Chris Gets Offered A Spot On The Baseball Team | Season 15 Ep. 2 | FAMILY GUY

-Wow. Can I have a turn? Hey! Which one of you threw
that apple at my car? He did it. He dragged me out here. I wanted to be in school, sir. Where’d you get a
cannon like that, kid? I work out my right
arm three times a day. Free weights? No, mostly JPEG’s of Helen
Hunt on my hard drive. Well, I’m Coach Doyle,
and I head up the baseball team at James Woods High. What fake class do they
also make you teach? Driver’s ed, right? No, wood shop. Aw, that was my second guess. Tell me, son, how
would you like to pitch for the high school team? Baseball is the sport people
play while eating, right? Oh, yeah. Sometimes I even watch
a whole “Blacklist.” Well, I don’t know. I’ve never played
baseball before. Aw, come on, Chris. You gotta do it. If you don’t, you’ll regret it. Just like Jesus’ friend, Evan,
who bailed on the Last Supper. Aw, they did a painting? I would have gone if I knew they
were going to do a painting.

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