Chess960 Explained edition no.1

hello everyone and welcome to another Chess Tube video today we are going to play another another chest 960 game and see
how we are going to do because in the last one we’ve played on the
lichess I think it was and got a pretty interesting game and yes somehow
managed to trick our opponent and get the win in the end but it was definitely
a very double-edged game so I think it the chess 960 mode basically gives a lot
of interesting opportunities and especially the difference is that you
get a very interesting position right from the beginning but the only problem
though it might be that there are not as many players as they usually are on the
standard chess mode so as you can see that it takes a bit longer to to find an
opponent but yeah we should be able to find someone I I hope because I really
wanna want to play again because it’s really something different you know
there is not here you know preparation whatsoever you just play the game also
that there very recently there’s been this this hot news that kramnik came
with the idea that we should play chess without the right to castle so please
let me know in the comments what do you think about that yeah I mean he came up
with this idea because chess 960 is a very interesting mode but
it’s not really the the cup of tea of everybody that’s the point I mean
as I said there are just 960 positions that can start the game from and
it’s almost impossible to prepare for for everything that makes it unable to
be learned so yeah the normal chest without the right to castle would
be more predictable from that point of view because you have the
standard position just you cannot castle but at least you know what to
expect right from the beginning so that’s totally not the case with that
just 960 oh yeah yeah please please let me know what do you think about that
think to prove you you think was like 24 maybe was like just calm yeah here it’s
all for zero Kramnik how to belief in chest so if you wanna see you see more
that more of that kramnik trail mix opinion and what he is thinking about it
please make sure to check it out from the chest comm site so yeah we’re still
unable to find an opponent so so maybe we should adjust our challenge because
some is really keeping the opponents away
maybe it’s derating margin let’s see custom challenge but make it like this
should be this should be should be better I think that should give us
better chances to find an opponent so

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