44 thoughts on “College Football ”Big Ten Championship Michigan State vs Wisconsin” Recorded Dec 3, 2011, KMSPD

  1. It was great coaching by Wisconsin. When you're a punter, keep your leg up, you'll get a flag called everytime. It's like in basketball, when someone comes near you but doesn't touch you, flop, you'll get called everytime

  2. Only Wisconsin fans would say that's a good call there at the end. The funny thing is that the punter INITIATED the contact, which is illegal. Not only did he lean into the defender, but he flopped like a bitch. 

  3. Want to know what video people are watching when they say the punter initiated contact! He does flop…will give you that but he stays in his punting posture with his leg up the whole time and doesn't turn into the defender. 

  4. Wow…what a horrible call at the end!  And he was proud of it.  YAY…we win cause I tricked the refs!  That's like beating up a 5 year old and being proud!  🙂

  5. My opinion: the controversial catch by Martin late in the game seemed incomplete, but I didn't know if it was indisputable, so I'm leaving that play alone, but the running into the kicker was unfair because he was shoved into the punter. If you don't believe me, watch how Isaiah Lewis's body stability changes after the shove

  6. Running into the kicker was the right call no doubt about it. Great game by both teams. Too bad a dumb mistake by Mich State ended up costing them the game but Wisconsin deserved to win.

  7. State should've won. MSU has won 3 out of past 4 vs Wisconsin.. should've been four straight if Lewis didn't run into the kicker.

  8. Right call at the end. People freak out but they forget that it was running into the kicker called not roughing. The punter was run into THEN flopped trying to get a roughing call. All punters are taught to do that

  9.  I Was at a Wedding when this was playing and almost 25 people were watching through a booth on a little TV. At the end of the third quarter everybody started jumping. It was great!

  10. OMG i remember watching the game and the intensity of that 4th and 6th play that Russell Wilson threw was insane!

  11. As a European, experiencing an American Football game like this 'live' in the stadium is definitely on my bucket list. It seems like a completely different world!

  12. This was one of the greatest games I've ever seen. But because it wasn't Michigan-Ohio State, people won't recognize it that way.

  13. #PSA Just mute your audio whenever Tim Brewster shows up on the screen. Could this no-name loser be any more biased against Wisconsin?

  14. I can't believe Wisconsin's defense was good all year that year, EXCEPT on kickoffs and punts. MS constantly starting around the 40 yard line after kickoffs. If not for that running into the kicker penalty, MS probably would have scored.

  15. How about Bell, Wilson and Cousins becoming 3 of the leagues biggest stars on their positions. You could see back then how special they are, great game to watch. I was hoping soooo much for Bell to get picked by a decent team, glad he made it to the steelers. But to be honest i thought the packers might pick him, imagine Rodgers having a run game like Bell, they would be unstoppable 😀

  16. This game was stacked with future NFL stars, Le'veon Bell, Kirk Cousins, Russell Wilson. This was a great game, Big Ten couldn't have got a better game to kickoff the inaugural championship game. Sucks MSU lost but the game was great. Except that call at the end.

  17. Damn ppl forget that Wisconsin had Russell Wilson yet ppl making excuses saying msu shouldn't of won. How about that clutch catch on 4th down

  18. I forget how bad the Badgers Dfense was that year. If JJ Watt sticks around one more year who knows….maybe pull out 1 or 2 of their losses.

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