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When you’re considering your table tennis
equipment we always talk about your table tennis bat and the balls and we also talk
about the tables but one thing that is often overlooked is the table tennis net. With these older types of nets you can make
some adjustments but as you can see it’s quite a floppy sort of net. If the ball hits the
net it’s going to dribble over a lot of the time and sometimes even if it hits the middle
of the net it dribbles over and we’ve all seen those nets that we’ve played with at
clubs and at schools. You can adjust this slightly so you can pull
it tighter so that’s what you’re really looking for. You’re looking for the net to be really
tight and not allow the ball to just dribble over when it hasn’t hit near the top of the
net. The other thing that some nets come with are
these strings that go through the net and being able to tension that is also another
way of improving the quality of the net that you’re playing with. But these old ones, very
limited in how much you can do as far as keeping the net height correct and keeping the tension
correct on the net as well. What does a better net look like? Firstly
the clamp system is a little bit better. So here this one has a clamp system where you’re
winding the clamp up which gets a nice firm attachment to the table. The other things
that are really important here are the height adjustment. So underneath here, on this one,
there is a little height adjustment screw that when you turn it it changes or lifts
the height of the net. So that is going up or you can go down. And the final feature of this is the tensioner.
So this one here you can tighten or loosen the string that goes through the top of the
net. Again to get a nice tension at the top of the net so it stops those balls from hitting
the middle of the net and going over. This is pretty easy to attach to the table.
We just slide the clamp on to the table and underneath we tighten that screw as we saw
before. And now that is nice and firmly attached to the table. We can go around to the other
side and do the same. So attach it to the table. It’s nice and firm and there you can
see now that that net is quite well tensioned. I can again adjust that tensioner to make
it a little bit tighter and I can adjust the height of the net to just make sure it’s correct. Most good nets will come with a net measurer.
So what that does is it just sits on top of the net and it needs to sit where it is quite
flush to the net so you can see there that that is dangling so that means that it is
up a little bit too high. So I need to adjust the height of the net by bringing it down
fractionally and once I do that then you can see that it’s sitting nicely on the table
there which means that the net is at a good height. Getting your net right in your training environment
is really important. If you are training at home or in your club and the net is at that
height and you’re practising your serving and you’re practicing trying to keep that
ball nice and low and short with your pushing and then suddenly you get to a tournament
and the net is the correct height you’re going to be hitting the ball into the top of the
net on your serves or on your short pushing. So really important, get your net height right. Another difference between the cheaper nets
and the better nets is that the cheaper nets tend to be quite hard and inflexible so that’s
made of an almost plasticy type of material. Whereas the better nets you can see have a
bit of stretch in them. So that just stops the ball from dribbling over the net as easily. These are the things I want you to look for
when you are selecting your net. The first one is a nice solid clamp that’s going to
stay on the table. The second thing is the ability to adjust the height of the net. This
one has a little screw at the bottom where you can move the net post up and down slightly.
And the third one is the ability to tension the net. That will give you a nice net height
that is going to be consistent and when you get to your tournament you’re going to be
playing under the same conditions.

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  1. I play on a board which is 8×4, haven't got a proper table. Most nets are too long… Have you any suggestions other than getting a proper table?

  2. As always, great video, regarding the net now… in the school where I work the tables are so bad, I mean sctratched and nets broken, I bought similar ones to those of video and started organizing tournaments to buy a new table

  3. Hey Alois
    I have trouble doing backhand topspin. I can't get any topspin because it ends up being a smash instead so it gets me in trouble. I'm playing against a great server who's doing a low spinny sidespin serve so I need to do the attack to win the point but I just can't get any topspin on my backhand. I'm pretty strong on my forehand but I need help for my backhand topspin.

  4. Hey! I try to do a serve with a spin where it goes to the side but when I do it I always do it either too long or too too short, please I need to be able to do it just right to wreck everyone in my school

  5. Do some tournaments have different height nets than others? If not, what's the purpose of being able to change net height?

  6. hello, i have a question about the pads
    does the rubber have to be black and red or can you costumise it and use it in tournaments.
    or is there a rule that you cant?
    if so what is the reason for it.

    thank you in advance

  7. since Miu Hirano won the latest women world cup so i'm pretty sure they would be interested in how her serve works
    and how she deceived Chen I Ching totally in the final game

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