Clubmark with Table Tennis England

We’re Halton table tennis club based in
Widnes we were founded in 1999 in partnership with Halton Borough Council
and Table Tennis England. Our club is Ramsbottom Table Tennis Academy and we
formed in 2008 at the Civic Center in Ramsbottom with four tables and about
half a dozen members more recently we’ve moved to a school in Bury where we now
have over 35 members of which I would say 50 percent play competitively in the
national cadet and junior leagues and many have a national ranking. We
originally applied for Clubmark in 2008 because our governing body Table
Tennis England encouraged us. It helps us develop in a very professional manner
covering all aspects – some of which we might have been aware of policies and
procedures – others not. Clubmark has really helped us to go from a junior
club to a more expansive, inclusive club or we wanted to show to the community
and for the borough council that it was a safe place for children to come and
that we got good governance in place. I think the Clubmark gives you like a
gold standard, a recognized national achievement. It does cover all aspects of
running your club including recruitment, good coaching structure, safeguarding and
I think that in itself, instills confidence both for the members and the
parents which are keys to success for the future. It’s the kite mark to the
community that it’s a safe place, especially for young people and
vulnerable adults to come to. To me it’s like starting up a business – some
things you’re aware of additional especially with the new online portal it
covers all the aspects that you need to others would be a professional setup it
does it in a much easier process it gives you a structure to set up your
club and the progressive development of it because we’re a small club we set up
a subcommittee who just did one section at a time but we involve the parents
unvoluntary at every stage so they were always
is kept informed and they knew where we were at Andrea she was our online
Assessor the feedback that she gave us was invaluable her Club mark online is
much easier now for clubs to be able to provide the information that Table
Tennis Kingsland require a lot of our volunteers parents play table tennis
they’re aware of what club mark is so they supported us throughout the process
a lot of clubs think they’ve not got the confidence to do Club map well they have
got the policies there’s just a massive spending time go online to register
their interest and then Table Tennis England will allocate the Development
Officer to work closely with them to achieve Club Matt clubs need to be aware
that the image they create by becoming the club mark club but parents schools
teachers the local authorities hold them in a higher regard and they know it’s
somewhere safe and they will publicize your club Club mark makes you focused on
what you need to do as a club to be an even better Club than you are at present
even if you’re a small club it makes you aware of the steps you need to take and
it can help you to grow into a bigger club or it make an even better collab as
the long you’ve got club markets for everybody

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