Clearfield Baseball Field Contamination

SIGNED INTO LAW. HOW THIS BILL WILL IMPACT OUR STATE. Rick Aaron: The Clearfield High School baseball season could be up in smoke after their Falcon Field of Dreams goes up in flames. [A7]5:OO SHOW I’M EMILY FLOREZ. THANKS FOR JOINING US. EMILY A MAJOR ERROR… LEAVES THE CLEARFIELD HIGH SCHOOL BASEBALL TEAM WITHOUT A COACH AND WITHOUT AN HOME FIELD. DON AN ATTEMPT TO DRY THE INFIELD TURNED THEIR FIELD OF DREAMS INTO AN ENVIRONMENTAL NIGHTMARE. ABC4’S RICK AARON EXPLAINS. 00-15 55-1:07 1:14-1;23 1:31-1:44 Rick Aaron: A strong armed pitcher is sometimes said to be throwing gas but this was something completely different. A Clearfield High School Baseball Coach dousing the infield dirt with unleaded gasoline and diesel fuel and then setting it on fire. Rick Aaron: An eight year old You Tube video shows the kind of technique Head Coach Steve Ross was attempting. Nats – :22-35 Holy Cow! Wow. Wow. Not sure we’re going to get away with that in Clering Hills. That’s Holy Cow! Wow. Wow. Not sure we’re going to get away with that in Clering Hills. That’s all I’m going to say. Heh heh heh heh. Rick Aaron: Talk about the hot corner. Ross allegedly poured 15 to 20 gallons of fuel over several different areas. A parent complained about a stong smell of petroleum during a game on March 23rd and now Ross is on administrative leave while the Davis School District and the Davis County Health Department contaminating the soil and possibly penetrating further down. Rick Aaron: They’re specifically worried that the fuel could seep into the groundwater…so the field will now have to be dug out. Shauna Lund, Davis School District Community Relations Supervisor: There was another test that was done on Monday just to see how far spread the contamination is and where we need to start removing the dirt. We’ll go down a few inches, make sure that it’s then clean and if it’s not clean we go down a few more inches and then all of that will be replaced. Rick Aaron: The Falcons next scheduled game here is Wednesday April 10th against DON THE SCHOOL DISTRICT SAYS THERE’S NO ESITMATE YET ON HOW LONG THE REMEDIATION WORK WILL TAKE – OR HOW MUCH IT WILL COST. [A12]MT. GREEN DIRTY WATER

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  1. Wow what kind of idiot coach would jeopardize the home baseball field by setting the field on fire after the gasoline was poured everywhere? He needs to be and should be fired because that field will most likely not be ready and available by Wednesday April 10th, 2019, only idiots will think of something like this

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