Cool Kiz on the Block | 우리동네 예체능 – Another National Foot Volleyball Competition! (2015.07.21)

(6 months since the Cool Kiz foot volleyball club was established) (Against various teams) (They played intense games) Jisuk checks the ball. (They tested their skills!) How thrilling. (They wanted to go further) There is a competition. A foot volleyball competition. (They entered a national competition) (But…) (Cool Kiz vs. Gachon University) (The game didn’t go well) (They lost the first preliminary game by 21:17) (Cool Kiz vs. Chungcheong-do) (They lost by 21:19) (They didn’t pass the preliminary round) (It was an unexpected and shocking result) (They can’t end it like this) I spoke with coach Kang. There are a lot of foot volleyball competitions. If you give us one more chance, I will never forget it. Help us. Help us! Help us. (A month before the competition) (They practice and practice) (They grind their teeth) (The last practice before the competition) Play well! The competition is this Saturday. (The real one is here now) Kyungmin, you can use your left foot now! (Kyungmin achieved something from practice) (Go ahead and try to attack!) (I’ll receive everything) Nobody can get it past Kyungmin now. I practiced a lot. Really. I didn’t want to go through that again. (The last chance!) Junghwan goes after it and saves it with a heading. (It’s live or die) (The Cool Kiz do their best) (During the game…) (It suddenly pours) (The weather is terrible) (Will they redeem themselves?) (The day of the foot volleyball competition) (The courts have an air about them) (24 teams from around the nation will play) (The players warm up before the opening ceremony) (A face we haven’t seen in a while!) How do I look? You look good. My manager is here today. I didn’t drive by myself. I feel better than last time. Junghwan, how have you been? (It’s been a month) You lost weight. Why? Did you suffer? Because of the competition… (Because of the pressure of the competition…) I went on an excessive diet. You lost a lot of weight. You didn’t lose weight from the stress of the competition a month ago? The aftermath lasted pretty long. Right? Yes. Even if you deny it. I think it lasted longer than a week. – The damage? / – Yes. (The family members who practiced) The member who practiced the most for a month. I always work hard. It suddenly became a reality. Even the air here is different. The air inside is important. That’s right. If it feels comfortable, the game will be good. If it doesn’t, then we’ll feel nervous and anxious. Our condition won’t be that good. Junghwan, did you practice a lot? I practiced a lot on the street. We lost because of me last time, right? Right. I walked along the street like this. That lasted a long time. We lost in the end because of me. That kept… We talked yesterday. I asked him if he practiced. He said he was An Junghwan. I asked him if he practiced. He said he was An Junghwan. When did I say that? He said he didn’t need practice because he was An Junghwan. Honestly, I came here yesterday. Right. I told Hyeongdon he should come with me and sleep here before the competition. He didn’t want to. So I came by myself and slept here. I’m in good condition. You’re well prepared. Don’t say you came for your condition. I have to be prepared. Things aren’t good with your wife these days. (He’s a sacrifice today) We’ve been using separate rooms. Happy? (You know I’m kidding, right?) Time passed so quickly. That’s right. It’s been a month. Today is the finale of foot volleyball. Kyungmin, we did a final check 3 days ago. He’s Hong Junghwan. I was really surprised. We practiced together once. I applaud him. Really. He practiced so hard. I could see practice makes perfect. Kyungmin totally changed. I didn’t say he is Hong Junghwan for no reason. Really. Our team is stronger than before. Attention. The director will enter. (Coach Kang Seungho enters) How will the rules go? 24 teams are divided into three groups. The top two of each group advance to the round of sixteen. Only two teams from each group? If we lose twice, it’s over. If it’s 1 win and 1 loss, then it gets a bit complicated. Anyway, two teams advance. If we win twice, we’ll advance right away. Let’s create a drama without a script. Everybody, I love foot volleyball. I love foot volleyball. (The first goal is to pass the preliminary) (They head for the opening ceremony) (The amateur players fill the court) We will begin with the Pledge of Allegiance. Salute! (Solemn) (The president’s speech) I announce the beginning of the national foot volleyball competition