Chennai sharks team plays cricket with Usilampatti Bad Boys | Nithin sathya’s emotional speech

‘V’ll Win XI’ team from
Anaikaraipatti presents’ ‘…Nippon Paint Cup
major cricket tournament’ ‘Teams competing
in today’s match are…’ ‘…Chennai Sharks and
Usilampatti Bad Boys’ ‘TVS Star City is
the sponsor of this match’ I don’t know why, machan My hands have been
trembling since this morning! This early in the morning? Let’s finish the match
and booze this evening Not that withdrawal symptom It’s a different feeling Don’t know how to express ‘Usilampatti Bad Boys team
is entering the field’ (They aren’t part of the team) (They are new players) He’s right, they have
brought in new players They haven’t played
in this tournament He’s Dr Raju Sundaram’s son! Tamil Nadu 1st division player! How can they
bring in professionals? They aren’t Usilampatti Bad Boys Chennai Bad Boys! He’s responsible for everything After they hit 10 runs,
we snack on short eats What’s happening here? Their team has all new players Not played in this tournament Already they have- This isn’t right, bro They are Division players Their players are
professionals from Chennai I’m also from Chennai I’ve never seen them in Chennai – What, Maruthu?
– Correct, bro Moron, got the jitters, huh? Scared you’ll lose? If you consider yourself men,
prove it in the ground We’ll show our power
You show your true colors, go Go…don’t show off! Don’t create a ruckus now
Show your skill in the field Carry on, old man When you buy these short eats
make sure it has plenty of peanuts (You’re hand in glove with them) (You won’t prosper) Who is he?
Foreign player? Only a local fellow He resembles Zimbabwe
player Danal Thangavelu! He’s the watchman
for our town – Good luck
– All the best I’ve seen you somewhere Must be on TV Do you act in sitcoms? No, Indian Premier League Sunrisers, Hyderabad Hi uncle, how are you? Don’t call me ‘uncle’ Uncle, it’s such a big deal Even at this age
you’re playing cricket Have you bought
a new bat for this match? Sarcasm, huh? The bat I won from you
is so lucky for me Gives me runs by the dozen! How about this? You win this match I’ll return the lucky bat to you – Will you keep your word?
– Uncle, you need to win first You’re very funny ‘The way both the teams shoot red hot
furious glances at each other…’ ‘…it is evident their feud started
long ago, since Baahubali times!’ ‘So this match is like…’ ‘…the ‘Battle of the Kalakeyas’ ‘For both sides it is
bound to be touch and go’ ‘This young elephant is unable to
pick up the coin from the ground’ ‘Toss was won by Bad Boys team’ Heads…batting or bowling? Please go ahead and bat ‘Pace bowlers of Anaikaraipatti will
play with a zip zap zooming speed’ ‘Also from our statistics…’ ‘…the chasing team’ ‘…has won 89.2% of the times’ ‘So on the whole, looks like
Usilampatti Bad Boys team…’ ‘…has a ‘L’ size chance
of winning the match’ ‘Chennai Sharks team…’ ‘…has ‘small’ size chance
of winning the match!’ ‘Giving foreign cheer girls
tremors of fear in their veins…’ ‘…our Kadagampatti’s Kanaka’s
‘Karagatam’ folk dance group’ ‘…has entered the ground’ ‘Match has just begun’ ‘From the sugarcane plot end belonging
to ‘shrimp moustache’ Ramasamy…’ ‘…the bowler whose name we don’t know
bowls the 1st ball of this match’ ‘Well bowled!’ ‘Bang on to the stumps’ ‘Sharks team’s captain got out
in the very 1st ball’ ‘And is leaving the ground’ ‘Back to the pavilion wishing
he had swung his bat like this’ ‘When a team of uncles play
against a team of youngsters…’ ‘…this is quite a common occurrence’ ‘Next batsman entering
the field is uncle Gopi’ Uncle, don’t you want a bi-runner? ‘The bowler is coming up
with his next ball’ Gopi, it’s okay
Take your time ‘Well bowled!’ ‘Beauty!’ Take singles Play patiently, no problem ‘Same ball…same ball’ I told you to play patiently
but not at snail’s pace Play with your bat ‘The last 5 balls…’ ‘…batsman has been brushing
the ground, all he did was paint!’ – He will be gone in this over
– ‘No runs scored’ ‘At the end of 1st over,
0 runs for 1 wicket’ Where’s he going? Bhoopathy, come here Any problem in the team? Call the bowler
He’s walking off in a huff Pccht! Don’t teach us how to play Bowl…bowl ‘Bowler is running from the pig farm end
belonging to Sequins Sundari’ ‘Ball hit Karthi’s chest with a thud’ ‘Excellent ball!’ ‘Powerful stroke from Karthik’ ‘1 run scored’ ‘Next ball’ ‘Uncle Gopi is playing
defensive on the offside’ ‘There’s a chance for a run-out’ ‘Fielder flings the ball’ ‘Let’s wait and see
if it’s out or not’ ‘Umpire raised his trunk!
