Cleaning And Setting Up My Cricket Keeper

hey y’all welcome back Mandy from my
hectic life that’s where we talk about all things pet and pet related and today
I got some new crickets in so I need to clean out my tote and reset it up it is
early in the morning and I’m hoping to get this up before I have to leave for
work if not it will be posted after so today is day seven of my seven day video
challenge this has gone by really fast you guys and I’ve had a lot of fun with
it I’ve been trying to experiment with some different things so I’ve got my
coffee here and yes I don’t know if you can tell when my hair is still wet so
let’s clean out my Cricut tote okay so for this I’ve got my paper towels I have
a 50-50 mix of white distilled vinegar and hot water my Cricut oh my pflueger’s
high calcium Cricut diet and and my flickers cricket cruncher cricket water
calcium throw too bad can’t put enough calcium in your crickets and then of
course I have crickets first things first so I’m gonna open
this up I do have a couple stragglers I’m just gonna go set them free they one
they get to live so I set those guys free I’ve got my little and I’m just
gonna spray inside get rid of that lovely cricket aroma wait a bit Darryl
yeah we have a nice clean cricket tote the white distilled vinegar is it’s
non-toxic it won’t hurt anyone or anything and it gets rid of any odor
although it does have an odor itself but the odor goes away after a couple
minutes so I’m just gonna take a paper towel kind of get an idea of how big I
need it to be and then attempt to nicely tear it I guess I could cut it all
pretty but I mean that’s perfect Otis it’s okay if it’s not perfect okay so
we’ve got the bottom layer I’m gonna go ahead and add a spoonful of my calcium
cricket diet and just have those in the corners and then I’m gonna do the same
thing with my cricket water and I put that in the corners oops and I’m
spilling I’m gonna go ahead and throw my tubes back in and now follow the
crickets and I lost one I’m just gonna rip off a
little piece of egg crate oh that in there for them and have the tubes you’re
okay and that’s it all this food and water
should last a few days by then my frogs and my gecko will have eaten all of them
so and you can always throw in like a potato or some carrots or all kinds of
goodies you can put in here and let them eat on that to help with gut loading it
isn’t a hundred percent necessary but you can totally do it so when it comes
to gut loading your crickets I mean you really can go as fancy or as simple as
you want right now I’m doing simple setups I don’t really have time to make
my own cricket formula right now so I’m keeping it simple we all going with the
high calcium diet okay so that’s all for today’s video if you liked it please
give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel where I post new videos every
week thanks for watching guys bye

15 thoughts on “Cleaning And Setting Up My Cricket Keeper

  1. One thing I have been doing is using crested gecko cups to put dry food and the cricket quencher in. It makes it easy to replace and a little less mess. You had a good idea to do a cricket video.

  2. How many crickets would you recommend for a single pacman frog? (Buying weekly) I plan on getting one soon and would like to know more about their diet ^^. Could I also feed roaches, and different worms more often than feeding crickets?

  3. How do you suggest cleaning the tubes? I have the same cricket keeper and the tubes are full of cricket poop. Thanks.

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