t have to cheer next week. I’ll give you a break next week. It’s the first time a person only has to cheer every other week. You can have a chance to skip cheering. One, two, three!=I was going to do it I won’t do it. – I’m sorry. / – I was doing it. I’m really sorry. Junghwan. One, two, three! Yeah! Yeah!=That was good That was a great resolution by Junghwan. A living legend will go against him. Let’s hear a cheer from Byungji. One, two, three! Yeah! Okay. Let’s get to the game. Turn off the camera!=Junghwan has good manners The temporary MC. A legend in Korean soccer, Kim Byungji. The sports star who Andre Kim loved. The sports star who Andre Kim loved. Get ready. Begin. Don’t go easy on him because he’s a junior. Your pride is on the line. Your wife is watching. She thinks her husband has the strongest thighs in Korea. If you don’t, it will be upsetting. He secured three sons. He has really strong legs. He secured three sons? He has three sons. What does that mean? It means he used them a lot. I have two. I’m carefully going to say I’ll win. Say something to your wife. I’ll show you the strength of the 40’s. You, too. I should use my legs at home. I’m sorry for using them here.=Everyone laughs I love you. Spread Junghwan’s legs.=Glare Get ready. Begin!=Ooh…=I can’t lose=It’s close=Here goes=It’s fun for the people watching=It’s a tie=Too bad Good job. It’s a tie. In the fight of pride. You felt something as a man, right?=The Cool Kiz foot volleyball training=Here are today’s teams=Orange team vs. blue team=Captain : Jeong Hyeongdon
Cha Taehyun, Hong Kyungmin, Lee Gyuhan,
Kim Gibang, Sam Hammington, Sam Okyere=Captain : Kang Hodong
Kim Byungji, Ahn Junghwan, Yun Minsu,
Yang Sangguk, Yuk Jungwan, Baro It’s the best friends special. The athletic skills of the friends haven’t been proven yet. Junghwan and Byungji are soccer players, but foot volleyball is different. – It’s completely different. / – We have to check. Byungji first. How many will he kick? One, two, three, four, five, six… He could kick a hundred. Eight, nine, ten… He’s full of leisure. Junghwan. Go, Junghwan! I lose. Yeah! Do it well. Give it to me. I just have to kick it. Like jegichagi. I can do it with one eye covered. With an eye covered. Finish. Finish.=Junghwan, what’s wrong?=Oh!=That was close=He finishes by getting revenge=The wrestling champion was
really surprised He’s good!=He finishes with an intense reaction=The friends pass the skills test Our friends are here. How about playing 2:2? Let’s pick the strongest team. Right. Here is the match list!=Preliminary round
Jungwan, Baro vs. Hodong, Byungji Hodong and Byungji against Baro and Jungwan. We will begin the first game! Baro.=Run around? – Jungwan. / – Don’t run around. I thought we had to run around the court. Is this how it’s done? – Go easy on us. / – Go easy on us. The Cool Kiz are playing with their friends. The 2:2 tournament begins. They brought close friends. There are high expectations for some. Some look like they’re just here. Yes. The game will begin with Byungji’s serve.=A low and precise serve Jungwan. Baro tossed it up. Baro tossed it up. Look. This is too easy. We can’t let our guard down.=Byungji never lets his guard down Focus.=Byungji’s sharp serve Jungwan. Jungwan. Jungwan. Byungji, toss. Byungji, toss. Hodong smashes! – Is it in? / – It’s in. It’s received. Jungwan. Jungwan again. Jungwan. It’s match point for Hodong and Byungji.=One point and Hodong and Byungji win Jungwan. Baro.=Jungwan gets in the way Baro.=He realized he got in the way too late Jungwan attacks. It goes over. Hodong. Byungji, heading. It’s a bit vague. Byungji, heading. It’s a bit vague.=A tragedy from being greedy=That’s terrible=It serves you right How did he wrestle? He’s not athletic at all. He must have wrestled by cheering. Nobody’s asking if he’s alright. It’s a matter of course he’s alright.=This could be the last serve=Cautious Focus! It’s over. Baro. Baro. It goes in the net!=Baro didn’t do much,
but their team is eliminated Baro, get it right. It’s Jungwan’s fault.=Hodong and Byungji easily win The next game is break time.=Who?=Preliminary round
