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Next up is a question from Hector who wants
to know what should I look for when buying a table tennis table in terms of the colour,
the weight, the brand. What things should he consider, so what is important when choosing
a table tennis table. The main things to look at when you are considering
a table tennis table are firstly the thickness of the top. Now we’re not talking about this
whole thickness here, this is just a skirting this part here. We’re just talking about how
thick the actual piece of wood is that the ball is bouncing on so that’s the thickness
that you’re looking for there. As a guide if you can get anything around 18, 20mm, or
even more then that’s better. The thicker the better because the thicker it is the more
even bounce you’re going to get all over the table. Think about it in the extreme if you
had a really thin piece of wood it would be too flexible, too soft, and then the outside
would be a bit different to the inside so a nice thick piece of wood is what you’re
really looking for. As far as the types of brands there’s a whole
lot of brands out there. It’s more about just sticking with a brand that is pretty well
known, we use the Stiga tables at the moment but there’s literally lots and lots of brands
that you can use. Stiga, Yasaka, Butterfly, DHS etc, etc. If you do need any advice just
ask us on the ask the coach page of the website and we’ll give you some feedback as to what
we think about different brands of tables. The next thing you need to think about is
also thinking about the net and how easy that is to take off. So the net that we’ve got
here is a Stiga net. It’s pretty sturdy, it’s got a screw down the bottom here which you
loosen and then that just comes off on one side and then you do the same on the other
side and that’s pretty easy to take off there. A simple way of rolling these up, and I see
players sort of rolling them up a little, just put the two clamps together and then
you just roll them over like that and then that’s all set there for you for the next
time you want to use the net. So now let’s think about the table. So the
other really important things about the table are how portable they are. So especially if
you’re going to be setting up the table and putting it down all the time, we’re lucky
here in the PingSkills shed we can leave it set up all the time but certainly at home
you might be looking to have it out in your lounge room or somewhere else so you need
to think about how portable and how easy they are to fold up. These ones here are very easy
so you see that the table comes apart in two halves then all you need to do is lift up
the table like that, it locks in and you’ve now got half a table there and the other thing
then is how good the wheels are so the bigger, the thicker, and the chunkier the wheels that
you can get the better. If you’ve got little castor wheels they’re going to break really
easily especially if you are moving them a lot and on floors like concrete floors and
things they will break very easily so the bigger wheels that you can get the better
it is. The next thing you think about is how easy
it is to move but also how easy it is to store so you can see here that that’s going to store
pretty easily because that’s the width here and that’s the base of the space that you
really need. Now I’ll go around here and just fold up the other one for you. So now, always
store them face to face, and you can see that now basically it stores in a very small area
that you can put away and tuck away in a corner of your room so that now you’ve got a whole
room that you can use again. So they’re the main things that I like to
advise people on when they’re buying a table tennis table for the first time. So the thickness
of the wood, how easy it is to fold up, the size of the wheels, and the portability, and
then also the storage area. And those things may have different relevance to you but if
you think about for yourself what’s important in a table for you and then go from there.
For me, number 1 though, is the thickness of the top.

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