Chigorin has set tricky chess trap in the opening Latvian Gambit!

In this video we will learn chess traps in the opening “Latvian Gambit.” And tell us about it the strongest grandmaster of the end
of nineteenth century Mikhail Chigorin. Hello, dear radio audience! I played this game when I was still young, in nineteen
seventy-eighth In Petersburg. I played black. after moves e4, e5,
Nf3 I replied f5 Latvian gambit begins by this move. White beat a pawn
e:f Although white can
easier to get advantage by move N:e5 After move N:e5, White get an advantage
in the following way Qf6 d4 and after d6 Nc4 f: e Be2 Black’s kings side is weakened, while White has developed
two pieces, and they are ready to make a castling. It is also necessary
consider that after the move N:e5 and Qf6 White can immediately
answer Nc4 and then f:e Nc3 Qg6, protecting the e4-pawn d3 e:d, white
set traps by move B:d3 it seems that the g2 pawn defenseless, but if Black will take
it Q:g2? after Qh5 + black can resigned, because on g6
decides Qe5 + Double strike Ne7 Be4 defending rook h1 Qh3 and Q:h8 And white has a material
advantage. But let’s go back to our
game. My opponent doesn’t play N:e5, he takes a pawn f5. There was Nc6 It is also possible
variant Nf6 I played Nc6 and
after Bb5 Bc5 Much more stronger here move e4 and after Qe2 Qe7 B:c6, d:c Nd4 N:f6 The game, in this case,
equal. After the move in the game Bc5 followed by B:c6 white try
quickly win another pawn however, it is not
leads to anything good much safer
for white was to play castling and Nge7 Nc3, and they retain
a small advantage after the move in the game B:c6 followed d:c and
N:e5 And here I arrange
clever trap N:f5 in which white was
caught however, it may be were more stronger to play B:f2 and after K:f2 Qd4 + Ke1 Q:e5 +, Qe2 Q:e2 K:e2, Nh6 go to more beneficial to
black endgame but nineteenth century was a
romance time in chess so after N:e5, I played by trap B:f5 and as a result, after
Qh5 + g6 N:g6,
trap shut there was not too late
for white to move Qe2 and after Qe7, c3 and queenside castling to play d4 with minimal
benefit white after g6 caught in the trap moving N:g6 rook sacrifice followed h:g Q:h8 and Qe7 + Kd1 B:f2 with the threat Bg4 Q:g8 + Kd7 and Qc4 but the material
advantage does not save the white I played Re8 And white resighned Checkmate! Checkmate! Put like this chess trap and my game! Subscribe to channel! Always yours, Mikhail Chigorin! and White resigned because threatens Qe1+
and white doesn’t protect from it for example c3 Qe1+ R:e1 and
R:e1 # also protection d4 does not help
White becouse followed
Bg4+ and after the move by King Kd2 Qe3 # This is a beautiful
trap I was able to
apply for Black in the opening Latvian
gambit certainly put
like this trap and my game subscribe to channel and I will comment
many more interesting games Always yours, Mikhail Chigorin.

9 thoughts on “Chigorin has set tricky chess trap in the opening Latvian Gambit!

  1. wrong…at the end white can protect the checmate…at the end white can play Qd3+ black moves Kc8 and then white played Q:f5…g:f5 and then white can played c3 and thears no checmate!

  2. What would make the video %10000000 better.

    Have 1 continuous playthrough from start to finish for the trap to be played. When I was trying to memorize the sequence, it was very difficult to link them together because I couldn't easily rewind or fast forward to see the next move for the trap.

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