for clubs! (The players promise fair play) (The opening ceremony ends) The 2015 national foot volleyball club competition begins now! Here is the team that will play against the Cool Kiz first. Please introduce your team. We the Cheolma team of KORAIL. It is an honor and a joy to play against the Cool Kiz. (Charisma that leads the air) (Exquisite control, too) (Charismatic right defense, Kim Taemyeong) (Truly loves foot volleyball) (Defense power behind the warm smile) (Reliable shield, Ha Taehwa) (Precise setting) (Play maker with quick response) (Computer setter, Oh Pilhyeon) (Precise and powerful attacks) (There is no mercy with my attacks) Ji Yongtae has great offensive abilities. How many employees are there at KORAIL? About 27,000. You represent 27,000 employees? That’s right. (Elite foot volleyball players, Cheolma) Let’s cheer on three. The first game! One, two, three, yeah! (Which team will win?) (Cool Kiz vs. Cheolma) The Cool Kiz receive another chance in Chuncheon, the lake city. The Cool Kiz got together again in a month for this competition. What is the difference between the last competition and this one? 24 teams from around the nation were accepted to play. The teams practiced with structure. They practiced on weekdays and weekends. They will be much better than the college teams. I got a glimpse of them practicing. They are really good. Sure. They are experienced players, too, so they handle the ball with leisure. (Preliminary game 1 : Cool Kiz) (Kyungmin : Left defense / Jisuk : Offense) (Junghwan : Right defense / Hodong : Setter) (Preliminary game 1 : Cheolma) (Oh Pilhyeon : Setter / Kim Taeyeong : Right defense) (Ji Yongtae : Offense / Ha Taehwa : Left defense) (Current set score 1:1) (The game begins with Junghwan serving) Junghwan’s spinning serve. (How is Ji Yongtae?) Junghwan follows and keeps it alive with a heading. Junghwan’s heading is always great. (Junghwan is awesome) (He’s not an easy match) If he attacks, receive it all. Again. Junghwan receives again. But this time… He can’t keep it alive. (Oh…) Right away. (Hodong doesn’t get it over) It’s alright. It’s alright. (Junghwan received it well, but lost to Yongtae) Go, Cool Kiz! Ji Yongtae has great offensive skills. He can attack any course. We never score the first point. Forget it. That’s not important. Forgetting is a skill. (Yongtae vs. Junghwan) Cheolma! (It hits the net and drops) (Captain Jisuk takes action) It hits the net. It’s a sharp net. Jisuk. It’s long along the line. (Cheolma receives it well) They have to defend again. (Yongtae keeps making powerful attacks) They have to defend again. Nice attack! Junghwan. Kyungmin. It doesn’t go over. Nice attack. Junghwan. Kyungmin. It doesn’t go over. Sorry, sorry. Why can’t I get it in? (The atmosphere isn’t good) An attack right away. Nice attack! Good course. An attack right away. Nice attack! Good course. (Hawkeye Kyungmin kneel again) (Yongtae is an attacking machine who looks normal) Oh… (What’s wrong with me?) (Kyungmin, come on…) This is a normal ball. The score is 8:4. Stand in line at the end line. They change courts. (Will this be a chance to counterattack?) Let’s enjoy this. Two, three. Enjoy it. Enjoy it. The wind is blowing from behind. Cheolma! (The game continues with Cheolma serving) Good toss. Jisuk! (Jisuk makes a resolved attack) (Somewhat unstable) I conceded. Sorry, sorry. (They happily score) It came right away. The wind is blowing from behind. It’s blowing from here to here. (A successful attack in a while) It will be encouraging for them that they scored after changing courts. They can catch up. Three points. (Sincere) Nice. Good. It went over with difficulty. It’s a chance ball. The setting is nice. Jisuk! Good! (He blocks well) They have to defend. (Yongtae attacks again) (I’ll block it this time!) Attack. Junghwan received it with his left foot. There’s a bound. It has to be pushed in the middle. Sorry, sorry. (Captain Jisuk takes action) (It’s miraculously in) (Jisuk is amazing) (Jisuk has crazy reflexes) Jisuk is really resolved. If the Cool Kiz score, this will be really encouraging. Jisuk! Sorry, sorry. It’s unstable. Sorry, sorry. It’s unstable. (The Cool Kiz score) (Nice, Jisuk) Come on! (Jisuk did it) Jisuk scored this point by himself. It’s more than just a point. Yes. It’s a point for the Cool Kiz to gain the flow. (The Cool Kiz have the flow) (Taemyeong’s receive was unstable) Stay calm. It’s a 2-point difference now. 2 points. 