Sam H., Sam O. vs. Junghwan, Minsu Junghwan, this game is meaningful for you? Korea lost to Australia at the Asian Cup. I felt bad about that. I’ll have to beat him today. Since Sam is from Australia. It’s nothing personal. I just think we should win. Think of it as an A match game. You want revenge. Yes. That’s his resolution. Sam. I was born in New Zealand. My nationality is Australian. That’s all.=He’s cool and he apologizes Let’s go! Junghwan skills will finally be revealed. Junghwan was hidden behind a veil. He’s playing for the first time. Will he be as good as he was at the World Cup Games? Yeah!=Okyere serves first It started. Junghwan receives. He makes a stable pass. Minsu, heading.=It goes in the net It gets caught in the net.=He shows his temper=It clears the bench=He’s a troublemaker=Warning He has no manners. I kicked it hard, so he could serve. You receive a warning. He mistook soccer rules for foot volleyball rules. They do that in soccer. Yes.=Junghwan’s spinning serve=Okyere doesn’t panic Nice. Go forward. He runs. He kicks it over slightly. Junghwan. Minsu again. Heading.=Huh? What was that?=The Australian’s heading=They saw it, but they can’t believe it=Sam blocked it with his head It was blocked.=The game continues=He passes the ball freely Junghwan, heading. Minsu. In the corner! It’s still in play. Hammington!=It doesn’t go over the net=Sam seems to be a heading expert That was like a stunt. Hammington blocked it. It could have been 2 points. He did a heading blocking. Yes. Sam is running a lot.=Junghwan recognizes him What’s the probability of seeing that? Almost none. Sam is stable. Junghwan, heading. It’s a bit short. Minsu goes after the ball. Junghwan. In the corner.=He fakes by looking elsewhere Junghwan. In the corner. It goes over.=Okyere receives Hammington. Okyere. It goes over. It’s in. Junghwan. Sam improved a lot. Minsu. Junghwan. Good. In the corner! Junghwan. Good. In the corner!=That was a good offensive play Junghwan… He is Junghwan indeed. He kicked it in an empty spot. What’s amazing is that Okyere is very quick. He runs after the ball. Nice. Nice. Okyere is awesome. Nice, Okyere. Go, Okyere! 8:5. It’s a 3-point difference. Junghwan will serve. Okyere, heading! He can’t return it. It looks like there was a spin again. It bounced up high. It went over Okyere’s tall height. It’s match point, 10:5. Go, Sam and Sam! He’s already exhausted.=Okyere is stable Sam Hammington. It goes in the net.=It goes in the net What? Is it over?=Too bad Junghwan and Minsu win 11:5. It’s the third game now. Kyungmin and Taehyeon against Gyuhan and Gibang. I thought Sam Hammington was still on the court. Because of Gibang. I think Gibang will play the same role. – Go, Gibang! / – Yeah! Taehyun is good. This is making me nervous. It’s irritating. You’re nervous, right? How frustrating. I felt like I was at the World Cup Games. I felt like I was at the World Cup Games. You’re nervous, right? It makes you nervous. It starts with Gyuhan’s serve. Your head. Your head. Taehyun, heading. It’s slightly long.=The heading is slightly long It’s long. It’s long. You’re nervous. It’s long. It’s long. You’re nervous. Taehyun seems to be a bit nervous. It was long.=He’s worse than we thought Two, three!=Gyuhan serves again Gyuhan serves again. Kyungmin, heading. Taehyun goes forward. It goes over.=Taehyun got it over well Gyuhan receives. Gibang. Gyuhan gets it over. Kyungmin. Taehyun, toss. It goes right over. Yeah. Gyuhan. Yeah! It’s a save. Good.=How flippant Gyuhan. He got it over!=A mystic ceremony This is interesting. Gyuhan practiced a lot. I can see that. I expected Kyungmin and Taehyun to win. Gyuhan and Gibang are doing better.=Ugh…=Pretty good This wasn’t expected. It’s interesting. This is hard. Good, good.=Gyuhan who is on the rise serves Why is it so hard? Gibang tosses it up. Gyuhan. Yeah! Taehyun received. Taehyun received. They can’t keep it alive. It’s 3:0. This wasn’t expected. I thought Kyungmin and Taehyun would win. This wasn’t expected. Kyungmin, let’s stay side by side. We can’t be too close. It’s not easy for the king of foot volleyball. Kyungmin serves. It goes in low. Gyuhan. It goes in low. Gyuhan. Unfortunately, it’s a service point. Good, good. Kyungmin, nice serve. Good, good.=Good again!=Another service point Good.