Coaching Baseball : How to Throw a Forkball

Hey I’m Mike and today I am going to show
you how to throw a fork ball. When gripping a fork ball you need to take your index and
your middle finger and spread them in this fashion. As you spread your fingers you need
to force the baseball as far down into your fingers as you can without injuring yourself.
This will allow you to gain a grip that will allow you to throw the fork ball pitch. As
you throw the fork ball pitch, the ball should slide out of the top of your fingers, creating
a tumbling effect as the ball is thrown towards its target. As the ball moves towards the
target, the tumbling spin should allow the ball to drop inevitably deceiving the hitter.
It is important to stay on top of the fork ball to give it the proper sink. I will now
show you how to demonstrate the fork ball pitch. That’s how you throw a fork ball.

19 thoughts on “Coaching Baseball : How to Throw a Forkball

  1. Dude it seems like you dont even know what you are talking about. "I will now show you how to demonstrate a forkball." lol wow dude.

  2. why is there only one camera set up? shouldn't we be able to see how much it breaks and/or whether you screwed up the pitch or not? lol

  3. just because he might have choppy speech doesn't mean he doesn't know his shit, you dont need a good voice to be a pitcher

  4. no.. two different pitches. a split is harder with less movement. the grips are different as well. with a fork the ball is stuffed deeper into ur fingers.. and fork has more top spin, a split doesnt have a whole lot of spin.. a few pros who throw the split have almost no spin, a fork has hard top spin.

  5. @sethcorn no, you don't. but if you want to TEACH then you do.

    I am no pitcher. my hands aren't big or strong enough to throw the forkball. but after doing my own research on how to pitch and how to throw different pitches this is what I know of the forkball:

    a forkball is gripped with the tips of your split fingers and should spin -forward-, let's say like a curveball, and not backward like a fastball as it leaves your hand up front. THIS – gives the ball a tumbling action.

  6. I've noticed with all this guys videos, all his pitches are going upward, i think he needs to learn to control his pitches first.

  7. i can too and i found it by trowing just something but the pro's do it like he does and if they wanna than let them do it…………… and it has the same effect so i doesn't matter

  8. A forkball and a splitter are very similar pitches the forkball is just gripped a little deeper in your hand and that is what gives it the tumble effect instead of the sharp break like a splitter.

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