2 points. (Let’s tie!) Good. The toss was a bit unstable. (Gently) Jisuk kept it alive! The toss was a bit unstable. Jisuk kept it alive! He’s quick. It was defended well. Jisuk is really fast. Slowly. Good. Good. Nice setting. It’s pushed. They waver. It goes over. Heading. Good. Focus. Focus. (A chance ball for the Cool Kiz) (Another attack by Jisuk) Good! They succeed. (Upgraded captain Jisuk) Nice! You scored with attacks. Great defense. The toss is great. It hit the net. Sorry, sorry. (We can widen the gap again) Nice. Yeah! I’m hungry. End it quickly! (Jisuk, quickly) The Cool Kiz defended well. It’s a 1-point difference now. Focus. Go, Cheolma! Focus. It’s at the net. He tipped it over. The Cool Kiz received. It’s a chance to tie. It goes over. With leisure. (The ball went up well) Again. Kyungmin! They have to touch it. Nice attack. (It goes over unstably) (Jisuk took care of it again?) They have to touch it. Well? Keep it alive. (Full of regret) (Hodong is in despair) Okay, okay. Sorry, it was too short. (Jisuk regrets it the most) It’s alright. It’s alright. That’s a big one. Stay calm. Stay calm. Attack. An attack. Junghwan. He has to touch the ball. – Good. / – Good. Nice, Hodong. Good. (Cheolma keeps attacking) Kyungmin. Junghwan! It’s received well. (Cooperative defense) Junghwan is the best! (Great defensive skills) He defends and kicks it over. Receive. It has to go to a toss. Again. Junghwan! (He receives with his forehead) (They both leave it to the other) (Too bad) Sorry. I should have called it. I should have said it’s long. (Don’t leave it to each other) Nice! Nice! If they catch up one point, there’s a chance. (Junghwan serves) Good serve. Good serve. Let’s defend this. Move your feet. This is open. It gets caught in the net! Focus. Focus. I’ll kick it higher. Focus. (A mistake at a time like this) (Hurry up and leave the court) It’s alright. It’s alright. Let’s just endure one point. Let’s just endure one point. Deuce! Go to deuce. 14:13. They only have to catch up one point for a deuce. (Defeat or deuce, it depends on one point) (Another mistake) It’s deuce. Deuce. Time out. Okay. It’s a chance. It’s the beginning now. Focus. One by one. (This is the beginning) It’s deuce. Relax. (They miraculously tied) They have to start over. 14:14. The game begins now. (Hands sweating) (Are you going to make us this nervous?) Nobody knows what will happen. Nobody knows the result. We have to see what happens. It depends on you. It’s deuce. They failed twice on the attack. It got caught in the net. They must be cowering a bit. They won’t be able to attack. You don’t have to go too far back. Trust us. This is foot volleyball. Cool Kiz are strong! Two, three, yeah! (We’ll win the first preliminary game!) Decide your positions well on defense. You keep getting tangled up. If this side is open, you should go. You’re not keeping up. Get in position well and call it for them. When you receive, if it’s going out, call it. Tell them to kick it over right away. One more time, yeah! Let’s win. Cheolma on three. Go. Two, three, Cheolma! (Bring the Cool Kiz down) When is it over? 16. It has to be a 2-point difference. (Nobody knows who will win) (The Cool Kiz caught up with difficulty) (All they have to do now is win!) (Let’s win) (It starts with Kyungmin’s serve) Kyungmin serves. Good serve. They have to go on defense. Junghwan. It has to be kept alive. That… Junghwan. It has to be kept alive. I should have used my foot. Sorry, sorry. Why did I use my head? Sorry, sorry. Why did I use my head? Sorry, sorry. One. One. Forget it. Relax. Cheolma! (Cheolma is encouraged) One point. End it! They need to relax a bit. (Let’s catch up again!) Cheolma! Mine! (Junghwan and Kyungmin get tangled) It goes over. Kyungmin. Kyungmin. It drops. Nice attack! Kyungmin. Nice attack! Kyungmin. (Kyungmin is alert now) It was received well. (Nice, Kyungmin) Jisuk. (Cheolma defends Jisuk’s attack) It goes right over. Junghwan goes after it. Right away. Right away. (Well?) (Please…) (What is the result?) It went out. (The ball goes out) (The Cool Kiz lose the first preliminary game) (It’s upsetting because they did their best) (The bench is upset, too) (But the preliminary isn’t over yet) Good job. Be sure to win. Good job. There was a crisis, but you played well and went to deuce, too. We didn’t lose the entire game. Let’s get ready for the next game. We said we’d smile today. Okay, okay. Yeah! It’s alright. You did well. You were great. You’re great. We couldn’t help it. You were really great. They’re not ordinary clubs. We’re like a club. (Ugijima vs. Cheolma) (Direct kick with the inner part of the foot) (Ugijima has great offensive power) (Number 