Coaching Baseball : How to Hit a Home Run

Hey I’m Mike and I’m going to tell you how
to hit a home run today. When batting, many times players will come across long times
of success and long times of failure. During those times of success you may or may not
be lucky enough to hit home runs. Whenever you hit a home run the ball is going to hit
the bat in such a fashion that you are able to get good drive as well as lift and whenever
you hit this ball the ball will be placed nine times out of ten on the sweet spot of
the bat. The sweet spot of the bat is between the end and the handle. This is the spot where
the ball jumps off the bat at it’s greatest speeds. If you hit the ball off the end, the
ball will flare off to the right side or left side depending on what bat it is you use and
if you hit the ball off the handle you won’t achieve the same amount of power that you
would if you were to hit it off the end. To hit a home run whenever you hit, you want
to make sure you have a good stance, you take a good load and you have a good solid path
to the baseball. If you chop down too much you’re going to hit more ground balls and
if you lift up too much you’ll hit too many fly balls. The key to hitting a home run is
having good bat path and hitting the ball in the sweet spot. And this is how you hit
a home run.

100 thoughts on “Coaching Baseball : How to Hit a Home Run

  1. @ripchatwenty That is pretty darn good! My son is 13 in a old high school feild hitting around the 300-340 on average and that is a monster shot for 13 years old . Not saying you are lieng but I do find it unreliable. P.O.N.Y. & Baberuth are the same league and no average P.O.N.Y. league feild is 350 more like 250 to 300ft

  2. @carnypimp wow thats funny saying that a three hundred foot field is monster. Being fourteen years old there are many kids on my team who are thirteen and we lately played on a field that was 450 feet and had a 60 foot backstop. our home field is 350 and Ive seen a thirteen year old hit plenty of homers on it. so its not that great

  3. @shampooguru117 You are like the rest of the lieng kids. I know you think a P.O.N.Y. feild is that big butt no it is not. 450ft LOL there are on a couple of major league ball parks that big! I like hearing liars it makes me remember when I was young and full of BS!

  4. GUYS! komiyama shakeball tutorial (rare) on my channel! my video has more information about the pitch then any other video on the WEB!!

  5. yo mike u r so right they even show it on mlb network diamond demos & sum of people have nothing else 2 do but just 2 criticize the guy sum of yall need 2 shut the hell up

  6. the sweet spot of the bat is between the end and the handle…

    thx tips, just in case you thought maybe hitting the ball with the handle was how its done. -.-

    srsly, how vague is that! It's the entire area of the usable bat.

  7. Sorry everyone's getting on your case Mike. But you have to admit that this vid is a bunch of S##@%$!!!! Either you're an idiot or you think the rest of us are. I think it's a bold statement to say that you are instructing someone as to how to hit a home run. In your next video could you do us all a favor and help us save a bunch of money on school and tell us all how to be doctors?

  8. Are you fucking serious? Hit the sweet spot? Have a Good swing? Are you the John Madden of baseball? You are a joke!
    Duh! to hit a homerun you need a bat. Duh! You sound like an idiot

  9. So… In order to hit a HR i have to hit the baseball with the bat? Welp, I'll know who to thank once i reach the big leagues.

  10. @ilikesirensandhockey i was at a dodgers rockie game and i was sitting next to the rockies dug out i was really inbarresed cuzz i didnt have a dodger or a rockie shirt so i wore a yankees shirt the rockies were so nice to me like five guys walked up to me and i got 5 balls! it was soo cool there real players 😀

  11. @ilikesirensandhockey o cool what number is he? i remember i got a ball from 58 and 59 also 3 others i forget their numbers

  12. he makes sound so easy. i mean its more than that. u have to be a just doesent magically happen like that.

  13. why would this guy even try and teach this. All you need is Domingo Ayala and then you won't be semi-pro anymore

  14. you can't teach people how to hit home runs… this is more of showing people how the hit the ball hard. you cant teach someone how to hit home runs, but you can teach them how to hit it harder.

  15. LOLOLOL your telling us that to get a homerun you have to hit the ball… NO SHIT there is no special way to swing to hit a homerun, it comes with power and proper swing plan to the ball.

  16. No kidding? Just hit the ball with the part of the bat that's between the handle and the end? All ball players should see this lesson.

  17. @EmptyHand526 hit up dat weight room bro, im a sophomore in high school and i hit my first homerun in my life 340+ feet to dead center with a BBCOR

  18. a pop fly shoots high into the air without gaining much distance, a line drive shoots very straight without much air, and a fly ball is inbetween

  19. I think there's more than just hitting it in the sweat spot to explain like formation and motion. But nice tutorial man.

  20. Just a couple of things a wooden bat does not have that big of a sweet spot much smaller than aluminum bat the other thing is when he was showing how to swing his right hand was under the bat too much with no rotation over the top which does not create enough power

  21. this strike out artist in the video forgot to mention, in order to hit a home run, first you have to take a needle and inject yourself with Roids (everyone knows you can't hit a Home Run unless you are on steroids) 

  22. I've hit two home runs in my life one was 376 ft over a 200 ft fence and the other was an inside the park

  23. This guy does not know what he is talking about of course you have to hit it right there your not gonna hit the ball on the bat handle. And second of all of course you dont want to chop you just need to stay level and have good timing

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