Chess Opening Tricks to WIN FAST: Mortimer Trap |Best Moves, Gambit, Strategy & Ideas in Ruy Lopez

In today’s chess video, I am going to show
you a deadly chess opening trick called the Mortimer Trap. And plus, I also have a really interesting
chess puzzle for you all. Let’s see if you can solve that. So stay tuned till the end and keep watching
Chess Talk. Let’s start with the opening – e4 e5. Then Knight f3 and knight c6. After this, white plays bishop to b5 which
is the Ruy Lopez opening. Then we play knight to f6 turning this into
the Berlin Defense. We are attacking this pawn so white naturally
defends it by playing pawn to d3. Now it’s time to setup our trap. We will move this knight back to e7, as a
result of which, this e5 pawn is left undefended. If white tries to be greedy and takes this
pawn, then he is gone. Let me show you how. After knight takes, we simply attack this
bishop by playing pawn to c6. He can go back to either a4 or c4. No matter where he moves, we have an amazing
tactical idea here. Can you spot it? Yes, it’s queen to a5 check and as you can
see, we are forking this king and this knight. No matter how he defends, we can simply gobble
up this knight and eventually, we are up by a piece. Going back, in this position, you need to
be very very careful because there is a secret little trick that white can play on you. Let’s see what that is. But wait, are you enjoying this video? If yes, then hit that thumbs up button right
now. It really motivates me and helps me in planning
the future content on this channel. Okay, so what if white ignores his bishop
& plays knight to c4. Can you take this bishop? No, you cannot because if you do, then knight
to d6 is a stunning smothered checkmate. So basically, you first need to prevent this
checkmate threat by playing something like d6 and now after the bishop moves back, you
can play pawn to b5 forking this knight and bishop. Eventually, you can take one of these pieces
and have a lead in the game. Okay, so It’s puzzle time. But before moving onto today’s chess puzzle,
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all notifications. Okay, so here’s the puzzle. In this position, It’s your turn and you need
to find the Best Move continuation for White. If you are able to find the solution to this
puzzle, then share it in the comments below. I am reading all your comments and will give
them a heart if your explanation is correct. All the Best Guys! Let’s see how many of you can solve this. Well, don’t forget to Like this video & if
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82 thoughts on “Chess Opening Tricks to WIN FAST: Mortimer Trap |Best Moves, Gambit, Strategy & Ideas in Ruy Lopez

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  2. Rook to H8 check
    king captures rook
    Queen to H6 check and king has no option but to move to G8
    Now Queen to G7 is a beautiful checkmate…

  3. Rook to H8 check…king captures rook….queen captures on h6….king to g8….queen to g7 checkmate.

    Any other line is slower death

  4. Rook to h8 Check
    Black king takes
    Queen to h6 as g7 pawn is pinned by the dark colored bishop.
    A checkmate follows.

  5. Rook to h8 king capture rook force then queen to h6 king shift to h8 and queen capture g7 and checkmate

  6. I was first shown this joke move by Tony Miles when he came round to the house in Marlowe Bucks. If it was not Tony's idea, then when was it first played?

  7. Rh8+, if Kxh8, it only leads to faster checkmate after Qxh6 Kg8, Qxg7#. If Kg6, then Bxg7 by white after which black cannot stop checkmate. If Kxg7, then Qxh6#. And if f5 or f6, Qxh6+, Kf7 is forced and then Q(x)f6#. Black may delay checkmate by checking the white king but it does not help.

  8. I believe the best move is f3 by the pawn, because if black captures back, then Qxd3 would be mate. If no capture, then a free pawn, and if the black pawn on d file takes back, then Be4 would be mate as well.

  9. Rook h8 following queen capture h6, followed by checkmate on g8..thanks for the vedio, it's a very good trap..

  10. 1)Rh8 [if Kxh8 then 2)Qxh6+ Kg8 3)Qxg7#] [if Kg6 2)Bxg7 [if Kxg7 3)Qxh6#] if Qf4 3)Qxf4 (any move but pf5) 4)Qh6#] 3) … pf5 4) Qxh6+ Kf7 5) Qf6#] if after QxQ pf4 then Qxf4#

  11. Yoooo what an incredible, ingenious trap that is Mr. Jeetendra! 🔥🔥👍👌For the puzzle 🧩 how about this: do pawn ♟ to f3 then if his pawn takes our f3 pawn well do Qd3+ and if he moves his g7 pawn to g6 to block the check, we’ll do Rh8# which is a beautiful checkmate! If he instead does bishop to f5 to block the check we’ll simply take that bishop with our queen and give check again, then the only thing he can do is pawn to g6 to block the check, and finally we’ll do Rh8, a brilliant check and mate! If after we do pawn to f3 he just moves his e4 pawn ♟ up one space to e3, then we’ll just do Qd3+ and do the same strategy as b4 (before). If he does not move his e4 pawn at all after we do f3 (for example he does b5 or something like that) then we’ll take his pawn on e4 with our pawn ♟, after he takes our e4 pawn with his pawn we’ll do Bxe4 which will lead us to another wonderful checkmate! If he doesn’t take our pawn ♟ on e4 with his d5 pawn, then we can just do pawn takes d5, forking his bishop and knight, if he takes with rook we do Be4+ or Qd3+ and just give a beautiful checkmate rite after that. if he takes our d5 pawn with his e6 bishop then well just do Qd3+, again leading to a phenomenal, flabbergasting checkmate! Amazing puzzle very very good! Fire 🔥🔥🔥!

  12. 1 rook to h8 decoying the king
    2 the king has to capture the rook
    3 Queen to h6 capturing pawn and g pawn can't capture because it is pinned
    4 king to g8 which is only square
    5 Queen to g7 and the king is gone
    This is a nice bloody checkmate

  13. White rook plays H8 and when the king takes the rook we play Q×h6+. The g7 pawn cant capture rhe queen becquse of the bishop on d4.Black has only 1 option that is Kg8. Then we play Q×g7 for a beautiful Checkmate.

  14. Rh8 – Kh8
    Qh6 – Kh8
    Rh8 – Kg6
    Bg7 – Kg7 or any move
    Hope this might be correct..😊🙏

  15. First rook to H8 a check than king will take rook than queen to H6 a check he cannot kill with his knight because a check with bishop than his king to G8 and than queen to g7 a checkmate

  16. Rh8+,If black become greedy then king captures Rook on h8 and then black is gone let me show you how then we will capture h6 pawn with queen and giving black check and King is forced to move on g8 then we will give black check mate by capturing g7 pawn

  17. Solve 1:
    1. Rh8 Kxh8 2. Qh6+ Kg8 3. Qg7#
    Solve 2:
    1. Rh8 Kg6 2. Bg7 Kxg7 3. Qh6#
    Solve 3:
    1. Rh8 Kg6 2. Bg7 f6 3. Qh6+ Kf7 4. Qxf6#

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