13, Im Janghyeok, is to be watched) (Strong kick from the back) (Number 1, Choi Byeonggwon, is also to be watched) (This team isn’t easy) Wow. (They must be nervous, they make mistakes) (Cheolma wins) It’s better that Cheolma got 2 wins. (Cheolma has 2 wins, the others have 1 loss) If we beat that team, we’ll advance. If we lose, it will be over. If we win, we’ll advance. (One team will have 1 win 1 loss, the others will have 2 losses) (Cool Kiz vs. Ugijima) The national foot volleyball club competition. The second team to go against the Cool Kiz has a unique name. What is your name? We’re Ugijima. What a great name. Why did you name your team that? When you play foot volleyball, many fights take place. It’s in. It’s out. It’s a net. It’s over. We fought a lot in the beginning. We got really angry. We thought we should control ourselves. We’re Ugijima meaning don’t force it. They’re a club of daily sport. With a goal to pass the preliminary, we will not concede. We will sweat together. The second preliminary game begins! Call it like they do. Call it. Don’t force it. Don’t insist on anything to the referee. (Don’t force it and do well) This is the last game. It’s not the last. The last preliminary game. This is the last preliminary game. Do your best to the end. There is no stepping back. Fulfill your role well. Let’s make coach Kang a fine coach. Okay. – Huh? / – Yes. (Think of it as the last game and do well) (Kyungmin : Left defense / Sangguk : Offense) (Junghwan : Right defense / Hyeongdon : Setter) (An Jonggu : Setter / Hong Gyeongpyo : Right defense) (Choi Byeonggwon : Offense / Seong Junho : Left defense) It begins with Ugijima serving. It’s a powerful serve! It’s a powerful serve! They score on the serve. What? (Junghwan is surprised) (It was powerful, but wasn’t it out?) (It’s out) Oh, it’s out. It’s out. It’s out. Barely? Don’t force it. You can’t force it. Let’s not force it. We have a referee. The judge saw that. Junghwan was really surprised. Gyeongpyo’s serve was powerful. (Too bad) (The Cool Kiz score a point) (The toss is slightly long) (It’s a chance for the Cool Kiz to attack) Kyungmin goes forward. Nice toss. Sangguk! (Sangguk’s attack is successful) I love foot volleyball! Go, Sangguk! I love foot volleyball! Call it. The score is 5:3. It’s pushed lightly. It’s kept alive. The toss goes up. Sangguk! He succeeds again. (He pierces the net with his power) (He has good manners) (The Ugijima bench is at a loss for words) (Cool Kiz 6:3 Ugijima) (Good toss) Junghwan kicks it up with his left foot. (Good kick, good receive) (I’ll block everything) Junghwan uses both his feet. Oh, that… Defense was good, but a mistake was made. They should make such mistakes. They should get it over safely. You can let it drop. Sorry, sorry. I’m sorry. I wanted to do a heading. Forget it. (Focus) A powerful serve! It’s successful. He succeeded this time. (It’s a service ace through Junghwan and Kyungmin) (2 points?) (Nice serve) It’s 2 points because the ball wasn’t touched on the serve. Oh… (The Cool Kiz lost their minds) (They continue to make mistakes after that) The Cool Kiz change the offensive player and setter again. Sangguk and Hyeongdon go out. Hodong and Jisuk go in. Be tense. The main players are here. Kyungmin, you’re not calling it. Call it. Jisuk! Jisuk! (Jisuk is recognized as the ace) (The score is 10:12) (Will they change the flow?) The toss got pushed back a bit. (Ugijima has a chance) It’s at the net. Heading. It can be received. It’s long. Jisuk succeeds with the inner part of his foot. They’re stepping back because he keeps kicking it long. (The changing of players was timed right) Jisuk! Jisuk! (Don’t be affected by the mood) (Cool Kiz 11:12 Ugijima) Receive it well. They have to focus on defense. It’s received well. It’s received well. Calmly. It goes over. Good. The ball is shaky. The receive is shaky. The Cool Kiz have another chance. It’s set up well. – Jisuk! / – Good! Jisuk! (The master of serves couldn’t receive it) Jisuk is only attacking the left. The audience is cheering and the Cool Kiz are finding their pace. We can catch up. Jisuk! Jisuk! (Silence) You’re doing well. (Junghwan serves) (Only 2 points for the Cool Kiz to win) It’s open. It’s open. It’s out. It’s out. Didn’t the referee see that? It’s out. It went right over. The ball goes up. It goes over. (He aims precisely for an empty spot) Jisuk succeeds. 1 point. 