Sorry, raised his hand’ ‘Uncle Gopi is out!’ ‘In 1.2 overs
1 run for Sharks’ ‘For the loss of 2 wickets’ ‘Next batsman is Ezhumalai’ Can only block
his fast pace, da (bowling very fast) Dude, last over
you took 1 wicket Take 2 in this over Just go and bowl ‘Let’s see if Ezhumalai
will score at least 8 runs’ ‘He’s capable of playing very well’ ‘Like slamming the door of a rusty
old bureau, he has hit the ball’ ‘It’s 4 runs’ Bro, you said 2, right? We slammed a four
The other is on its way ‘Next ball’ ‘Like a kindergarten kid
crying during admission’ ‘…the ball went wailing
in pain to the covers’ ‘2 runs for Sharks team’ – They’ve settled?
– Slightly Bowl a slow ball
He’ll get out – Done
– Go ‘Next ball’ ‘Good shot, going over his head
like ‘Thalapakatti’ sooooper catch! ‘At the end of 2 overs
Sharks team has lost 3 wickets’ ‘Scored only 9 runs’ ‘Next batsman is Raghu’ ‘They can increase the run rate
only if he scores well’ ‘Only then Sharks can win’ ‘At the end of 5 overs
score is 31 for 3’ – Who is speaking?
– This is Anu This is Gopi speaking Raghu is batting
Any message? Please be quiet (Let them hit) There won’t be any fielder
on the offside corner – Anu called
– What did she say? Her father is taking her to Tirupati
to get her married tomorrow She wants you to pick her up – Let me go check
– Wait, don’t rush First we win the match After winning
we plan to kidnap her At least let me call her now – Who will play?
– He is right Want water?
Please play patiently ‘Next ball is kicking up’ ‘Is it a good shot or…?’ ‘Raghu hit a selfie shot and
walks out like a lame duck!’ – (At least you go and hit)
– Play cautiously ‘Next batsman is Sharks John’ ‘John will now add
new mileage to the game’ – Which number?
– Last digits 32 ‘Next ball rushes to the covers’ ‘Tanjara – 4 runs’ Whichever scumbag you are
listen to me carefully Ganesan and my daughter
are getting married You can’t do anything
Bloody, hang up ‘It’s okay if you miss this ball’ ‘There’s another ball waiting for you’ ‘Batsman is getting ready to face it’ ‘Next ball’ ‘Like locking the house before
the expected guest arrives, he is back’ ‘He’s out!’ ‘After 8 overs
score is 45 for 5’ ‘It’s a sixer!’ ‘Sponsored by Minister ‘dhoti’ and shirts’ ‘2 runs’ ‘TVS Star City
Watchman hits a 4’ ‘Good stroke by the watchman’ ‘He has fallen on the ground’ ‘Not just the watchman
His wicket is down too’ ‘Ball hit him all over
Not just his chest’ Out…out, right? How can that be out? ‘He’s pleading to the umpire
But looks like it’s falling on deaf ears’ Why talk to these useless fellows? They are cheating, dude Not fair
How is he out? – How is he out?
– Bowler banged into our batsman Why is he throwing mud all over? Go…clear out Get out of the ground ‘Sharks team has scored 55 runs
for the loss of 7 wickets in 9 overs’ ‘After Sachin Tendulkar, to have
12 fielders surrounding him…’ ‘…special privilege bestowed on
our Flying Paramasivam, good shot!’ ‘Next ball’ ‘He came out of the crease to hit the ball
Looked back to see the stump horizontal’ It’s a Fortune Sunflower Oil boundary Super hit Superb catch! ‘Looked like South African cricketer
Jonty Rhodes came to Anaikaraipatti…’ ‘…dived beautifully
to catch that ball!’ ‘Sharks team lost their 9th wicket’ It’s okay if you don’t score
but stay put at the crease We’ll get runs
automatically, okay? Cheenu…? – Stomach upset
– Upset stomach? Take care of that later
Go play now – Guard your wicket
– Go play, dude Cheenu, please
1.3 more overs Play slowly, okay? ‘Last wicket Cheenu is walking
gingerly into the ground’ ‘His style and stride show
he doesn’t need a bat, ball or stumps’ ‘He’ll strike of his own accord’ ‘Next ball’ ‘Beautifully played on the off side’ ‘Scope for 2 runs’ ‘They got their 1st run’ ‘Batsman wanted to take 2nd run’ ‘But Cheenu has refused
saying he’ll take care’ ‘There’s a big strategy behind this’ ‘Cheenu has to score at
least 8 runs off this ball!’ ‘Let’s see what Cheenu intends doing’ ‘Oh my God!
