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Two-two pitch.
Fly ball hit deep to centerfield and this ball is… You look at how the world is changing in
sports now and there’s analytics in football, basketball, baseball. The
old adage is from Moneyball right, when Billy Beane says adapt or die,
well we’re not gonna die we’re gonna do our best to adapt. We have a Doppler
radar, it’s called TrackMan and what that does
is, it measures everything that happens on the field it can put a number value
on it when the ball’s in play. Being the dinosaur that I am with technology you
know I basically was very excited about it but you know also kind of like people
learning to touch their first computer not really sure what, what I was getting
myself into. We have two student interns that play a
pivotal role in making the numbers make sense.
I’m Tyler Keane. I help work with the analytics team with Coastal baseball. I’m
Sierra Doherty. I help out with advanced analytics for Coastal Carolina baseball.
This analytics team I think is you know one of, got to be, one of the best in
college baseball. To be a part of that is huge. We take looking at stats just a
little bit further. TrackMan is this big box over here that goes over the
entire stadium. Lots, lots of data with that. We’re gonna have, you know, pitch
speed, exit velocity, launch angle. Takes in a pitch and tells us where it’s
coming from, where it ends up, where the hit ends up if there is a hit, what type
of hit it was, what type of pitch it was. We’ve had a lot more information on some
of the teams we’ve played this year. Just a general knowledge of understanding
what this pitcher is gonna try to do to us and what their offense will try to do
to our pitching staff. Just trying to get that little bit of advantage so that if
we’re in a close game, it can make the difference. If they know exactly what I’m
giving them and can explain it to their players in a way that helps them
on the field. it can make a huge difference. They’re learning baseball at
a deeper level and they’re learning how to do the coding to make everything
make sense. They’re essentially translating the information
so that we can read it. I’m very blessed that they do so much of the
work for me and hand me stuff in a format that that just a common man can
understand. Without them that this this stuff would be useless, to be honest. At
the end of the day, we’re doing a lot of critical thinking and you know solving
problems that we need, need to be solved and that just comes back to our math
background and statistics background. That’s what’s awesome about this whole
thing is, you know, getting the students involved and having a real-life
internship that really means something. They can walk into an interview with a
big league team and say, “Hey I did this, this is what we did with it and this is
how we help win games.” In the future any team or any company that sees that we
have experience using TrackMan and looking at TrackMan data, it’s gonna be a
big deal. Here’s Keane in the pocket, looks, shoots one near side, caught… He doesn’t really have a background in baseball at all.
Quarterback for the football team the last two years. Once I figured out that I
wasn’t gonna have the prototypical NFL size I kind of, you know, started
thinking of other ways to get into an NFL team and with my math background I
figured that analytics would be a very strong possibility for me.
Tyler was actually hired by the Buffalo Bills. He is going to be interning in
their football operations department working with all the analysts.

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