1 point. Jisuk! Jisuk! (It’s set point for the Cool Kiz) Let’s go to a deuce. Ugijima! (Will the Cool Kiz win this set?) The Cool Kiz have to end it here. It went up well. Okay, okay. (Receive it) (Please) It went up well. Okay, okay. (A successful grazing kick) (The Cool Kiz win the first set) (They’re a step closer to the round of sixteen) (Jisuk is the best!) (Ugijima loses the first set) (We could have won) (Cool Kiz 1:0 Ugijima) (Let’s go to the round of sixteen!) Yeah! (They change courts) Good job. If we just scored 2 points on that serve… But it was out. What’s our motto? Don’t force it. Let’s not force it and win. Let’s force it this time. It’s not going well. Should we force it a bit? The front line is the same. Baro, go in as left defense. Play with confidence. Don’t have expectations. I’m going to have expectations. Don’t. I’m going to. Don’t. I will. Go, Baro. No. Don’t say that. Show your love for foot volleyball. Show us. I’m in love with foot volleyball. Whatever. I’m happy. I’m happy we won. Right. We just have to win one more. I hope we win. Baro or someone else will play. Let’s widen the gap when there’s a weakness. (Let’s distribute our energy) The bound is stronger than you think. If you’re going to receive with a heading, stay back. Receive as you go in. I’ll show you this time. School Kiz… Get it right. Cool Kiz, one, two. Yeah! (Please) The Cool Kiz reversed and won the first set. They changed the players in this set. Baro is in now. He will take Kyungmin’s place as left defense. Let’s see what he can show us. Open is your spot. Back is here. Byeonggwon isn’t playing in this set. Number 13, Im Janghyeok is in. Focus. Yeah! Nice, Baro. Sorry, sorry. The toss is far. (He kicks it over because the toss is unstable) Relax. Relax. He receives with a heading. (A surprise attack) It’s in play. Okay. He can kick it. It goes out. It goes out. Don’t say he can kick it. I said it quietly, so they wouldn’t hear. That’s prohibited. Too bad. – From behind. / – One more time. Janghyeok, aim for Baro. Attack Baro! Aim for Baro. Baro received it well. Nice, Baro. Baro, nice catch. Baro, nice. Janghyeok, nice. One more time. Baro defends! (He receives it with a nice heading) Baro is doing well. Janghyeok, nice. One more time. (Three in a row?) He goes again. Out. It went out. Nice, Baro. Oh. Nice, Baro. Good eye. It was long, but you did well. Good job. Good job. (Good for you, Baro!) You hung in there well. Good, Baro! Baro, good eye! Baro improved a lot. He used to play soccer. Baro is doing well on defense. They prepare for another attack. An inner kick! It’s successful. They should make attacks like that. Jisuk’s twisting kick is excellent. (It really looks great) (Cool Kiz 9:6 Ugijima) (Ugijima counterattacks right away) I knew it, but… Kick it gently. Im Janghyeok uses the court with detail. (Left defense was good, so…) Is it received? The course was good. It was a low attack. It’s alright. Stay calm. It’s a tie. (They cut off the flow) They need some time to reorganize. The Cool Kiz call a time out. Junghwan looks tired. (It’s his fifth set) Can I do a turning kick once? Do it. Do what you want. Just don’t go over the net. If you’re going to do it, do it well. Don’t go over the net. Just don’t get hurt. Do what you want. We have to win this one. If we play another game, it will be exhausting. A third set will be hard. We have to end it here. Whew. 10:10. It’s a tie. Ugijima caught up. (It’s a 1-point fight) (It goes up nicely) Jisuk. That… It was received. He received that. Go, Jonggu! Nice catch. Yeah, Jonggu! It was a good attack. How did he receive that? Good course. Good course. Jisuk! It’s a success. Jisuk can be spiteful. He continued to aim for An Jonggu. He keeps attacking. An offensive player has to have spite. 11:11. It’s a tie again. They have to defend this one. They have to be good with defense. Baro. Getting it up like that. Jisuk gets it over. They kept it alive well. (Charming) Are you a spy? Don’t be like that. (Ugijima is on offense) They have to defend. Baro. That was a low ball, but he used his head. He received it well. It gets caught again. Okay. We got it. Baro did really well in keeping the ball alive when it almost fell to the ground. Good, Baro! It’s coming short. They have to defend this again. Good receive. A great move by Junghwan. Only Junghwan could do that. A defensive move only Junghwan can make. (He is always great) Oh! (Unbelievable!) Let’s end it. Defense. Defense. (He aimed for an empty spot, but he failed) (A counterattack right away!) If Hodong touched it once… That would have been nice. The score is 13:12. You were great. Okay, okay. Good job. It’s alright. It’s alright. Mine. Mine. Mine. Jisuk, do an A attack. (An eye