=Taehyun, relax The king of foot volleyball is coming alive. Gibang. He can’t return it either.=Hesitation=Three consecutive points from serving It’s going to end with his serve. They’re shaking. Yeah! Again. The king of foot volleyball. The king of foot volleyball.=Kyungmin serves again Kyungmin serves. Gibang. Gyuhan. Gibang gets it over. Kyungmin. Taehyun gets ready. He smashes! Taehyun gets ready. He smashes!=It finally went in=This is it=He smashes the ball at the net=He aimed for an empty spot=Oh… Yeah!=He came alive=Taehyun, are you going to show us now? Good! Match point. Yeah! It’s match point for Kyungmin and Taehyun. Kyungmin serves. Gyuhan. Will he go after it? Gibang tosses it up. It goes over. It grazed the net. Taehyun keeps the ball in play. Kyungmin. He kicks it over. Sorry. The toss is a bit unstable.=I’ll keep it alive=The ball…=If it doesn’t go over, the game is over Sorry. The toss is a bit unstable. He can’t get it over. The game ends. 11:8. Kyungmin and Taehyun win. That’s right.=Sob I wanted to get it over. Sorry. The first game is tough. The first game is tough.=The preliminary round ends – Good job. / – Too bad. Junghwan and Minsu won 11:5. They advance to the final by default. Yes. Junghwan and Minsu advance. Hodong and Byungji and Kyungmin and Taehyun advance to the semi-final. That’s right.=Semi-final
Hodong, Byungji vs. Kyungmin, Taehyun Hodong and Byungji won against Baro and Jungwan. Did something just pass? Cha Taehyun! Kyungmin and Taehyun won against Gyuhan and Gibang. These two teams will do the semi-final. Just receive the first serve well. Go, Cool Kiz foot volleyball! We will begin the semi-final. Kyungmin and Taehyun against Hodong and Byungji. We will begin! How can we beat them? Win, dragon club! The winning team will go against Junghwan and Minsu. Kyungmin and Taehyun against Hodong and Byungji. It begins now. Byunji serves. Taehyun. Taehyun. He doesn’t get it over right away. Just look at Taehyun. It’s for Taehyun. I’m only going to attack him. Byungji’s serve was effective. The score is 1:0.=He flies and tries to save it=He puts a lot of strength into it
and it foes further=They’re not like the other team=Byungji serves again Byungji serves again. Cha Taehyun! Taehyun. Good, good. Kyungmin, toss. Taehyun! It goes out.=But…=He fails to control his strength Taehyun, are you alright? Taehyun, are you alright? Stay calm. Don’t be nervous. Are you alright? Are you really alright? Okay. Hodong is playing with his mind. He’s only attacking Taehyun. What are you going to do? This.=Taehyun attacks What are you going to do? This. Is it received? What are you going to do? This. Byungji receives. What? What? Taehyun. Like this. Kyungmin, what are you going to do? Kyungmin gets it over. How spiteful.=Byungji, aim for Taehyun That’s low. Hodong! Taehyun. He gets it over. Stay calm. Hodong tosses it up. Don’t give them a single point. Byungji. Taehyun, heading. Byungji. Taehyun, heading. Heading again. It was received. Taehyun!=Unbelievable! Taehyun!=Taehyun struck well! He smashed it well. They kept attacking Taehyun. He received everything. When he got the chance, he succeeded in making an attack.=He receives everything=Then he boldly smashes=The goalkeeper is surprised=Hodong, Byungji 2:1 Kyungmin, Taehyun=Yeah, orange team!=Taehyun’s skills are even more charming
since they’re not familiar with him=Even the blue team is cheering Nice. Nice.=He probably surprised himself, too=Hodong sees him differently Win for us, Taehyun!=But… We scored one point. Don’t lose to his mouth! The score is 2:1.=Hodong is playing with his mouth=I won’t stop! Don’t let him get to you. Taehyun! He talks again. Taehyun. It goes out. Taehyun, are you alright? Are you alright? I’m alright. You have to get it in here. You have to get it in here. It’s out if it goes out of the court. Don’t let him get to you. Cover your ears. It’s out if it goes out of the court. You’ll lose. Is he getting to him? He talks more than us.=Hodong is told to serve Cha Taehyun! Cha Taehyun! See if he steps on the line.=Whistle What just happened? 5 seconds. The 5-second rule. 5 seconds. The 5-second rule. What is that? The ball has to be served in 5 seconds.=The talking player let his guard down He tried to be sly. Right. The score went up. Kyungmin will serve.