Chess hawk: JAPAN carriers must comply with “no 9” in THE SOUTH CHINA SEA

The Chinese Global Times on March 20 posted
“Chinese Army Major General: Japan’s Carrier to the South China Sea to Observe the Rules,
Watched Chinese Army” by Chinese scholars, Missing Retired General Doan Zhuo.
According to the article, the Izumo helicopter carrier is Japan’s largest warship, arriving
in the South China Sea in May 2017. Historically, there was a Japanese warship, also known as
Izumo. That warship is not alien to the Chinese people,
because, historically, it was invaded by Japan in battle in Shanghai, China – as its first
foreign flagship. The Japanese and participated in many campaigns. Prior to the battle of August 13, 1937, the
Izumo attacked China, using heavy artillery shelling into the Chinese military field,
supporting the Japanese military. At that time, the Izumo also bombarded factories,
schools and residences in Shanghai, causing huge losses to the lives and property of the
Chinese people. In this fight, the Chinese pilot drove the
aircraft in collision with the Izumo and was sacrificed. In addition, China has a boat
machine to sneak the ship Izumo, causing the ship to be seriously injured. But the force that sank it was the US Army,
the time of July 24, 1945. The inability to sink the Izumo warship itself was a great
“hatred” for the Chinese military – uncomfortable. Although the ship Izumo has sunk, but General
Doan Zhuo said that its “soul” does not disappear, “some right-wing elements” Japan took advantage
of the opportunity to expand the military to “borrow the dead soul” . On March 25, 2015, the largest ship of the
Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force was launched and renamed Izumo. It is known that the new
vessel was 248 meters in length, draining 27,000 tons, surpassing the Japanese Navy’s
Phi Long Airport during World War II, surpassing helicopter carriers or carriers. The lightweight
of some countries today, similar to the US amphibious assault ship. The vessel was equipped with three Phalanx
close range weapon systems and two RAM rocket launch systems, at least 20 helicopters, and
space to carry the F-35B fixed wing aircraft. It is offensive. After the Second World War, the Japanese Constitution
banned the Air Force Self-Defense Forces. So the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force
“changed shape”, calling Izumo a “guard ship”. This very famous “warship” recently wanted
to start a “long haul” with the greatest geographic range after World War II. Doan Zhuo said that
this “can not be wary”. Because according to Doan Zhuo, Japan was
one of the sources of World War II, and is now “deeply awakened” to war crimes. Moreover, Japan is the “invasion of Southeast
Asia and the islands of the South China Sea.” After the end of World War II, in international
instruments, Japan committed itself: “to withdraw from Taiwan, Penghu and the islands of the
South China Sea.” The international instruments write so, but
do not write that these territories belong to China. However, the Chinese government
regularly uses this excuse to defy the sovereignty of islands, reefs, and maritime interests
in the South China Sea – claiming the “road of the cow’s tongue” is unreasonable. At present, Japan returns to the South China
Sea, further back by military. Therefore, Doan Zhuo said that Japan wants to “roll out”
the history, upset the international political and economic order after World War II. This
is what Asia-Pacific countries, including China, “do not allow.” Thus, Doan Zhuo drew the Asia-Pacific countries
in order to have “allies” oppose Japan’s warships to the South China Sea. In fact, no country
has voiced opposition to this. According to Doan Zhuo, if Izumo passes through
the South China Sea and visits Southeast Asia, it must comply with international norms. If
it goes to China’s so-called “territorial waters”, it must “go through harmless”, ie
“not harm the peace, security and good order of the coastal states”, nor ” It violates
the rules of international law, runs continuously and rapidly across the territorial sea. ” Doan Zhuo said that Izumo should do “9 no”,
including: Do not undertake any threat of force or use
force against “coastal sovereignty, territorial integrity or political independence”; Do not use any weapon for training or rehearsal; Not to use any form of intelligence gathering
to make national defense or the security of coastal lands damaged; Not to conduct any propaganda that affects
the sovereignty and security of coastal waters; No landing or reception of any aircraft on
board; No landing, landing or reception of any military
equipment on board; No research or measurement activities may
be undertaken; Not to conduct any act that interferes with
information systems or other facilities or equipment of coastal countries; Do not undertake any other activity not related
to passing, This is not a “special feast” for Izumo. This
is the “sacred right” that the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS)
for China – General Doan Zhuo blatantly considers China to be the sole owner in the South China

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