Coaching Baseball : How to Throw a Circle Change-Up

Hey I’m Mike and today I’m going to show you
how to throw a circle change up. When gripping the circle change up you want to keep in mind
using the proper form. As you grip the baseball you want to create a circle with your thumb
and index finger. This will give you the circle change up grip. As you hold your hand in this
fashion you want to place the ball deep into the fingers of your hand. Keep maintaining
the circle that you have with your index and your thumb. As you throw this pitch you want
to make sure that you stay behind the pitch and allow the ball to roll off the three fingers
that it is in contact with. As the ball rolls off your fingers it should come off at a speed
less than what your fast ball normally is. This is important to throw off the balance
of the hitter. I will now show you how to throw a circle change up. That’s how you throw a circle change up.

3 thoughts on “Coaching Baseball : How to Throw a Circle Change-Up

  1. i have watched a few of your videos and you do a good job at the grip explanations but you should have a catcher cam or a camera behind you so we can see how the pitch moves

  2. You idiot!!!!
    Yes the grip is right but not the delivery….
    When throwing it one must rotate their wrist counter clockwise so it eitheir goes inside to a righty or away from a lefty

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