Community Coaching — Matthew Richardson coaches junior cricket team (Part 2)

I’ve been roped into coaching my local junior
cricket team. The club told me about this Community Coaching course which teaches me
how to become an effective communicator and how to deal with parents. Well, if I can kick 800 goals on the G and
deal with heaps of one-eyed Collingwood supporters, I reckon I can pull it off without it. G’day Richo Hey I’m Toby’s dad. Uhhh… which one’s Toby? That one over there… He should be batting next, ‘cos he’s a bit
like me. I would’ve opened for Australia if I didn’t injure my… Knee? Shoulder actually. Anyway, just saying…
Toby. First drop. Yes, well done Benny, that’s 150 mate! Keep
it going that’s why you open the batting. And the bowling. Oh c’mon Richo – Benny’s got to retire! Retire? Come off it, he’s only 11 – what’s
he going to do with the rest of his life? Plus he’s my best batsman. Just declare, give my boy Jackson a go! Declare? We’re not going through customs!
I want Benny to get his 200! C’mon Benny! Don’t forget, Richo. Toby… next. [Children screaming at Richo, wanting to join
in] Richo?
What? I really need to pee. For coaches in need of some help, the Australian
Sports Commission offers a free online coaching course, which aims to build the confidence
and skills of coaches. We know every coach wants to do their best
for the team and their Club, and the Community Coaching General Principles course will help
you acquire some basic coaching skills to help you become the coach you want to be…
and make your sport more fun for everyone. Get more information by visiting this website
or by simply searching online coaching course.

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