=The tension is going away Nice. Hodong! Kyungmin aimed for Hodong.=Foot volleyball is played with the feet Taehyun! Taehyun! Hodong keeps playing with his mouth. Everyone is cheering for Taehyun. I’m tired. It’s because you talk so much. Just get the pig. Kyungmin serves again. It’s like the semi-final indeed.=The ball drops How is he supposed to receive that? Hodong never does anything wrong. It’s always Byungji’s fault. Time.=He is disappointed=Gee…=Poor Byungji=The dragon club scores one by one Nice. A sharp serve aiming for the side. Byungji receives it stably. Very good. Very good. Heading. It goes over slightly.=Both are aggressive Taehyun hit it over right away. Byungji’s toss is good. Hodong. Kyungmin. Taehyun. In the center. Hodong receives.=Me, too! Hodong. Gently. Taehyun receives. Taehyun’s defense is good. Taehyun.=another successful attack? Taehyun. It goes over. Byungji keeps it in play. Taehyun. Taehyun. Taehyun. Toward Hodong. He receives it. It’s not going to go over. It’s lasting a long time. It gets caught. It’s not going to go over. It’s lasting a long time. It gets caught. It’s reversed. 6:5.=This wasn’t expected=It’s interesting for the bench, too Hodong. Why did you receive?=Does it matter? Taehyun. Smash! It’s in. Kyungmin. Taehyun has another chance. He changes the direction. Taehyun! Taehyun has another chance. He changes the direction. Taehyun! – That was a save. / – He’s smart. The score is 10:7. Contrary to expectations, Kyungmin and Taehyun is at match point. Go, Kyungmin!=He’s a junior, but he cheers It’s still match point for Kyungmin and Taehyun. Heading. He goes after it. It goes over. He goes after it. It goes over. Hodong. Hodong. It’s a chance to catch up. Hodong gets ready and kicks. Kyungmin tosses it up. Will Taehyun end it? It’s defended. Byungji. – It’s received. / – It’s kept alive. It goes over. Byungji again. It gets caught in the net.=It ends after a long rally=Kyungmin and Taehyun win 11:8 The game ends. 11:8. Kyungmin and Taehyun advance to the final. That was good teamwork between Kyungmin and Taehyun. Good job.=Excessive acceptance of the result=It was a mental fight I’m very athletic. accept the loss – Regarding skills. / – Yes. You’re better than last time. A syncopated beat. I think he practiced a lot with Kyungmin. He said he practiced. Kyungmin must have practiced a lot. Good, good. That was a great game. We didn’t know Taehyun well. That was a failure of our strategy. You gave it to him later. You kept giving it to me before. We wanted to play it safely. We’re playing so much. This is fun. It’s more fun if you win. I know. Too bad. Isn’t there a losers’ revival? You can go now. I wanted to help you win. Go. The ace team. It’s the final now. Junghwan and Minsu against Kyungmin and Taehyun. Among the friends, Taehyun seems to be the best. Yes. They made it to the final. Taehyun did the best among the friends. But they’re going against Junghwan now. Yes. He can control the ball well. He’s a reliable player. Wait a minute. When Junghwan commentated at the Asian Cup, he said he would buy makgeolli and Korean pancakes if Korea won. Let’s bet that today. You said you’d buy. I’ll keep going with fried chicken. One chicken per person. One pancake per person. Makgeolli and Korean pancakes. Fried chicken and coke. Let’s begin. Yeah! Go, blue team! Yeah! Anyone win! We’ll eat anyway. – There’s no need to advance. / – Right. Anyone win!=The players enter Let’s play a good game. Let’s play a good game. Don’t do that.=His foot got stuck Let’s play a good game. He has a kind heart though We have to win.=Play ball! It comes this way a lot. Kyungmin’s serve comes this way. It will begin with Kyungmin’s serve.=As expected, it goes toward Minsu Minsu!=A futile loss of a point Kyungmin took the lead with his serve. Thank you, Vibe. What’s wrong with me? – Don’t do that. / – Don’t be nervous. He found the one hole.=The only hole of the blue team=Junghwan serves Junghwan serves. Hyeongdon. It went right over.=Hyeongdon’s toss goes over the net Sangguk. Junghwan.=He barely kicks it, well?=He falls=He falls and touches the net,
how humiliating=The greatest humiliation since
