Coaching Baseball : How to Throw a Floater

Hey I’m Mike and today I’m going to show you
how to throw a floater. When throwing a floater you are going to grip the ball in a foreseen
fast ball grip. The importance of this pitch is not within the grip but within the speed
that you throw it. The floater is a very very slow pitch that is meant to deceive the hitter
and throw them off balance. When you throw this you should throw it at a very very slow
speed as slow as you can throw it to get it to the target that you are throwing to. This
is a very hard pitch to light off of and it is a very hard pitch to keep timing with.
It is like a lob pitch with less speed. I’ll now show you how to throw the floater. That’s how you throw a floater.

25 thoughts on “Coaching Baseball : How to Throw a Floater

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  2. *moron throws floater* *makes contact with pitch* Where did the ball go?! *ball leaving the stadium right about now* Oh i see.

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