for an eye?) It’s long. Jisuk! There’s no attack. It’s a chance ball. It goes over. Why don’t you call it? It’s a chance ball. Nice. Jisuk. In the middle. It’s a no touch! (Jisuk gives back what he received) (Why is it me?) Janghyeok did a twisting kick. Jisuk showed he could do the same. Hang in there on defense. Nice toss. Open. (A surprise attack) He paused. They’re not communicating well. Okay, okay. This is fun. Good job. One. One. Move to the end. It’s set point for Ugijima. Good. Nice. Bravo. – Nice. / – Nice. Defense! (He can’t attack) It has to be defended. That was another attack. Junghwan ran forward and received. It goes right over. They have to defend this one. It’s still in play. It’s in play. They saved that well. They have to defend this. Jisuk! Did it go over? It’s in. (Jisuk succeeds in scoring) It’s in! It’s in! It’s in! (What a magical kick!) (Unbelievable!) He got lucky. Jisuk! Jisuk! Good, good. That could have been a loss, but Jisuk went after it. He kept it in play and scored. That was a great play. 14:14. It’s deuce. They have to stay calm. (Back to square one) Focus! Be careful. It’s close to the net. It gets caught in the net. (A precious mistake) (It’s a reversal) Focus. It’s not over yet. It’s alright. It’s alright. It’s alright. Jonggu, pass it with a bound. It’s match point for the Cool Kiz. One point and the Cool Kiz go to the round of sixteen! Let’s end it. One receive. Just defend it once. The receive is a bit short. It’s far. They have to defend one. Junghwan. They can end it. It’s a chance ball. He didn’t touch it. It’s a no touch. (Deuce again in vain) I’m going crazy. It’s not easy. I didn’t touch it. I’m going crazy. Every game is killing me. (Ugijima wants to reverse again) Baro! Jisuk! Hodong! Okay. Wow! (Another magical point) Hodong! Hodong! Hodong’s head was used well! Baro’s heading wasn’t that good. Jisuk kicked it up. That was a work of art. Yes. Hodong took care of that really well. Let’s defend one point. Okay. Open! Open! Junghwan. It has to be touched! (They score with difficulty and lose easily) (They play with the bench) (This is so much fun) (The third deuce) The score is 16:16. Let’s go up now. Okay. End it. Everyone is watching with sweaty hands. That’s how the game is going. Again. Jisuk! What’s the result? Heading. Okay. (Jisuk’s attack is blocked) It’s open! Oh… It hits the net and goes over. (No) (Is Lady Luck with Ugijima?) Apologize. Okay, okay. I’m sorry. A little more. Hang in there. Yeah! It’s set point for Ugijima. One. One. To the end. They have to tie. (A powerful serve) Mine! Sorry, sorry. Jisuk. (A grazing kick) It’s received. They have to defend this. Bound. End it! Junghwan’s defense is good. He received it well. It came right in the middle. Jisuk. It goes up high. End it. End it. Bound. (He aims for Baro) He received it. Baro is amazing. Both teams are focusing well. Baro again! Both teams are really focusing. One more time. Baro again! It was received. (He bursts into laughter) Jisuk. (My heart is going to explode) Bound. One more time. Please. Junghwan! It goes over. It goes right over. Janghyeok is laughing right now. All he can do is laugh. They’re rallying for a long time. Baro received it. Baro is amazing. It’s in! It’s in! Unbelievable. Baro again! You must be crazy! Baro, you have to be crazy! Baro is focusing really well. I wish it could lead to a point. (He aims for Junghwan) Baro, heading. Okay. They have to attack. He just changed the direction. Baro! He received it again. (He won’t stop) Jisuk. Good! It goes high! (Ugijima keeps it in play) I don’t think it will end today. Defense, defense. Mine! It’s a chance ball. It’s a bit far from the net. They have to attack to score. Right away. The second set ends. Oh… Ugijima wins by 18:16. They go to a third set. Why did it get caught in the net? (They have to play a third set) (The heroes return) Baro. Baro, good job. It looks like you’re on drugs. My heart pounded so much. I can’t breathe. I didn’t want to lose. Baro, scorpion defense. You have a nickname now. Scorpion. You were great. He opened his eyes to foot volleyball on the last day. Baro, good job. My legs are shaking. Good job. It’s really too bad. It’s a lot of fun. It’s making me so nervous. Are you having fun? We won. It’s fun because we won. I thought Baro would be easy. Sam, Kyungmin. Sam, fire up. (Sam is motivated to play) (The others encourage him) Let’s try to advance. Make it hot. It’s the last. (Let’s go to the round of sixteen) Let’s win. Ugijima. One, two, yeah! The second set was too bad. There is no stepping back now. The third set begins. (The third set begins) Go, Cool Kiz! (Ugijima is full of passion) (Neither team can concede this set) (It’s fierce from the start) Sam. Good defense. Good defense by Sam. (Powerful twisting kick) Jo Jungnam can do twisting kicks. (There is resolve) (Nobody can retreat) Sam! He missed that. Ugijima’s attack is successful. (Ugijima keeps up) Sam played well, but Junghwan does in to strengthen defense. Sam fulfilled his role by 200%. The score is 10:10. Sam showed a strong will on defense. 