Look at him sitting there thinking he knows my every move Does this ass actually think he has a chance of winning I bet he’s been preparing for this match for months now I wasn’t prepared for this at all. Oh god. What is he doing? Hopefully this gets the job done What a dumb move This is for all the times, he’s wronged me over the years. Oh shit how’d he do that? Wait a second. I just opened him up to castle me Did he just set me up for that? Maybe this is all part of his master plan What kind of devious strategy could he be plotting? Oh fuck did I leave the oven on? Nevermind it isn’t important. I have to get my head back in the game Fuck He’s toying with me right now, but I’m not gonna let this shit breath motherfucker steal this from me What did you just call me? Wait, you can hear me? GET OUT OF MY HEAD! I think I got him! Checkmate. GOD DAMN IT! Well, what can you do?

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