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Our dad berates his son. How could you be my son? The way you played out there today, it’s embarrassing! As Aiden is ridiculed by his own father, they are stunned! Ice cream is for winners, and you’re a loser. You really think I’m a loser? Well today, you definitely are. A big one. And now, we send dad away, leaving Aiden all alone. Will they step up to the plate and help a fellow player? (shrugs) I don’t know. Okay, but what if my dad gets angry? Just a small. Thank you! As dad returns…
-Aiden, where did you get the ice cream? …our heroes, take one for the team. I was trying to teach him a lesson. Both players rally around Aiden: Teaching dad a lesson about sportsmanship. You think it’s okay to reward failure? Young man who hit it out of the park. Time to introduce ourselves. -Hey! How are you doing? (chuckles)
-Hey (mumbles) -You cool?
-That’s crazy. What were you thinking? I mean, you wanna stick up for the right thing, you know. That little kid that… –you gotta have fun with what you’re doing. I mean the reason I stuck up for him is ’cause I know what he’s going through. You’ve messed up too? You’ve made mistakes?
-Yeah. Oh yeah. You can’t control results, you can only control effort. If he’s trying his hardest, you can’t yell at him in front of everyone and immediately condescend him. What does that do to a player? If someone had treated me like that, I wouldn’t be playing baseball anymore. It’s what I love to do, so I’m glad no one did it. And that, is a ‘What Would You Do?’ home run.

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  1. Y’all bitches are saying y’all want men like this a man like this comes into your life and fuck him over y’all bitches are pathetic that’s why y’all get treated like y’all get called bitches and ho’s y’all deserve it you hypocritical hood rats 😂

  2. I think buddy in the grey was going to connect with the kid on another level besides just buying him a cone I feel like he would have talked to him and made him feel better as a whole other dude is cool but probably not as effective.

  3. Why didn’t they step up when the kid was being yelled at? What if the “Dad” wouldn’t have left. They were just gonna keep biting their nails???

  4. Why did the dad go in the ice-cream shop in the first place. @ill have a dubble scope nothing for the kid he's a loser 😜

  5. I get the concept of the point they are trying to get across but why would you bring the kid to the ice cream shop for ice cream after the game that he played so horribly in just to not buy him ice cream!

  6. There's actually a lot of research demonstrating that rewarding/praising kids more for their effort, as opposed to simply winning, actually results in better performance too. This is true for anything that requires practice, from sports to music to academics. If you only reward winning, they'll be more hesitant to challenge themselves at a more difficult "level" for fear of failing/ losing.

  7. If that was true. Then you did nothing but get that kid an ass whopping when he either got in the car or at home.

  8. That was awesome 👏 It’s nice to see ppl stand up for what’s right and not stand idly by while someone is being berated, belittled or mistreated.

  9. I actually seen this scenario in real life a few times people that want their kids to be pro athletes and the best they're very hard on them even though there children. But when say something they go crazy on me the first then they say is f#[email protected] you in front of there own kid.

  10. Ahhhh, baseball. The only "sport" in which you can be morbidly obese, yet still be considered a legend. Well…maybe bowling, too.

  11. that's all well and good and everything, but bottom line, you have no right to stick your nose into someone elses business, unless they are breaking the law.

  12. Thats dad is so mean . if aiden was my son id give him Ice cream . is tell its ok you lost next tine you will win .

  13. There are dads like that but this is staged bullshit. That, or the ice cream shop is a front for a full on soundstage

  14. In Canada we got a saying that is Mind Your Own Business. Getting involved in other people’s lives is none of your business. Mind your own control your own.

  15. Stop lieing to your kids they will thank you later in life if they suck tell them or you will end up hating your children as adults sitting in the same spot as they did at age 8 at the breakfast table and sleeping in the same gogo racer bed.

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