10:10. It’s a tie. (A stable serve by Kyungmin) It passed Hyeongdon! But Junghwan received it. (A super save by Junghwan) Move. Get ready! Defense only Junghwan can do. (They’re all in audience mode) – Get ready. / – When did you come out? They’re showing the best teamwork today. Jisuk! Is it coming over? Jisuk succeeds. Jisuk! He is Jisuk indeed. (A precious point that breaks the tie) He has to relax a bit and make powerful attacks. Good, good. 12:11. The Cool Kiz take the lead. Be careful of an A attack. It’s at the net. Junghwan. It’s successful. Janghyeok knows Junghwan can defend well in a wide range. He made a short twisting kick. If the setter can touch it, receive the weak ones. Receive the weak ones. (Another tie) 12:12. It’s a tie. Yeah! The serve is high. Kyungmin got it close to the net. It goes up. Jisuk! They have to defend again. That was successful. It’s alright. It’s alright. I missed that. We have to score one. Ugijima succeeded in reversing. You can do it! It’s not over yet. It’s alright. It’s alright. Kyungmin, forget it. Forget it. 13:12. Two. Yeah! This point is very important. Yeah! Stay calm. Jisuk! It’s received. Let’s defend. (A twisting kick, but it goes out) We did it. Let’s cheer. We did it. Let’s cheer. Don’t give up to the end. If you receive, go for an A attack. Jisuk is good with that. Let’s go. Two, three! (Ugijima made a fatal mistake) (They encourage each other and resolve to win) Two more. Let’s go. Two, three! (2 points left until the round of sixteen) 13:13. The set score is 1:1. It’s so hard to achieve one win. That’s right. I didn’t know it would be as hard as advancing in the World Cup Games. (The World Cup soccer player is just as nervous) Kyungmin, call it with confidence. Overcome this last crisis well. It’s a chance ball. It gets caught in the net. One. One. (They’re almost there) (In despair) (Anxious) One receive. One point and the Cool Kiz can achieve a first win at a competition. (They almost have a first win) The audience is cheering for them. All four of them have to go on defense. (Junghwan’s stable serve) Junghwan received it. Junghwan received it. They got it. Slowly. They have to control it. The toss is up. Jisuk pushed it over. Go for A. Again, Junghwan! (He fell) (He lost his balance and fell) Kyungmin! I thought Kyungmin would receive it. They overlapped a bit there. Let’s make them go after it. (It’s making them so nervous) It’s a tie. Deuce. It’s deuce. They have to overcome this well. (The largest crisis) Jisuk. He kicked it! Quick defense. It’s a chance ball. Let it go. It’s out. It goes out. They have to focus one more time. (I’m so sorry) They’ll attack again. One point. The Cool Kiz need one point. One. Please… Please, please. One! One! (One point to the round of sixteen) Start over. Start over. They can’t feel pressure. Ugijima has more pressure. (Match point for the Cool Kiz) Defend. Just defend one. Match point for the Cool Kiz. (A chance for Ugijima to attack) (They reorganize) Be careful of A. (A powerful twisting kick) (The referee calls it a net over) That’s a net over. Net. Net. (They finally won a game at a competition) (They advance to the round of sixteen) They advance to the round of sixteen. (Ugijima is forcing it) It went over by this much. (Too bad) (The game ends) It was a lot of fun. This was the most fun I had since playing foot volleyball. Unbelievable. (The Cool Kiz celebrate) (A precious win in 6 months) The weather is… We overcame it well. What do you think? I’m touched. I’m really touched. It’s the result of your hard work. I’ll just thank you. Good job. It isn’t the end. It’s the beginning. Cool Kiz. Two, three, yeah! (Ugijima congratulates them) They showed us healthy sweating to the end. They played fair. Ugijima! This much. Thank you, everyone. (Thanks to Ugijima for a great game) Good job. (A warm end with bright smiles) (We learned from you) They finally advanced to the round of sixteen. Jisuk, a grazing kick. Yes. Nice. (Charming) (The ace attacks like crazy) (Nice) (The other team counterattacks) It’s