This my guy Micah right here getting right This Vivian
you alright over here, you getting into it over here?
hahaha I think you need to go a little bit harder
Relax He’s doing really good
Push a little bit harder Why are you getting a massage Micah?
Got to get the body right duude. That’s right
That’s right (music)
Micah how was your massage? It was amazing
You feel rejuvenated now? (music)
What can we expect this weekend shh man a w
a w I need two touchdowns
Maybe four touchdowns Alright if they put you at QB, what are you
going to do? shh they don’t want to see me at QB
ahahahahahaha That boy Micah going to class boy black boy
going to class Alright let’s see what you got
Micah Simon standing six foot three starting point guard
oh the lefty ohhh
ohhh The J.R. Smith
Starting point guard, Oh the lefty (music)
You nervous bro? hahah no shirt
(music) How was it?
Cold Was it pretty warm?
ahahaha You look pretty warm
cold did it help?
We’ll see tomorrow Alright Micah Good luck tomorrow
Look I need three tugs four
four tugs baby (band playing)
(music) These are my guys right here they wanted to
be in the vlog Let’s go Cougss
Let’s Go Go COugs
hahaha (music)
You know we just got to bounce back Alright bro, it was good seeing you bro
Alright take it easy.


  1. Nice work. I'm looking forward to seeing basketball behind the scenes soon. It was nice meeting you guys at the game.

  2. Hey quick question I heard somewhere that BYU dose not allow coffee on campus is that true or is that just a rumor? I'm actually curious this is not a smart ass comment from a Catholic this actual question

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