missing the penalty kick against Italy It’s alright. Two, three. Junghwan, thank you. Thank you for the net. Good, good.=Junghwan serves Junghwan serves. Kyungmin receives. It’s a bit unstable. Taehyun keeps it alive. Hyeongdon kicks it with his sole. Junghwan. Sangguk. Sangguk. It’s received. Sangguk. He receives.=It’s tense as a final round should be Sangguk again. It’s a bit long. Junghwan, heading. Sangguk again. It’s a bit long. Junghwan, heading.=Focus=Taehyun attacks again Sangguk kept it alive. Junghwan again.=It’s over=A precious score after a long rally=Orange team 6:4 Blue team Good, good. It’s stable. Nice teamwork! Hyeongdon receives well. It’s close as a final match should be.=Amazing net play=A heading rally with pride=But the blue team lost=He even gets down on his knees They’re good. This is fun.=What? It should have kept going.=A generation gap I think… Is there a time out? It’s alright. It’s alright.=The god of serving is confident Junghwan tosses it up. Sangguk gets ready. – Kyungmin saves it. / – Out, out.=He received it – Kyungmin saves it. / – Out, out. – It went over. / – It’s kept alive. Minsu!=Right then!=The blonde hole of the blue team=He got it right What did he just do? Junghwan tossed it up well. They could have just attacked. But Minsu tried to toss it again. That was a bit excessive. He went right into the net.=This is…=He’s not just a hole, he’s a sink hole=What will the blue team do?=The return of the sink hole How embarrassing. It’s alright. It’s alright.=The person who invited the sink hole…=He takes it out on his own hair Good, good. Nice strategy. Minsu! Minsu!=They tease him=He cheers well thanks to a good teacher Don’t rush it. Don’t rush it. – It’s confusing. / – Don’t rush it. I’m too motivated. It’s alright. We can catch up. It’s a neat serve. Go, go. Sangguk passes. Junghwan, heading. Kyungmin receives. Hyeongdon tosses. Taehyun smashes!=The sink hole receives on his knees Junghwan. To Sangguk. He smashes. They can’t keep it alive. Sorry, sorry. Sangguk twisted it toward Hyeongdon. Both teams are playing well. It’s exciting. They’re good. What are you going to do? I can do that much. If I play with good people. It’s because I played with you. – Don’t lie. / – You saw me.=The blue team serves for once Hyeongdon passes. Taehyun steps back and gets it over. Junghwan. Taehyun steps back and gets it over. Junghwan.=Are you alright? Are you injured? Lucky, lucky. Sorry, sorry. I’m sorry.=It’s funny and sad That must hurt more than the traffic accident. Is he down because it hurts? Or is he embarrassed? I would be embarrassed. Are you alright? I’m embarrassed. Junghwan! Junghwan! Thank you, Junghwan!=I ought to…=But… Taehyun, heading. Junghwan. He’s going overboard. Junghwan! Junghwan! Why did I miss him while he was in Australia? Let’s thank Junghwan. One, two, three. Thank you, Junghwan.=If this wasn’t a broadcast… Kyungmin.=It’s not going well Taehyun.=He’s a bit shy with his plays He can’t keep it alive. It’s Junghwan again.=The blonde sink hole goes after it, but…=The blue team loses a point=The legend of 2002
The king of the ring
The prince of soccer=There was a time like that=It’s Taehyun’s time now=A sharp blow by Taehyun=The soccer genius’s pride is hurt Taehyun! Taehyun! Junghwan’s team has better strategy. Yes.=The striker of the Cool Kiz, Sangguk=He can kick, he can do headings, Junghwan=But the orange team is in the lead by
a double score Hyeongdon, Taehyun and Kyungmin have really good teamwork. The teamwork is leading to a victory rather than individual skills. Yes. None of them are making mistakes. They shouldn’t lose this game. Time. Time. They have to be in sync. Time. Time.=He’s analyzing the cause=That’s it! I told you we shouldn’t eat meat. You’re hanging in there because we ate meat. Minsu, why did you charge into the net? I thought I should. I thought a bull was here. We have good skills. That’s right. This doesn’t make sense. There’s a possibility. Cool Kiz! Yeah! We shouldn’t lose. I’d like to play on that team. They’re having fun, right? I’m being compensated for the past sorrows. I’m being compensated for the past sorrows. You were criticized a lot after the first show. You can get back up now. You can be the king of foot volleyball, sergeant Hong. It’s a message that anything is possible with diligence. You should join the Cool Kiz. Next Wednesday… You should refuse. I’ll get rid of a couple members. Lower your charge. Lower your charge and come. Good, good. I think I’ll be one of those two. If errors are reduced… I thought the blue team would win, but it’s not going well for them. Byungji and Junghwan are weak.