Comeback Kid: The Story of Max Bazin

>>[Announcer] Roberts to the plate… Grounded toward the hole, backhanded by Bazin
long throw to first base got him! One down on one pitch and that one probably
helped him a good backhand in the hole for Max Bazin.>>[Zach Hamilton] Today on Tom Sox Television
we have a special interview of a guy who had his season unfortunately come to an end right
here in left center field a season ago – Max Bazin of Davidson College came in with a hot
start and a hot spring in 2017 to his summer of 2017 as well before he collided right here
with Mike Wielansky ending his season early. The rehab, the comeback story of Max Bazin
who’s back in Charlottesville this year with your Tom Sox is coming up next on Tom Sox
television.>>[Announcer] Bunt… will it get down, yes
it will and one man’s safe throw to second… safe. A bunt single for Max Bazin, Sidwell just
got into second.>>[Zach] Let’s go back to almost two years
ago now when you decided to become a member of the Tom Sox.>>[Max Bazin] Yeah, the Tom Sox and Davidson
College have a good association kind of good partnership I guess you would say the GM Jeff
Burton does a great job of placing kids in this organization he knows Davidson students
his son goes there now as well and so a bunch of the guys get to come up here and we have a fun
time so it’s a great group of guys that they get up here.>>[Zach] And does the fact that the Tom Sox
offer internships to a lot of their players – does that affect decisions like yours to
come up here I know that you’re interning this year with the Tom Sox.>>[Max] Yeah I think it definitely does affect
some guys’ decision to come up here because they do a great job of placing guys into whatever
field they wanna do for me it was kind of finance and business that aspect of interning
and so I mean they make it so easy for you to be able to get work experience up here which
is one of the main things I was looking for considering that baseball takes up so much
of your time elsewhere.>>[Zach] So let’s go ahead and go back to
last season you were here for about a little over two weeks and you really impressed a
lot of people a lot of gritty defensive plays and also swung your bat very well during your
two weeks here then on July 4 there was a play shallow left center field we’ll call
it where you came in as well as Michael Wielansky of the Tom Sox as well and you collided on
the play and that subsequently ended your season early can you kind of go through that
play and exactly what happened?>>[Max] Yeah so we were playing the Waynesboro
Generals I remember, two outs, bases loaded, going through a tough inning kind of losing
the lead so trying to make a play defensively to keep that lead and win the ballgame. Like you said, kind of soft line drive up
the middle, shallow center and me and Mike both nitty gritty ballplayers went after it
hard you know it was just kind of such a quick play we both dove for it at the same time
unfortunately I caught an elbow kind of to the face and went right into his hip after
that caused a bunch of fractures in my face orbital jawbone cheekbone so pretty gruesome
injury; I mean recovery process kind of took a while and it is tough to recover from it
is unfortunate that my season ended I didn’t get to spend much time up here I was only
up here two to three weeks still got to know a bunch of the guys and I mean made some great
relationships that I’ll definitely hold onto forever but very unfortunate that it happened
hopefully not this year.>>[Zach] Hopefully not this year now how
long about did it take the recovery process until you were cleared to go full on baseball
again?>>[Max] Surprisingly it didn’t take that
long till I was out back on the field taking ground balls, taking hacks I would say about
a month from when it actually happened my jaw was wired shut for two weeks after surgery
had to all-liquid dye it just because they wanted all my bones and what not to grow back
in the right place properly so only about a month till I was back on the field bout
a month and a half, two months till I was full go so the initial recovery process wasn’t
terrible I ended up losing a tooth from that whole incident though and that actually took
quite a while I think it was six months total from the time that it happened.>>[Zach] So then you fast forward to I believe
it was this past November and you get the call to come back to Charlottesville again. Go thru that decision-making process with
us was it a no-brainer I have unfinished business in Charlottesville was it like well do I wanna
go back to Charlottesville again?>>[Max] Well, of course the first question
I asked was is Mike coming back if Mike Wielansky is coming back then we might have some problems
up the middle but no there was no hesitation I loved my time up here even how short-lived
it was the guys are great like I said the Tom Sox does a great job of putting together
a team of just tremendous athletes as well as individuals their personalities are amazing
I mean everyone gets along so well and we have a lot of fun out here so I definitely
wanted to come back up here kinda finish what I started and the opportunity of doing an
internship at the same time as playing baseball is a great opportunity that’s hard to pass
up.>>[Announcer] That’ll get past him! One run’ll score! Here comes Bazin! Bazin will score! Two nothing Wildcats at first and second Wildcats
>>Pitch is low, throw to second is gonna be out! Gunned him down! Nice throw by Jake Sidwell make this 2-6 on
the putout.>>There’s a bounce on a wicked hop fielded
by Bazin fires to first good stretch by Fortier and that is number two.

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