alright. It’s alright. An opposite move. It’s match point. It’s alright. (Thunder) (Surprised) (It starts to pour) The game can’t continue. (They stop the game) (The production crew withdraws, too) (Terrible weather all of a sudden) (But the game continues) It’s raining so much. Just play. (The game continues in the rain) Even rain can’t stop the Cool Kiz. They’re playing their last game in the rain. Jisuk! He gets it over. It’s successful. With the inner part of his foot. Yeah. Sangguk, kick it. (It’s very tense) Jisuk! Nice! He waits and kicks! It’s successful. Nice! You don’t have to kick it that hard. Nice! Yeah. It’s match point for the Cool Kiz. One point left to the semi-finals. (Heart pounding) (One point to the semi-finals) Will they go to the semi-finals? They have to. (The last blow to go to the semi-finals) Unbelievable. I can’t believe it. The semi-finals. Let’s hope for another miracle. Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s write another drama. It hits the net and goes in. (Ah…) Again. Quickly. Quickly with the left foot. It’s a powerful attack. Go, Cool Kiz! Yeah! To the end, yeah! (Even if…) (This is our last challenge) (As always, play with passion) (The foot volleyball challenge ended like this) Sangguk, good job. Okay, okay. It’s alright. Good job. (They lost, but they did their best) (They made it to the semi-finals) I learned a bit. I’m sorry. 6 months of foot volleyball passed. We sweated a lot playing foot volleyball. Junghwan. How do you feel about these past 6 months? It was awkward at first. We worked together for 6 months. I learned foot volleyball, but I enjoyed spending time with you more. I’m grateful I met nice people. It’s really too bad it has to end. What’s wrong with me? I’m getting emotional. If you think you suffered, it’s nothing compared to him. Baro didn’t become a member as this character. He was supposed to lead our team. Why do I feel like I sinned? You didn’t do anything wrong. It’s not a sin. Sure. Then what? It was just daily sport. I never lost confidence before. It’s my personality to forget quickly. I was never depressed. But after every game, I apologized in our chat room. That lasted for about 3-4 days. I kept remembering my mistakes. (Baro didn’t do very well in the beginning) He gets ready. A turning kick. In the middle! (Huh?) (The others embraced him) You were a great support to me. Hodong texted and comforted me often. (Embarrassed) I was touched. Maybe he had a drink. For sure. If it was after six. He told me not to worry too much and regain confidence. He always said that. I feel I found that confidence again today. I want to thank all of you. Kyungmin, what about you? Whatever happened, it’s been a while since I was so diligent about something. I learned a lot about life itself. I didn’t know Junghwan was a national player. I didn’t know about foot volleyball either. It was fun the more I played. I fell for the charm of it. I had a nice time and created many memories. Thank you. I realized my mind is really weak. (Sangguk was the ace) (He felt a lot of pressure) Learning about foot volleyball. That was happiness for me. I joined in the middle. I worked hard to help the team. Because of everything we did… Because of all our hard work, I think we could make it to the semi-final. (They experienced defeat) (They were in despair) (They overcame all that) (They put passion into a small ball) (They smiled and encouraged each other) (They overcame because they had each other) It’s another chance. Good. (They sweated a lot) (It was small, but it was a result) (We applaud that) (Good job, everyone) Cool Kiz are strong. Two, three, yeah! (Yeah, Cool Kiz!) Here is the ninth sport! (Hot summer of 2015) (It will chase away the heat) Here is the ninth sport! (The ninth sport) (It’s a popular daily sport) (Swimming) (Through rough waves) (Swim past your limits) (The entire world competes in this event) (A mermaid in the water?) (She is the most beautiful when she swims) (Yuri of Girls’ Generation) (A firm body) (Passion and swimming skills) (Dad of steel, Sean) (Forget about idols who only know music) (I’ll show you my value with swimming) (Minhyeok of CNBLUE) (What you couldn’t see before) (An unprecedented fight of pride) (One more thing) (To become a regular) (A swimming audition) (They don’t concede even 0.1 second) (You can’t take your eyes off them) (It will keep you on the edge of your seat) (You are invited into the world of water) (You won’t be able to get out of it) (“Love Me” / Melody Day)

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