It’s a wicket!’ ‘Thought he’ll score
a sixer like Dhoni’ ‘But Cheenu is ripped into tatters
like an old gunny bag’ ‘Sharks team
69 all out’ ‘This will be a cakewalk for even
the grandmas’ team of Anaikaraipatti’ ‘This is a good score
for the Bad Boys’ What, Maruthu? ‘An important announcement
on behalf of ‘V’ll Win XI’ team’ ‘Hey! Police’ ‘Their match will get over soon’ ‘Escort them safely and
board them on a bus to Madras’ ‘For travel expenses…’ ‘…for every sixer we hit
I’ll gift the Sharks 2000 bucks!’ ‘Tell them they can use that money
to buy snacks on the way’ Smart ass Maruthu…! Dude, if we lose the match… …doubt if they will let us
stay here even for a minute Hey! Why are you thinking
we’ll lose now? They’ve got us all out for 69 Can’t we pack them likewise? Hear me out ‘To them it is just a match’ For us, it is Raghu’s life His life is dependent
on this match Do you know how
we got the name Sharks? Do you know? At least do you know? Even I don’t know! It’s that ancient ‘It is a symbol of
our area for centuries’ ‘Should we leave it behind?’ ‘However great a player…’ …he can’t predict his century Whatever the game,
only that day is important Why can’t today be our day? Think about it, machan Sharks has Rockers to support them If all of us pitch in our 200% best… …we can win this game Win the cup
Kidnap Anu We can do it! You bet! Is this Bombay for you? What’s this? Is this the age to play cricket? Lied to all of us and
playing a match here Yesterday you sent me
that Quarter finals photo Actually I posted with photo
on my Facebook accounts You don’t have a bank passbook
Why do you need a Facebook? You’ve opened Pandora’s box All you aspire is to booze Have a gala time with
your friends, that’s all Are you even least bit
concerned about us? You stick to the truth in everything But when it comes to
your friends you lie glibly Enough…for all the times
you have lied to me No need to play any match
Come on, pack your bag Listen, enough of your story about
going to Tiruppur, let’s go I didn’t lie, listen to me
for a second please What will you say? You’ve come here to conduct
your friend Raghu’s wedding, right? No I didn’t come for Raghu I didn’t come for them either I came for myself They were my world
until I got married Cricket was my life But today if I want to
meet them just for 1 day… …it’s such a goddamn struggle! If I go to Singapore or Dubai,
earn well and come back after 10 years… …I don’t even know
if they will even be alive Cricket on top of this – Dude, why rake all this now?
– Then what? To be the ideal son
for my parents… …I quit cricket To be a good husband… …I ditched all my friends Today to be a good dad to my kids… …I’m forsaking all my dreams
and going somewhere It’s all about compromise…compromise Won’t we live for ourselves? Pazhani, what happened? Forget it That’s why, these 10 days… …I intend living for myself I’ll behave like how I did
before I was married I’ll drink with them, play cricket,
paint the town red, the whole works After that, whether it is
5 years or 10 or 15 …I’ll work my butt out for you But today… …I will not step out now I’ll come only after
playing this match We are late for the match
Come on, boys ‘The grand cricket tournament
sponsored by Nippon Paint ‘Teams competing
in today’s match are-‘ ‘Sharks team just got more than
an earful from their wives’ ‘They are entering
the ground now’ ‘Mrs Ganguly, Mrs Sachin Tendulkar…’ ‘…Mrs Dhoni,
Mrs Anil Kumble’ ‘We would’ve seen
all of them on TV’ ‘For the 1st time Maruthu TV is telecasting
the wives of Sharks team players on TV’ ‘Fantastic shot, 4 runs’ ‘Bad Boys have taken
4 runs off the 1st ball’ ‘What a shot!
Sponsored by Otto’ ‘It’s a four’ Come on, dude ‘Great shot!’ ‘We thought Parama will fly
in mid air and catch…’ ‘…he backtracked to disaster’ Before he bowled, he could’ve
stood in that position, right? Zip your lips please ‘Bad Boys team has scored 15 runs’ ‘Bad Boys are really bad!’ ‘Our watchman bowled’ ‘It rolled and how
Straight for a 4’ ‘Instead of ‘however you bowl I’ll hit’
‘I’ll hit if you just bowl’ ‘Bad Boys team is beating
the Sharks team hollow’ ‘Bad Boys team has
scored 33 in 2.1 overs’ You missed an easy catch Get lost, you- It’s all a wasted effort
As soon as we lose… …they’ll pack us back home They’ll get Anu married tomorrow My stars are not well aligned Nothing of that sort God is up there He’ll take care of everything ‘If this match goes this way…’ ‘…in another 3 overs Bad Boys will
wrap the match under their armpits!’

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