Chicago Graffiti Artists x Cubs | Art & Baseball

– [Nick] I’m Nick Fonte, I go by Fonte. I am a local artist. Born in New York City,
raised in uptown Chicago. – [Ryan] My name’s Ryan, I go by StukOne. I’m from Rockford,
Illinois, born and raised. – [Amuse126] My name is Amuse126, I am a graffiti artist from Chicago. – [Nick] Graffiti is one of
the four elements of hip hop which all started in New York City. It’s a moving, living, breathing
organism and it started just with tags, with
people tagging their name. Tagging it around town to where people started noticing it. – [Ryan] And so everybody could be like, “hey, I saw you in uptown,
I saw you in downtown all in the same day.” Then it evolved and people
just started tagging the trains and takin’ over train lines, runnin’ train lines. – [Amuse126] Being able to
write your name on a train would take it from one end
of the city to the other, opening your audience up much, much more. – [Ryan] I guess, people
might have a negative opinion on graffiti because
they don’t understand it. People can gain a lot
by being exposed to this art form for the first
time, because it’s in every crevice and corner of the city and it can take you to places you’ve
never seen in the city. – [Nick] Being that
it’s all over the city, you get to see different neighborhoods, try different foods,
different ethnic groups. Street art is a positive
if you really wanna get around the city and check it out. – [Amuse126] Being able
to release the Bud Friday giveaway hat was my way of
being able to put graffiti into people’s hands that
have never ever been familiar with such. I worked on the live painting
for the Cubs Convention. Two new mural installs
inside of Wrigley Field. Opening Day screen print,
Cubs Bud Friday hat giveaway and also a collaboration hat with New Era. – [Ryan] I designed the
giveaway hat and soon I’ll be working on a print to be released later in the season. – [Nick] I was recently
asked to create a print with the Cubs that is now
sold at the Cubs store inside the stadium. It was actually quite
the easiest, most fun I’ve had designing a print. I recall countless summers with my dad, mom and sisters going to
night games specifically and seeing how the sun
sets over the park and the glow that the park gives
when the sun is setting and the color of the sky. Just seeing how the city is just moving and changing color as the team is playing. The artwork that I created for the Cubs, captures the beauty of what
a night game encompasses. Silhouettes, colors of the
sky, the stars, blimps flying over the stadium, birds. Being at a stadium at night, it’s magic. It’s magical. – [Amuse126] Growing up in
Chicago, I’ve always had a very close relationship with the Cubs. Growing up playing baseball, I would always make
sure I made it to games and built a very strong
relationship with the team and the neighborhood. My approach for this project was to take the traditional
graffiti roots and be able to transfer that over to
the classic, traditional base of the Chicago Cubs brand. My creative process for
the mural that I painted was to take the two most
iconic things in my opinion, which are the bricks and the ivy and mix that with my graffiti to build something really beautiful. – [Ryan] I grew up playing
baseball, I played all the way through high school, until I found skateboarding and graffiti. (chuckles) Once I started, I just couldn’t stop. It’s been 21 years now. For me, it’s giving free
art for people to absorb and take in. The fact that there’s
going to be that volume of people with access to my work and to be able to wear it
and show it off, it’s crazy. It really is like, hard to even describe, but super blessed and
happy to be a part of it. My whole family are Cubs
fans and they’ll be at the game where my hat comes. They’re more excited than
I am sometimes I feel like, which is awesome so yeah,
it’s a proud moment for me. – [Nick] It’s unbelievable
that a team that I admire so much is willing to
work with me as an artist and fellow artists and
are able to understand that art is valuable and when sports and art coexist together, it just makes even better magic. I hope Cubs fans get
somethin’ new out of this. A new sight, a new interest, a new hobby, a new open mind to something
creative and different. – [Ryan] And to be brought
in and accepted for what we do, from a company,
a brand, a program, like the Cubs, it means
the world to all of us.

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