Chukars beat Billings Mustangs in opening night bullpen battle

for sports with Casey Conlon welcome to summer folks it’s always official when the Mustangs kick off another season this year will be a little different though Idaho Falls moves into the north after Helenus team moved to Colorado Springs so the Mustangs opening with the chuckers for the first time and they strike first top second Rafael Romero ropes one to right-center it’s maldo Rodriguez comes home Idaho Falls gets two in the inning but the ponies get them right back bottom two Rams are Amador fair ball down the line and into the Mustangs bullpen Quinn cotton hustling all the way from first he’s safe in two batters later Claudio Fino lifts a sac fly to left deep enough for Amador to score to tie it but the ponies were sloppy after that top for Mike Hale Garcia grounds it to Amador it’s short but his throw is way too high into the stands as Michael emoti trots home Mustangs never scored again as the chuckers win at 5-2 Game two again tomorrow 6:35

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