goodmorning everyone! AHHH. It is my first
vlog , um i guess im taking the raines today so your guys are going to see what i do on
a daily baises, actually today is a friday, i mean wait what is today. today is saturday.
stupid! today is staurday, so you guys are going to
see that i do on a saturday when i dont have work and I don’t have anything to do. so yeah
ok come on. im going to put my pants on. okay so the pants
are on now. ive got to try to find my hair tie , so i dont look like a poodle, and you
guys dont make fun of me. for looking like a poodle. i found my little hair tie. guys
i found it ( found my hair tie) okay so i always come to this mirror every morning and
then i just go like… okay today is going to be a good day jenelle, today is going to
be a good day. you know just to boost the confidence, just kidding i really dont do
that everyday. That was like my first day ever doing that. okay so i just barely woke
up, started doing all of my little errands that i had to do. one of them was i was driving
to work and the person behind me their brakes went completely out and they rolled into the
back of my car but i just barely called their insurance and they were supposed to call me
back two days ago , but they never called me back. and today is saturday and they’re
closed. okay so this is my first time running in our new neighboorhood , umm OH My Gosh.
this is why you always tuck in the chairs Elijah Bryant. oh my gosh freaking bruised
my hip. freaking have a bruise on my hip now. (gasp) ive been up for like an hour and a
half and i still haven’t brushed my teeth yet. and just so you guys know i dont work
out with earphones in, just because i get a super bad headache and i dont know i like
to clear my mind when i run without music. (Music) (Dancing)
okay now im ready to workout. (Music). Ijust barely got done working out and it started
to rain on me and I forgot my water bottle (drinks water) (heavy breathing). Me dead.
(kisses) how was your workout, it was good. as you can tell he’s in a great mood right
now. im hungry. he’s hungry and propbably tired.
okay so we are getting ready to tame this little wild creature. looking sooo good lijah.
okay go look in the mirror. jen did you twist it. no. look in this mirror.
oh my gosh you twisted it jen. eat your fruits kids. one apple a day will keep the doctor
away. thats right. (music)
aye aye aye uhhh hey ry say whats good bro
hey say whats good ev aye aye aye aye aye aye uhh
whats up are we vlogging, yessss, eband j i made it! Yess
yo is this going to be on the vlog, this is going to be on the vlog, lets gooo
i actually watch your vlogs, i do too, i actually do too. we’re your biggest fans.
lets go baby lets go baby
ahhhhh what do you think about the first quarter?
hey look at our new followers and that is it for today folks.
okay everyone we just got done with the byu game, byu vs u of u. and our whole day saturday,
it was a good day we kind of got a lot done, it was a crazy game, it was so packed. we
ran into our friends. tons of our friends.that we’ll link, show down below. shout out to
whats inside. and shout out to my guys on the football team, still support it all love.
they still did amazing out there. but again it was a good game.
keep working hard. whats the ebandj tip of the day? youre going to have trails in life,
youre going to have trails or whatever and losses. but ayee fight through that adversity,
fight through it. block out the haters control the controllable. hater shades. exactly the
hater shades, but thanks for watching if youre new to the channel like our channel. like


  1. That was a fun game! Why did you not show any part of the bands combining though! Longest running combined marching band show in college!

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