Coaching Baseball : How to Measure Glove Size

Hey, I’m Mike and I’m here to show you how
to measure a glove today. Whenever you get your glove, you’re going to take the glove,
and you’re going to measure from the base of the mitt to the outside of the edge of
the glove. This way you can get the gage of how long the glove is, that should give you
the measurement of the glove. Many of these gloves, you’ll find, will have a measurement
already written there for you so, you’ll have an indication of how long the glove is without
having to manually measure it. There are many different types of gloves that you can use
in baseball, there’s infield mitts, such as this one, there’s also, outfielders mitts
that are a bit larger in size. The difference between the two gloves, the infielder mitt
is more shallow and shorter to be able to get the ball out and in a quick fashion to
make quick plays in the in field. The outfielders mitt is much times larger because the speed
to get the ball out isn’t as much. Also, it allows you to get greater reach when you reach
for a fly ball, There are also, differences in depth of the pocket, the deeper the pocket
the harder it is to get the ball out. So, infielder must shoot for a much more shallow
pocket where as an outfielder may want a much larger pocket so, he can keep that ball secure.
And this is how you measure your glove.

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