=What a bright laugh This is why our parents tell us to meet nice friends. You should go now. I wasn’t bad. Yeah! One, two, three.=Only five points to eat Korean pancakes Thank you, Junghwan.=He provokes him Don’t provoke me.=If the camera wasn’t here… It’s 10:5. Kyungmin will serve. Minsu. Minsu. Junghwan runs and tosses it up. Sangguk. Kyungmin received it. It goes to Taehyun. Slightly. Sangguk hits it, but it goes out.=Awesome You’re the best offense player! He doesn’t run out of energy. Nice, nice. He’s the Chanaldo of foot volleyball.=The king of foot volleyball is cautious What was that?=He aims for the sink hole What was that? Junghwan runs.=This is a true heading The heading in the game against Italy.=the orange team calmly returns it It’s the heading we saw in the game against Italy. It’s been a while since we saw that.=A nice attack by Chanaldo=Another successful score This isn’t good.=Chanaldo!=He instinctively played with
his 30 years of soccer playing=But they lost the point=We blocked the great heading We won. We won. Two points. Everyone is too sharp. This is an unexpected score. Sangguk touched it. Hyeongdon received. Kyungmin passes. Taehyun. It’s received well. It goes up. Sangguk! It goes out. Match point. It went out. We have to start over. Sangguk turned off the score board.=Sangguk’s ball went toward the staff=It hit the switch for the score board It went out. We have to start over. We have to start over. It went out. It went out.=Right then=The score board came alive 14! 14! We’ll enjoy the Korean pancakes and makgeolli. Thank you. We can do this. Yeah!=Is it possible?=The king of foot volleyball is cautious
with his serve to the end Minsu, heading. Junghwan goes after it. He gets it over with difficulty. Hyeongdon. Will Taehyun end it? It’s over. Taehyun. Is it over?=We won=The orange team wins!=With a score of 15:5=They beat the blue team that
Junghwan was on=Good job, everyone!=It was a rebellion by the weak ones I can’t believe it. Your strategy wasn’t good. I can’t believe it. Good job. Smile a bit. Have some manners.=The soccer god looks lonely=I’ll have to buy Korean pancakes=Again… Thank you.=The Korean pancakes look good=They won and they eat=Okyere eats Korean pancakes well, too=That looks good=The blue team just swallows We have to win. There’s a final match. Let’s bet something good. Yes, for the last match. When Hodong and Byungji play.=Next time… We should bet. It should be a huge bet. A marathon! The losing team has to run in a marathon=They came with a friend, but they’re going
to have to run in a marathon now=The losing team has to run a marathon The viewers should decide on a team, too. Fifty people can run with the losing team.=Which team will you choose?=“Life”
Rubber Soul

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  1. lol i never knew that jung hyungdon was younger than cha taehyun it's feels weird hearing hd call taehyun 'hyung' hahahhaa

  2. Hodong is my least favorite member XD he gets in their way and gets greedy for the ball etc. he didnt really even do anything well but judo but even then it wasn't that good

  3. since im a 1N2D fanatic, after years of watching it with Kang Hodong in it I've learned to tune him out. and by some twist of fate im a die hard Cha TaeHyun fan and well I couldn't be any luckier.

  4. Hahaha!!!! Anyone else realize that Kim Kibang came on as Lee Kyuhan's friend but is actually closer friends with Cha TaeHyun (XP) he looked like a third wheel on a date

  5. i don't know kyuhan very well, but watching him on here i love his personality! he's a really great addition to the cast. and seriously i've been seeing everyone saying they hate hodong and i've have to agree, honestly he's really annoying and his mc style, i've always felt it was kind of rude?? makes the show a bit difficult to enjoy :/

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